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What lifestyle things would you hate to cut down on ?

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LardLizard Tue 06-Mar-18 08:23:17

Just been thinking this am abiut maybe hiring a cleaner, but feel a bit guilty as stay parent
And also been thinking renewinggym membership but it’s expensive

Efrig Tue 06-Mar-18 08:26:33

Going out to sushi and to coffee shops. We only go out for coffee once a week and to sushi once a month, but I’d feel sad if we couldn’t do that anymore.

Movablefeast Tue 06-Mar-18 08:27:55

Getting my nails done - good for morale.

princesspeppax Tue 06-Mar-18 08:29:36

Mine would be our weekly chinese takeaway blush

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Tue 06-Mar-18 08:31:40

Buying new clothes and homeware when I feel like it.

LardLizard Tue 06-Mar-18 08:37:21

For me the worse to give up would be weekends away
And holidays

If I couldn’t have. At last one week holiday a year I’d be really sad

HulaMelody Tue 06-Mar-18 08:37:47

Every couple of weekends we go out for a family breakfast - nothing fancy just Wetherspoons or similar - we all really enjoy it so I’d hate to give it up.

I was going to say my mum n toddler fitness classes but they’ve been a lifeline and definitely see them as essential now!

HuskyMcClusky Tue 06-Mar-18 08:38:45

Yep, gym membership.

I like doing weight classes and I like feeling strong. It’s one of my last indulgences to go if I’m cost-cutting.

HulaMelody Tue 06-Mar-18 08:38:49

And OP I’d love to get a cleaner! The time it would free up would be worth the expense

peanutbutter310 Tue 06-Mar-18 08:39:35

Gym membership. Most of the time I have to reluctantly force myself to go, but always feel incredible after a good workout.

damekindness Tue 06-Mar-18 08:40:29

Another vote for the gym here

ememem84 Tue 06-Mar-18 08:43:41

Gym membership

Riding lessons - pricey but they’re a lifeline and an essential for me. Helped me out of a very bad situation work wise about 3 years ago. Took the stress away for a couple of hours and helped me refocus.

And nails. But I’m on maternity leave at present and can’t take ds to the salon with me so am giving them (my nails) a break from gels. Until I go back to work.

ememem84 Tue 06-Mar-18 08:45:16

I should add if we needed the money I’d stop the gym and the nails first. Riding would stop only if it absolutely had to. I’d cut down.

BitchQueen90 Tue 06-Mar-18 08:55:20

Holidays. I love travelling and visiting other countries. I visit 3/4 a year.

I do have monthly facials/nails done etc but I'd stop those if I had to in favour of holidays.

calzone Tue 06-Mar-18 08:57:54

Having my nails done and getting my hair done at the hairdressers.

heron98 Tue 06-Mar-18 08:59:40

The gym.

It's at my work and since I live round the corner from work near my house. I go swimming before work, to spin at lunchtime and the gym after work every day. I absolutely love it. It's £35 a month which is a lot of money for me but I definitely get my money's worth.

PunkAssMoFo Tue 06-Mar-18 09:01:10

Holidays. They keep me going. I have no other vices or hobbies, I wear supermarket clothes and almost never get beauty treatments.

PussCatTheGoldfish Tue 06-Mar-18 09:08:28


Unfortunately this year I don't think we can go away at all. Both DH and I are working 6 days a week at present with no end in sight. It is very depressing!

MissSueFlay Tue 06-Mar-18 09:32:24

There are some food brands that I have refused to compromise on, even when the belt was at its tightest - Lurpak butter is one of them, and Heinz ketchup & baked beans. One of our economies was to make our own pizza, but we get proper mozzarella not the bag of grated 'pizza cheese'. DH won't compromise on grinding his own coffee beans coffee snob. And I would rather cut the level of meat we eat, than compromise on it being high welfare / organic.

Orangecake123 Tue 06-Mar-18 09:51:11

Gym membership- It's £24 at the moment and thankfully it's £2.40 less than the higher price they were charging for the past 3 months. I started going again recently and proud of my hard work.

I had gotten into a coffee habit at the start of the year, because the hipster cafe is directly near the library. I crave real coffee-but I've cut that back to once a month and make do with a latte mix at home as it's so easy to spend close to £5 in a single trip.

There's also an american burger bar I really like and that's my comfort food to go place. That's now also once a month at the most.

I'm guilty of doing weekly massages as I had upper back pain for the past 3 months, but going back to the gym has eased that. Now once if that a month too.

I haven't bought myself any new items of clothing or make up either since october.

SneakyGremlins Tue 06-Mar-18 09:54:08

I have a worker I see once a fortnight - he takes me for meals and gets it reimbursed - I'd hate to give that up! Does that count? grin

amusedbush Tue 06-Mar-18 09:56:21

Holidays. We generally do two a year - one big and one smaller European long weekend. We put the majority of our disposable income into it and I'd hate to give that up.

Tralalee Tue 06-Mar-18 09:56:45

I had to cut out absolutely everything a few years ago - don't feel sorry for me it was to fund a horse!! No holidays no haircuts no meals out. Even now I can't bear to eat out with all 5 of us as its so so expensive.

BadLad Tue 06-Mar-18 10:00:04


beguilingeyes Tue 06-Mar-18 10:00:23

Holidays, the cleaner. Probably the cleaner more than anything. She comes once a fortnight and it the best thing we ever did. I could cope with squalor, but DH couldn't and I'd rather someone else did it.

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