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Best way to pack electricals like television/game consoles for removals?

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SmashedMug Sun 25-Feb-18 01:48:42

Last time we moved, I took all our more delicate stuff like televisions and game consoles and laptop etc in the car but I'd quite like to use the removals for everything this time!

What is the best way to pack this type of stuff for a move? Im a bit nervous that things will get dropped or bashed about a bit on the van so any tips would be great!

BasiliskStare Sun 25-Feb-18 04:01:53

Does the removal company include insurance ? ( will they have they packed it ? )

If not, then I would say anything really precious or valuable you take with you , otherwise packing with more bubblewrap , cardboard and duck tape than you ever thought anyone in the world needed ever ( and someone to see where e.g. a large TV screen would be put in the van - slotted in along the side fine , if they then put it horizontally & then your heavy sofa , collection of rocks , world's heaviest kitchen sink left to you by your grandmother on top of it , well all the packing in the world might not be great. ) Sorry not a great answer. What I would say is that if you have something with a screen or indeed e.g. a picture with glass or a mirror - I tend to put thick cardboard over the glass and then bubble wrap and then more cardboard and then enough duck tape to wrap the Albert Hall. ( you will not like it at the other other end when you have to unwrap it. ) But you may need someone to supervise the van packing.

Other less than helpful answers are available! But those are my thoughts such as they are

Good luck smile

nocake Sun 25-Feb-18 08:06:32

The best way to pack anything is to let the removal company do it.

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