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Do you force DC to eat things?

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Eggzandbacon Sun 18-Mar-18 22:55:06

Or is it one of those things from childhoods past?
I remember being force fed liver especially- guess what - I still hate it and have never eaten it again, so it didn't do any good - i didn't learn to like it angry

DH is obsessed with making DC eat cabbage. His mother made them eat very over cooked cabbage every Sunday and thinks I should do it with DC as it's good for them confused

I don't think he would eat it though - as he also hates cabbage (although what his mother made was particularly vile).

I encourage DC to try things, I make them eat it if I know they like it and they are messing, ive never made them eat something that they really hate though!

Leyani Sun 18-Mar-18 23:00:10

Pretty much the same. Needs to give it a good go a few times, but then don't make them eat it. I don't like having to eat things I hate, so why should they.

I do teach them strategies though for how to deal with it when served food they don't like when invited, as I won't accept them rudely make a fuss.

Frith1975 Sun 18-Mar-18 23:12:57

No, because they would be really weird.

Frith1975 Sun 18-Mar-18 23:13:13

* that (sigh)

DramaAlpaca Sun 18-Mar-18 23:17:57

I've never forced any of my three (now young adult) DC to eat anything they didn't want, just as my parents back in the 60s & 70s never forced me. The whole idea of making a child eat something seems quite cruel to me.

thegreatbeyond Sun 18-Mar-18 23:39:03

No. I think it's wrong.

Hoobledoop Sun 18-Mar-18 23:42:33

No, I don't force them. I encourage them to try, but we don't push it. I don't want to give them food issues.

Flobalob Mon 19-Mar-18 00:21:34

I was forced to eat food like liver which I couldn't stand. Will never eat that or fish fingers ever again.

I remember how it felt to be forced to eat something I didn't like and so I would never make my kids do that.

If you don't like something, what is the point in forcing the issue? I've never understood people that do this.

Systemoverload99 Mon 19-Mar-18 00:42:03

We all have to try something new but no one has to finish it if they don't like it. You can't say you don't like if you've never tried but that's it.

Decasanova Mon 19-Mar-18 00:44:28

Sit your husband down and force feed him monkey brains or some other foodstuff he wouldn't like and see how he likes it.

Making your children eat homethingbthey really cannot stand is a pointless exercise only resulting in tears and resentment and the possibility of eating phobias further down the line.

Food that I wouldn't eat as a child I eat now and I believe that our taste buds may develop as we grow and it's just nasty to make a child eat something that to them tastes absolutely disgusting.

windchimesabotage Mon 19-Mar-18 00:48:15

Sort of. I would not force feed my son anything I knew that he didnt like. But I will put pressure on him to eat all his vegetables. I mean I dont actually physically force feed him anything but I do say things like 'you cant have a yogurt until youve eaten all your peas' I do know he likes peas though. I wouldnt put pressure on him to eat something that he had tried but genuinely did not like.
I do get a bit uptight about having five a day. Im not a very good cook so I do worry quite a lot about his nutrition. I try to get lots of fruit and veg down him.

windchimesabotage Mon 19-Mar-18 00:50:23

Your DH does sound a bit crazy about the cabbage... i mean why cabbage specifically? If your child has tried it and doesnt like it surely youd just try and find a vegetable he does like and feed him that instead? Why does he specifically focus on cabbage, that is really quite odd.

CherryChasingDotMuncher Mon 19-Mar-18 00:51:33

I ask that they try a bit of everything, and warn them if they don't make the effort they can't then say "I'm hungry" in 10 minutes and expect something else.

However like PPs I have horrible memories of being force fed as a child (why did parents do that?!) and I will never make my kids eat anything they don't like. My problem as a child was that I had a tiny appetite - a quarter of a jacket potato was all I could ever manage, and to shovel food down when your full is awful.

Not a problem now though, no Sir-ee <eyeballs empty packet of Giant buttons lying on the floor> grin

NomDeWho Mon 19-Mar-18 00:56:13

I don’t physically force feed but there are foods I know are not to their preference which I still serve and expect to be eaten. As an example, they much prefer roast potatoes to new potatoes, but I’m not going to stop serving new potatoes. Same with fish fingers over Salmon fillets.

I also try to insist they try new foods 3 times and there is no alternative offered.

I would not force them to eat something they really hated though.

Haudyerwheesht Mon 19-Mar-18 01:52:44

Not really...

Ds never because he eats healthily most of that time by his own volition. Dd I don’t force but I do remind because otherwise she would always leave the veg on her plate for example.

zesty7 Mon 19-Mar-18 01:56:47

Forcing children if they are visibly distressed and upset etc should be recognized as child abuse
Although i completly agree to encourage them to try new things and offering different accompaniments etc

SharkSave Mon 19-Mar-18 05:42:36

Tbh mine is a good eater anyway but I encourage them to try things. I wouldn't ever force feed as I don't want to create food issues. If they had tried cabbage and didn't like it that would be enough for me. I'd serve them peas instead for example

confusedandemployed Mon 19-Mar-18 06:11:51

I always make DD try something new on the condition that if she doesn't like it she doesn't have to eat it again. 9/10 times she likes it. If I just let her refuse to eat anything new she'd have a diet which consists of cheese, pasta and sausage.

Juanbablo Mon 19-Mar-18 06:12:22

No. I encourage them to try new things. If it's something that I KNOW they like and are just being a bit difficult I will encourage them to try a little bit. But I don't ever force them to eat anything.

PrueDent Mon 19-Mar-18 06:13:08

I have vivid memories of fearing certain meal times as a child, knowing certain foods would be served that i'd be forced to eat despite disliking them. I can remember sitting over one plate of Sunday dinner for well over an hour while the gravy concealed over slimy, salty, overcooked vegetables. Every time I put the fork to my mouth I retched. That was the day my mum finally gave up forcing me, I think she realised that if she didn't let me leave the table it would be a plate of vomit she'd be clearing away, not just a plate of veg.

I now eat most vegetables, though much prefer them still firm or raw. But during pregnancy with dd1 I once again found it impossible to put overcooked veg in my mouth. The taste, the texture, the smell... instant nausea. It was exactly how i'd felt as a child. I vowed then that i'd remember that feeling and never force a child to eat something that would cause such discomfort or distress.

implantsandaDyson Mon 19-Mar-18 06:19:01

No I don't- it was done to me and it was one of those things I swore I'd never do if I had kids - it's one of the few I've stuck to! I don't eat fish - any kind of fish from tinned salmon right up to chippy fish because my mum thought a love for fish would be fostered by the insistence on eating fish covered in white sauce!

softkittywarmkitty28 Mon 19-Mar-18 06:23:04

No I don't force dd.
She will eat most things and the things she doesn't like is things that are too sweet like puddings and she doesn't like potato products like wedges, chips, roasts.
I always put a couple on her plate and she knows that she can try them and that our tastes change sometimes.

I also show her that I try things I don't like or that are new.

I was a very picky child and was force fed which made me worse.

OliviaStabler Mon 19-Mar-18 06:30:08

I wouldn't force feed. I had to eat liver for primary school dinners, you could never leave it as it was 'good for you' and you were an 'ungrateful and rude child' for not finishing the food on your plate.

TalkFastThinkSlow Mon 19-Mar-18 06:37:52

I don't force feed. I cook what DP and I like, and offer the same to DS. He is sometimes more likely to try it off our plate than his own. He is only 20 months though, so I accept he could get more picky with age :D

I wasn't force fed as a child, and I eat almost everything.

Food is life :D

DayKay Mon 19-Mar-18 06:38:31

I insist they eat their dinner even though they may whinge about it but I know when they’re just whining about the food and when they genuinely don’t like something.
I never force them to eat anything they don’t want to.
I wouldn’t want anyone to force me to eat something I don’t want to. It’s a really horrible thing to do.

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