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Could someone PURLEASE help me solve this puzzle?

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ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 17-Mar-18 21:56:26

DD1's boyfriend is enjoying his superiority over me at the moment.

I just can't get it! 😩

This is what he sent me:

ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 17-Mar-18 21:57:16

Go me forgot the photo. 🙄

calzone Sat 17-Mar-18 21:57:34


NaiceToMeetYou Sat 17-Mar-18 21:57:35


ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 17-Mar-18 21:57:48

Struggling here?

MidnightVelvetthe7th Sat 17-Mar-18 21:57:49

Haha what did he send Chaos?

NaiceToMeetYou Sat 17-Mar-18 21:58:22

Is this a wind up? Do you have a Victorian safe as well??

ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 17-Mar-18 21:58:36


ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 17-Mar-18 21:59:03

Can ANYONE see it?

cakesonatrain Sat 17-Mar-18 21:59:30

Ooh, this really is a difficult puzzle! grin

Purpledahlia88 Sat 17-Mar-18 21:59:37


ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 17-Mar-18 21:59:41


NaiceToMeetYou Sat 17-Mar-18 21:59:43


NotAllTimsWearCapes Sat 17-Mar-18 21:59:55

Sorry, I can’t help with that one grin

ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 17-Mar-18 22:00:07

Hold on.

I'm going to try to do it outside the app.

calzone Sat 17-Mar-18 22:00:18


cakesonatrain Sat 17-Mar-18 22:00:23

Are you posting on the app?
If so, other app users may be able to see the picture

NaiceToMeetYou Sat 17-Mar-18 22:00:32

Is it a drinking game op?

MidnightVelvetthe7th Sat 17-Mar-18 22:00:47

Try to not send it via the 10th dimension smile grin

WeAreEternal Sat 17-Mar-18 22:01:37

Is it this?

yawning801 Sat 17-Mar-18 22:01:44

<sings> Whyyyyyy are we waaaaaiting...

ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 17-Mar-18 22:02:14

Figners crossed:

WeAreEternal Sat 17-Mar-18 22:02:18

Or this?

Itscurtainsforyou Sat 17-Mar-18 22:02:35


NaiceToMeetYou Sat 17-Mar-18 22:02:37

WeAreEternal grin

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