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Anyone awake? Help me with my medical question

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Lime123 Mon 19-Mar-18 03:26:21

I’ve had a rotten cold/cough (been unwell for about 5 weeks although got a feeling it’s been two colds rolled into one)

This last week I’ve been really bad. Mainly a cough, it’s turned into one of those coughs that makes you gag and very nearly throw up. It does appear to be getting better... clear not yellow mucus, longer gap between coughing fits.

Here’s the issue: I’m at the end of my pregnancy and due to be induced next Monday. The sore throat will not go. It’s just woken me up at 3am and it’s worse than ever! I feel like the coughing and pregnancy acid reflux has caused some damage to my throat.

Anyone else had this? I’m feeling worried about so many things. The stupid coughing and gagging can’t be great for baby. And also the thought of labour when you are not feeling 100 percent anyway. Plus I’ve honestly never had a throat this sore... hurts to talk, swallow, eat. My voice is unaffected. I just cried because of it and I can’t even do that because it makes it worse pain.

I’ve tried: paracetamol, vicks, honey lemon drink, rest, marshmallows (good for coating sore throats), plenty of fluids (too much because I’m peeing all the time)

I’m pregnant and can’t take the good pills.

Help me sad

BurningGubbins Mon 19-Mar-18 03:34:35

My sympathies. It’s shit being ill when you’re pregnant isn’t it? I pulled the muscles between my ribs coughing when I was pregnant. Every subsequent coughing fit reduced me to tears. Bloody doctors couldn’t do anything. It does sound like you’re heading in the right direction though. Have you tried gargling with TCP or similar? Obviously check that it’s ok first. Or one of those anaesthetic sprays? Just to give you a bit of respite? The thing that worked for me was having a humidifier running. Stopped the coughing really quickly. Good luck this week and next!

LolitaLempicka Mon 19-Mar-18 03:42:08

I hope you feel better before you go into labour, however how can coughing/gagging be bad for a fetus?

Ickyockycocky Mon 19-Mar-18 03:43:21

If it’s acid reflux then Gaviscon is your friend. The good news is, things should definitely improve once you’ve lost your bump.

Lime123 Mon 19-Mar-18 03:51:11

Thanks. I have tried warm salt rinses and that does provide some help. It’s really one of the worst colds ever. And the timing stinks. I know that pulled muscle feeling too from coughing. That’s rubbish too.

I have been so distressed at times coughing and trying not to be sick. My bump changes shape and the baby moves lots afterwards. It’s hard to imagine that the baby isn’t getting pissed off with the constant coughing.

I’m on antacid tabs too. They do help a bit when I feel the acid rise.

If I wasn’t pregnant I would be on day nurse tablets and would carry on as normal. They normally make most colds ok-ish.

Trytowin Mon 19-Mar-18 04:58:46

lemon juice and honey in hot water. The lemon juice breaks the crap down so it's easier to get rid off. Honey soothes the throat. Pregnancy sucks for the lack of decent pills! The only thing that made me feel better is that with cold pills at least it's not a covering backside warning.

Paracetamol and a cup of coffee will also help (cold tabs are paracetamol, caffeine and a decongestant... It's that that's not allowed in pregnancy). Caffeine is fine in moderation look on NHS site as it gives you how many coffees etc is ok but it also says it's ok if you go over occasionally :-)

Feel for you hope it helps

Gunpowder Mon 19-Mar-18 05:13:59

I think you need to see the doctor. There might be a bacterial infection and you are pregnant so your immune system is compromised. It might be that the doctor says you are fine just to continue with self care at home but I would want them to rule out strep throat etc. I'd make an emergency appointment first thing. I'm so sorry you feel so horrid. flowers

BedtimeTea Mon 19-Mar-18 05:23:46

I had a cough for 6 weeks while pregnant, the cough made me throw up several times a day. The doctor gave me codeine cough medicine which did not help at all. Then gave me allergy pills (Ornade...not sure if they still sell them this was in 1975) that worked in 20 minutes. However you could try a cup of ginger tea, it is a good decongestant and does help me a lot when I am congested. Hope you will be better soon. Try the ginger tea and let me know if it works! It does for me.

ADuckNamedSplash Mon 19-Mar-18 07:07:28

Just wanted to reassure you that coughing and gagging won't harm the baby. I have a chronic cough (and without being TMI, not a dry one!) due to a long term medical condition, so was hacking away all through my pregnancy - DD was absolutely fine.

Hope you feel better soon!

Teateaandmoretea Mon 19-Mar-18 07:16:07

If you have really bad acid reflux there is medication you can take that is safe in pregnancy and a lot more effective than Gavision. Reflux can also cause sore throats (as can bacteria etc) via 'damage' from acid but it does heal once the acid has gone. I'd go to GP today if you feel that shite and ask them to look at your throat and if there is no infection prescribe omeprazole flowers

Lime123 Mon 19-Mar-18 08:22:02

Thanks all, Gp is booked for 10 am. Don’t especially want antibiotics (it’s orobably viral) but more reassurance this isn’t going to cause issue next week.

Dodie66 Mon 19-Mar-18 08:26:00

You might have an infection. My hubby had this recently coughing all the time and a bad throat and couldn’t eat. He had an infection. It’s good you have a gp appointment

Gunpowder Mon 19-Mar-18 11:51:32

I think it’s great you are getting checked out. Hope you are ok and good luck for your delivery.

Lime123 Mon 19-Mar-18 13:31:40

It’s just a virus that everyone has apparently. I found a group on “general health” full of people with similar symptoms, like the dry razor throat and a cough that makes you gag. No cure other than rest and time. Throat and ears are red but it’s not bacterial the dr said.

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