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Contraception.... Does the implant and the merena have similar side effects?

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BlueLego Sun 25-Feb-18 14:25:26

I’m currently on no contraception at all.
I have had the merena coil in the past, but I had awful mood swings on it... I was a moody bitch apparently! Which is out of character.
I’ve tried the pill but I’m rubbish at taking it, resulting in one of my 2 children.
I’ve tried to have the copper coil put in but my go tried 4 times and failed. It got to the point where it was just unbearable to go back and try again.

So, my friend has mention the implant. It seems a bit nicer to insert than the coil!
But my worry is that it will have the same effect on me as the merena and I’ll end up a moody bitch!

Any experiences?

BlueLego Sun 25-Feb-18 14:26:07

Go = gp

keepingbees Sun 25-Feb-18 14:30:18

They are similar hormones so likely to have similar effects (though they say with mirena as the hormones are released into the womb you are less like likely to get side effects).
I personally didn't get on with the implant. I had no periods but had mood swings, anxiety, headaches, tingling hands and generally not feeling right. I had it removed after a year.

BlueLego Sun 25-Feb-18 14:34:41

Ooh that doesn’t sound good keeping thanks.

I don’t know what to do!.... I get mood swings and low sex drive on microgynon 30 & cerazette, moss swings on merena too.

I had stage 3 abnormalities on my cervix a couple years Avon and worry that the extra hormones are down to this, I don’t want to get it again! But I don’t know what to do!

My dh has mention a versectomy but I doubt he’d go through with it tbh confused

BlueLego Sun 25-Feb-18 14:35:45


BlueLego Sun 25-Feb-18 21:57:24

Any other experiences with implant?

keepingbees Mon 26-Feb-18 12:00:14

What about the copper coil as that's hormone free?
You could try different pills? Microgynon used to make me nauseous but I was ok on Cilest
(Which apparently you can't get anymore)

keepingbees Mon 26-Feb-18 12:00:41

Sorry just seen you've tried the copper coil!

Mammymon Mon 26-Feb-18 12:17:24

I had the implant and had it taken out after 2 months! It was a nightmare! I bled for 25 days non stop, had 3 days off then started bleeding again! I was so depressed, mood swings, crying, spots, congestion and awful headaches!!

Monkeybunkey Mon 26-Feb-18 13:38:55

I love the implant. Had bleeding for two weeks when it was first put in but since then I no longer have periods, no weight gain or mood swings either. I'm on my second one and will have a replacement put in next year when this one runs out.

BlueLego Mon 26-Feb-18 18:55:40

That sounds awful mammy but I guess it just goes to show, from monkey’s post that it effects people differently.

I don’t think the implant would be good for me as I seem so sensitive to the pill and merena.

I’ll try the copper coil again, but go to a gyn rather than my shitty gp

StarveInn Mon 26-Feb-18 19:56:25

I had my copper coil inserted at our local sexual health clinic by the doctor who specialises in them, do you have anything similar near you?

BlueLego Mon 26-Feb-18 22:51:58

Thanks starve my gp claims to do them, but she failed many times with me!
My nearest after her would be the hospital which is 20 miles away, so not too far.
I’ll have a look in to it tomorrow

Madcatter Mon 26-Feb-18 22:58:05

With the mirena the dose is lower so if have thought if you didn't get on with that then the implant would be a bad idea.

If you got the mirena inserted you should in theory be able to get the copper coil inserted okay. I'd try a sexual health clinic as they're more experienced at this than GP's. In fact an overconfident and underexperienced gp could seriously screw it up.

BlueLego Mon 26-Feb-18 23:00:50

Thanks mad I fear that may be my gp hmm

Mrsfucktrumpet Mon 26-Feb-18 23:08:56

It is only now, 10 years later that i feel the implant was responsible for severe depressive episodes resulting in a suicide attempt. I dont think it caused the depression at that time, however i do think it exacerbated the effects of it.

I only realised this after getting one in after having a baby. Within 6 weeks my mood was deteriorating rapidly and i felt like i did back then (minus the suicidal thoughts though)

I went back to the clinic and explained my feelings and that i thought the implant was to do with . The doctor removed it there and then.

Within 2 days i was feeling back to normal. The difference in mood.was night and day. That was 4 months ago and felt fine since. After research my experience is not unheard of, but is rare.

shouldnthavesaid Mon 26-Feb-18 23:12:40

I found the mirena an absolute bastard and still think my uterus was perforated at point of insertion - I bled heavily, severe pain and needed injections of stuff to help after with pain. Kept in hospital. Long term it was awful , constant pain.

Implant isn't painful as such - but I have gained 2.5 stone in 2 months and covered in acne (boobs, face, back, shoulders, bum and tummy). Having it removed on the 7th thank God.

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