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Rights RE awful Chinese takeaway

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Semilunar22 Sun 25-Feb-18 20:20:18

Ordered Chinese takeaway from new place (as new to the area) and paid via card, has 5 star reviews. Arrived within an hour (fine).

Tepid at best but moreover really horrible and actually smelt bad. I had two mouthfuls and couldn’t have anymore. So food totally untouched. Phoned the shop and explained it wasn’t nice and was not hot and we haven’t been able to eat any, please could we have a refund. Explained that the food was uneaten and they are welcome to collect it as proof that we haven’t eaten in and are lying.

Was told that there was no way it was not hot and recently cooked and everyone likes their food. After a good 10 min conversation with me explaining that it was indeed and cold and horrible I am told that they will not do anything to rectify or refund.

They have now received an unfavourable review from me online- so stupid on their part since they now have a really bad review and all over £16.

And now I’m hungry, have a bin full of stinking Chinese and £16 down.

Do I have any rights here?

DearMrDilkington Sun 25-Feb-18 20:23:23

Any rights? Over a bad takeaway?

Semilunar22 Sun 25-Feb-18 20:23:57

IE refund
Not taking them to court lol

NymeriaStark Sun 25-Feb-18 20:24:37

Move on. Don’t eat from there again.

UnimaginativeUsername Sun 25-Feb-18 20:26:52

It’s not worth the fuss over £16. You’ve left a negative review and won’t be ordering from there again.

hugoagogo Sun 25-Feb-18 20:28:48

Indeed, a bad takeaway just means you never order from there again.

ILoveKermit Sun 25-Feb-18 20:32:48

I ordered from a Chinese and it really didn't taste right at all. I phoned and the manager came out to collect it...turns out the chef had a cold and his mixtures were all wrong. Received a full refund and a credit for next time. Really happy with the service so have eaten there many times, your Chinese have been very stupid

BumDisease Sun 25-Feb-18 20:35:07

It wouldn't occur to me to ask for a refund from somewhere because I didn't like the food tbh

Semilunar22 Sun 25-Feb-18 20:37:48

@bumdisease- as I said it even smelt rank. Wasn’t just ‘not to my taste’.

Ps great username

Plantlover Sun 25-Feb-18 20:38:39

I don't have a lot of money and if I spent £16 on food that I couldn't eat I would want a refund!

Posters who can afford to waste £16 boggle my mind!

I'm carer and live on £62 a week!

ShiftyMcGifty Sun 25-Feb-18 20:41:46

I would have taken it back to them and asked for a refund, instead of expecting them to come over again with your refund.

Semilunar22 Sun 25-Feb-18 20:42:44

@shifty they didn’t need to come as it would be a card refund.

Frombothsidesnow Sun 25-Feb-18 20:43:20

We've had refunds from takeaways for food that was cold when it arrived, food being wrong and food not being very good. I'm a bit boggled that your place was so uncooperative. There are so many takeaways round by us that I would discount one with a review like yours immediately, superficial as that may be.

ItsAllABitStrangeReally Sun 25-Feb-18 20:45:31

If you think it's off contact environmental health

TheJoyOfSox Sun 25-Feb-18 20:51:03

We had similar a while ago, we jus changed to one of the other three Chinese takeaways on our doorstep. I think that’s the best way, that and the review you gave them.

ShiftyMcGifty Sun 25-Feb-18 20:52:24

Well they did, as they didn’t believe their food was off. If it was rank, they needed to see it.

Ontheboardwalk Sun 25-Feb-18 20:56:21

Does seem strange they didn’t just refund you the £16 rather than risk losing your custom and leaving a bad review.

Have you checked their hygiene star rating online?

HotelEuphoria Sun 25-Feb-18 21:01:09

If this was genuine I would have taken it back myself, opened the cartons in their shop and let them look and taste. I most certainly wouldn't have left a bad review and asked for a refund but made them come for it. Whose to say you weren't just trying it on? Hoping they CBA coming for it, meanwhile you ate the Chinese?

JaneEyre70 Sun 25-Feb-18 21:02:20

I'd keep the containers and pass them onto Environmental Health if you genuinely thought they were off.

mtpaektu Sun 25-Feb-18 21:08:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lonoxo Sun 25-Feb-18 21:21:51

Surely to get a refund, you have to return the food?

Frombothsidesnow Sun 25-Feb-18 21:44:48

Surely to get a refund, you have to return the food?

Well, not really. They're not going to resell it, are they?!

A place that cares about its reputation will take the word of a customer. If people start taking the piss then I guess you might reconsider but I've never been asked for 'proof'.

Lonoxo Sun 25-Feb-18 22:50:50

frombothsidenow I know they are not going to resell it! The transaction was for goods i.e. food. You wouldn’t expect a refund from Debenhams without returning an item first.

Fishcalledlola Sun 25-Feb-18 22:56:43

If it was that bad you can put it in the freezer and contact environmental health. I'm surprised you didn't get a refund. We complained to our local Chinese, the food had not been great for a few weeks. We got a voucher for a free takeaway but tbh we had been put off and didn't use it or go back again.

PoliticalBiscuit Sun 25-Feb-18 23:12:47

Yes keep it and contact environmental health.

Your rights say you should get money back, you could also complain to Trading Standards but that won't get you anything. To enforce a refund I think you'd have to persue it through the claims court which costs £35 per application.

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