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Hermes say package empty!

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Hermesgrrrrr Mon 19-Mar-18 11:48:19

Posting for a friend. Email from Hermes saying parcel sent on saturday containing ipad, was empty and they will destroy packing. Friend started complaint procedure online, customer service number just directs you back online.

Anyone had this happen, if so what was the outcome? Or is there anything else they can do?

inamechangedforthispost Mon 19-Mar-18 11:49:43

Had your friend sent an iPad or was she expecting to receive one?

Hermesgrrrrr Mon 19-Mar-18 11:55:03

Friend sent it.

IceRebel Mon 19-Mar-18 12:04:34

Are Hermes saying the parcel has been damaged, or just that it's empty? If the latter i'm not sure they would even know it was empty, usually empty parcels only get reported by the buyer as no one would know it was empty until opened.

If the parcel has been damaged the tracking will show this, and your friend will be entitled to a refund. I had this recently and had to prove how much it sold for, and that the insurance I chose covered this. The refund process was easy I just spoke to the live chat online and they refunded the full amount within 7 days.

Hermesgrrrrr Mon 19-Mar-18 12:07:02

Hermes emailed.friend to say it was empty.

GrannyGrissle Mon 19-Mar-18 12:10:11

Small claims court, Police re theft? Daily Mail sad face article?

IceRebel Mon 19-Mar-18 12:10:27

I only knew my parcel was damaged as it showed this on the tracking I didn't get an email, so I find that strange, especially as the parcel was only sent on Saturday. What does your friends tracking say?

HeadsDownThumbsUpEveryone Mon 19-Mar-18 12:14:52

I also find it odd that she received an email about it being damaged. Did she put on the label what was in the item, as the reference is printed on the label so if it said Ipad its likely someone opened it and took the item out.

I am assuming she has insured it for its full value?

Hermesgrrrrr Mon 19-Mar-18 12:18:56

That's all the info I have at the moment, hoping to catch up later.

IceRebel Mon 19-Mar-18 12:27:30

Definitely let us know what your friend says, or send them here to explain. If I were them I would check the tracking, and as the previous poster also mentioned I hope the parcel is insured to cover the value, if this is the case and tracking also confirms packaged damaged etc a refund should be the next step.

Hermesgrrrrr Mon 19-Mar-18 12:32:58

Waiting to hear back re tracking and no idea if insured. Only way courier would know it was empty is if it was open, does tracking have empty parcel option?

WellThisIsShit Mon 19-Mar-18 12:38:28

How strange, and worrying... sounds like someone at Hermes has sticky fingers.

onalongsabbatical Mon 19-Mar-18 12:48:53

Could be a scam. Scammers can be very clever hacking info on your actions, if they found out she sent something valuable they may be trying to panic her into giving further useful detail to them. Honestly I would suggest she stops trying to do anything via any link or email and contacts Hermes via phone - I bet they'll tell her they have not sent her this email. Seriously I think this is the most likely explanation. I've had similar-ish emails and always waited and done nothing and they've proved to be hoaxes.

IceRebel Mon 19-Mar-18 19:08:25

Did you manage to find out what the tracking said?

Hermesgrrrrr Tue 20-Mar-18 06:52:08

Tracking showed it had gone to three depots, yesterday morning it was stopped "investigating" then being delivered, then bing returned. So tracking shows Hermes were processing it and then it went "missing", hope this proves liability is with them.

SandyDenny Tue 20-Mar-18 06:54:48

Can she prove what was inside the parcel?

We could all send empty boxes and then say they'd had loads in them.

She could be scamming them or someone at MyHermes might have stolen the contents.

FOFortnite Tue 20-Mar-18 06:56:10

Use the online form, I had a parcel I sent not delivered (showed as delivered left in secure place- customer couldn't find it) The online process was a bit laborious but one form to fill out, and 10 days later and was sorted. The sender should have valued the item when placing the MyHermes order so should be reimbursed. Not sure if it's sender who opens claim case or recipient, in my case was sender. (Customer contacted me to say not received)

Hermesgrrrrr Tue 20-Mar-18 07:03:39

See your point sandy but it was definitely sent. Item had been sold and being sent to buyer so transaction paperwork sorted other than that I don't know. It wouldn't have felt like an empty small parcel though.

afreshnewname Tue 20-Mar-18 07:29:40

Myhermes insurance is £20 cover as standard, you can pay about 80p to make it up to £30, hopefully there was an option to cover for more insurance?

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