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Colin and Livia Firth

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eloisesparkle Sun 11-Mar-18 08:16:50

Perception and reality can be so different.

Shadow666 Sun 11-Mar-18 08:19:37

To be honest I still have no idea what the reality is, but you can never tell what goes on behind closed doors.

JaneJeffer Fri 29-Jun-18 18:15:10


Aridane Fri 29-Jun-18 18:17:44


NeverTwerkNaked Fri 29-Jun-18 18:20:15


GuntyMcGee Fri 29-Jun-18 18:20:59

Can we have more info so we can have a discussion OP? Please.

JaneJeffer Fri 29-Jun-18 18:21:55

I've just realised this is from March blush

eloisesparkle Fri 29-Jun-18 19:17:54

They always appeared so loved up.
He was the dashing Mr.Darcy.
She had an affair shock

JaneJeffer Fri 29-Jun-18 19:31:10


EachandEveryone Sat 30-Jun-18 18:20:42

Bloody hell. Hes such a nice fella.

EmmaSwann Tue 03-Jul-18 17:38:53

Does that mean he's single now then? 😍

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 03-Jul-18 17:41:25

I read an interview years ago when she said she wished she hadn’t married an Englishman, and didn’t think he should take confidence from that comment.

Gaspodethetalkingdog Tue 03-Jul-18 17:51:36

I think I read somewhere they moved to Italy because they were so crsoss about Brexit. Now Italy has a new extremely anti immigrant government so I assume they are upset

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