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How much is wrap around and holiday childcare?

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MrsKoala Thu 15-Mar-18 21:14:20

Just a general question really about how much you pay for pre/post school and holiday care per child?

We are in the SE and nursery fees are approx £72 per day. But i have no idea what people pay when the children go to school. Or if it's possible to find someone to do those hours.

RockinRobinTweets Thu 15-Mar-18 21:19:34

£6.50 breakfast from 7.30
£13.50 after school til 6
£10 from 9-12 or 12-3 or £35 all day for holiday club - no meals inc though

Muddlingalongalone Thu 15-Mar-18 21:22:35

Outer London borough
BC £3.50, ASC £5-£10 depending on pick up time.
Holiday club £28 per extended day Inc breakfast & snacks
Compared to nursery - so cheap!

Invisimamma Thu 15-Mar-18 21:24:30

After school club £10, breakfast club £5, 8am-6pm holiday care roughly £30 depending on what club, it’s more for specialist sports club for example or less for the local leisure centre.

PurplePotatoes Thu 15-Mar-18 21:28:50

Exact same prices as Invisimamma, we're in Yorkshire.

RosaBaby2 Thu 15-Mar-18 21:30:35

Breakfast club from 7:45 til school starts £3.50
After school club £3.50 per hour, or £9.00 for full session.
Don’t need holiday childcare as term time only so no idea on that

grasspigeons Thu 15-Mar-18 21:34:02

5.75 for breakfast club (From 7.45)
13.25 for afterschool club (until 6:00)
Holiday clubs vary but £30 for a day is average

namechangedtoday15 Thu 15-Mar-18 21:34:11

Breakfast club £9 I think (mine don't do it), after school £14.40.

Holiday club (through the same provider) is about £35 a day although does include some trips.

There are better value sports camp type holiday options that are about £20 per day but they tend to be school hours.

North West

MrsKoala Thu 15-Mar-18 21:34:16

Thanks. That is really helpful. I think for 3 kids that would be approx 16-18k per year.

childmindingmumof3 Thu 15-Mar-18 21:37:01

School breakfast club is £1 from 7.50am. ASC is £10 til 6pm.
Holiday club is £25 for 9-5.
They only take from Year 1 though.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 15-Mar-18 21:38:11

Yes, we have 3. We actually have an after school nanny for some days as we pay her £40 a night which is actually better than 3 at after school club.

You can still use childcare vouchers for some after school/ breakfast clubs which make it a little cheaper.

MrsKoala Thu 15-Mar-18 21:41:00

I don't think we get vouchers. It's eye watering isn't it. sad

Absolutely no point me going back to work at all.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 15-Mar-18 21:49:59

Check with your employer - you and your H can both get them through your employers. It's not means tested, most employers offer them. But there's a deadline coming up for the current system so worth checking the details (Martin Lewis' website is good).

MrsKoala Thu 15-Mar-18 21:57:51

Thanks. I don't know much about all this, but know we don't get tax credits or CB.

Dh has said he wants me to retrain and go back to work. But i only earned 24k gross pre-dc and i'm completely unskilled and unsuited to office work. I am trying to work out what i can do.

The training will obviously cost money and as i'm 41 now and our youngest wont start school for 3 and half more years - so i couldn't even start training till then - i'm wondering what on earth i could do that would earn me £30k+ with would still only mean about £5k profit per year.

MrsKoala Thu 15-Mar-18 21:58:52

I haven't worked for nearly 6 years, so don't have an employer.

Thanks again. Lots to think about.

grasspigeons Thu 15-Mar-18 22:01:53

What did you do before you had the children?

Can your DH do anything like work a 4 days week, so you can train on the other day

Passthecake30 Thu 15-Mar-18 22:04:40

We mainly use a childminder- for 2 kids- £15 per day each term time, £40 per day holidays.

slithytove Thu 15-Mar-18 22:04:49


£4.80 breakfast club 7.30am - school
£10.50 afterschool club school - 6pm
£20 holiday club 7.30am - 6pm
£28 nursery 9am - 3pm
£43 nursery 7.30am - 6pm

Makingworkwork Thu 15-Mar-18 22:06:40

Childcare vouchers if when you buy vouchers pre tax so you don’t pay tax on childcare. The amount of vouchers you can buy does reduce by wages.

30 free hours of childcare for 38 weeks a year for 3 and 4 year olds applies if both parents work and neither earn about £100,000.

Don’t forget for holiday chilcare you can book your annual leave durring school holidays reducing the need for childcare, especially if you and DH stagger your leave.

If you are a SAHM then you should be claiming cb and paying it back if necessary to ensure you get your national insurance stamp.

When looking at the affordability of working/not working you need to think about long term career progress and pension.

crazymumofthree Thu 15-Mar-18 22:07:04

It may be worth just working term time school hours if you can get it or flexible working even just so you don't have the before/ after school costs. I would also consider childminding? Could you DH drop one day? Evening/ weekend work?

It's £15 for breakfast and after school club here so for us £45 a day it's three kids, the boys football club does a £10 a day football camp which is really cheap - most are about £30ishna day here (south west London)

slithytove Thu 15-Mar-18 22:07:13

Plus 20% off with tax free childcare

Can you do anything self-employed in free nursery / school hours?

30 hours free from 3 years old if you work as well don’t forget

slithytove Thu 15-Mar-18 22:10:14

And 15 hours free regardless from 3 so could you use that time to learn a new skill?

PurpleTraitor Thu 15-Mar-18 22:11:55

Breakfast club £3.50
After school care £10
Holiday clubs £15-30 a day but nearly always a discount for a full week and or for siblings.

So £13.50 per day per DC for 40 weeks of the year - £2700 a year per DC.
Say an average of £22 per day per DC for holiday club, for eight weeks of the year - £880 a year per DC
Four weeks a year of annual leave and/or holiday, bank hols etc, divided by both parents.

Count up how many DC you have an how long they will need this type of care. You’ll start out with three needing it, then there will be two, then one, then none. I can’t make it add up to 18k though no matter what I do.

MrsKoala Thu 15-Mar-18 22:12:06

I worked in a call centre and was monumentally shit at it and was on extended probation for 9 months till i had ds1. Before that i worked in unis doing Ucas type fairs and promotions, public speaking about courses in deprived areas etc till i was made redundant and universities really cut back on al things like that and the few jobs they did keep the merged with admin/computer/officework and lowered the pay to about 20k -so those jobs just don't exist anymore. Before that i did fundraising events in museums/galleries - but again those jobs pay about £20k and require long hours.

DH can't do any childcare or drop offs/pick ups and works long hours. He also doesn't do any housework or cooking. So i can't really see it working. But he's decided i should retrain because in 13year (just as the kids will be gcse/a'level/uni) he wants to become an academic and it's my turn to support everyone! hmm

3boys3dogshelp Thu 15-Mar-18 22:12:58

Before school £6
After school £15
Holiday clubs vary hugely from £12 - £40 per day.
I’ve recently given up work. My main stumbling block was holiday care - so many of the providers seem to offer school hours only which just isn’t enough. All the last minute assemblies/parent evenings/requests for a costume with 2 days notice etc etc were also pretty stressful but adding up the cost of holiday care to cover last Summer (and then trying to crowbar my working hours into the 5hours I was left with) was the final straw for me.
It was actually easier to work when we just had nursery to contend with!

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