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Neighbouring shop alarm aaargh!

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Howaboutthisone Sat 24-Feb-18 05:06:57

It's been going for the last half hour. For the last month it's been going off EVERY morning at varying times around 5 am and for varying amounts of time. What can I do? Who can I call????

TheQueenOfWands Sat 24-Feb-18 05:30:25


I think environmental health. They may have a noise department or similar.

Howaboutthisone Sat 24-Feb-18 05:57:14

Thanks! It's just started up again. Not sure whether to scream or cry

Howaboutthisone Sun 25-Feb-18 05:33:17

It went just before 5 for fifteen mins. Then it started again at 5.20 after 5 mins of quiet. It's now still going. I've made a complaint to environmental health. Going to go over in the morning to tell the shop staff that I've made the complaint. Driving me mad!

Vitalogy Sun 25-Feb-18 06:44:21

I think I'd have gone to the shop within the first couple of days to make enquiries to start with, nosey Must be very annoying OP. Surely they've had loads of complaints by now. Suprising it's gone on so long.

Howaboutthisone Sun 25-Feb-18 10:04:55

It was going on and off until around 6.30! I have spoken to the shop owner and was told a new system was put in yesterday. I'm going back today to tell them it's worse than the last one. I think I might also inform them that I've made a complaint to environmental health. DH also phoned 101 this morning as it was going on for so long we wondered if this time it was actually a burglary.

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