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Anyone any good at identifying bone China markings or patterns?

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Alabasterangel6 Sat 24-Feb-18 13:28:48

DM has a pretty tea service that she inherited many years ago from a family member.

She’s relishing the thought of hunting down the missing teapot and replacing the badly cracked milk jug, but without knowing the pattern name or maker we are stuck before we start. Photos are of the base of one of the cups and the print. The cake plates are square and the saucers and sandwich plate are round. She’s sure they are 1920-30ish.

Anyone got any ideas? I’ve scoured makers marks online and all I can conclude is the three little dashes are probably significant?

OutyMcOutface Sat 24-Feb-18 13:35:07

Look up crown marks on

Alabasterangel6 Sat 24-Feb-18 15:59:31

Thank you outy. I’ve found the page with crown marks on Kovels. There are a lot of crown marks but very few that don’t have the makers name too - frustrating!! I’ll keep looking.

LaurieFairyCake Sat 24-Feb-18 16:08:47

It might be a Barker Bros one?

Or it could be an unsigned one like this one from EBay.

Alabasterangel6 Sat 24-Feb-18 16:21:55

That looks very close Laurie...I’ll have a search now.

gillyweed Sat 24-Feb-18 16:29:55

That looks very similar to a piece of clarice cliff we have. She had a huge range!!!!

PanPanPanPing Sat 24-Feb-18 16:54:52

I was going to say Clarice Cliff too, gilly. But something tells me that it isn't!

Have a look on China Search

Or you can email China Search with your photos, OP.

strawberryblondebint Sat 24-Feb-18 17:47:55

Art Deco. Mark is a standard crown mark and won't tell you anything. Husband things could be Salisbury.

strawberryblondebint Sat 24-Feb-18 17:48:06


westcoastnortherneragain Sat 24-Feb-18 17:48:57

Maybe Ainsley

Alabasterangel6 Sun 25-Feb-18 08:44:07

Thank you all. I’ve spent too many hours searching but handy to know that the crown mark won’t tell me anything and won’t help me find the bits she is missing! I don’t even have a key word to search on other than ‘hand painted deco’ - I’m not sure if that’s a poppy?

I assumed all Cliff would be stamped as such.

I shall look for Salisbury.

If I could even find the maker via an identical shape (tiny foot at the base of the cup, angle of the sides, etc). I’ve come close but not exact.

The hunt continues!

LastNightMyWifeHooveredMyHead Sun 25-Feb-18 08:45:57

Could be Shelley?

StUmbrageinSkelt Sun 25-Feb-18 08:49:59

Clarice Cliff would be stamped, even the domestic ware.
Good luck!

Alabasterangel6 Sun 25-Feb-18 09:11:58

I don’t think it’s Cliff either but it is very much deco.

The trouble with searching for specific China makers names is that the searches bring up pieces stamped and known, whereas this is just an unknown!

I will email chinasearch today.

I might also pop down to the Potteries Museum in Stoke during the week. I don’t live far from there and their collection of China is enormous. One of their curators might know?

k2p2k2tog Sun 25-Feb-18 09:16:30

I volunteer in a charity shop and we are forever googling china marks to try to identify what we've got and how valuable it might be. Crown marks are one of the most common marks around, they were used by UK makers and German ones too, and across many decades. In my experience it's more common to have some sort of wording too.

Difficult to tell from your photo but have you tried googling "green crown mark" or "gold crown mark" and looked for other similar items in the range like the teapot and cups?

Viviennemary Sun 25-Feb-18 09:19:23

I thought Shelley as well. But could be any of a number of potteries.

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