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How many years do you think before sandwich actually officially becomes samwich?

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Perendinate Fri 23-Feb-18 21:32:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Celticlassie Fri 23-Feb-18 21:33:56

Should of and could of. sad

AnoiaUnstickMyDrawers Fri 23-Feb-18 21:34:19

Surely it will become 'sammitch'?

We really should be pacific. wink

Fairenuff Fri 23-Feb-18 21:34:28

I think you mean sammich

Fairenuff Fri 23-Feb-18 21:35:02

Or sammidge

TheQueenOfWands Fri 23-Feb-18 21:35:08

People being on tender hooks and holding down the fort.

Guadalupe Fri 23-Feb-18 21:35:53

Ha ha. I did know someone once who said sammich but haven't heard that for years.

MrsMoastyToasty Fri 23-Feb-18 21:36:31

OH says "sangwidge"....but he's Scottish.

RickLemon Fri 23-Feb-18 21:37:03

18 months I reckon. Sorry, that should read 18 mumfs.

Margomyhero Fri 23-Feb-18 21:37:40

It's discusting and should not be a loud.


Lettucepray Fri 23-Feb-18 21:38:54

It's imbeciles......😉

Gunpowder Fri 23-Feb-18 21:38:57

Ahhh this makes me think of the hamwidge thread! grin Anyone else remember it?

Fairenuff Fri 23-Feb-18 21:39:25

What's wrong with holding down the fort?

Hakarl Fri 23-Feb-18 21:39:39

What do you mean? Until the official dictionary spelling is changed? That won't happen.

Until the 'samwich' pronunciation is regarded as mainstream and most people wouldn't bat an eyelid at it? That has already happened.

Hakarl Fri 23-Feb-18 21:40:53

What's wrong with holding down the fort?

The fort doesn't need holding down, it's a large, solid structure unlikely to blow away. Someone may need to hold the fort, though, i.e. maintain control of the fort.

MyDcAreMarvel Fri 23-Feb-18 21:41:12

At least he wasn't keeping the bread on the Chester Draws.

BestIsWest Fri 23-Feb-18 21:41:21

Sangwich here in Wales too.

StripySocksAndDocs Fri 23-Feb-18 21:41:56

About 33 I think.

Mind you I thought it was only a ham sandwich (the bread sort. Not the band.) were samwiches.

What about sangwitches?

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Fri 23-Feb-18 21:43:49

Samwidge, more like.
Although around here they're often sarnies.

Ivymaud Fri 23-Feb-18 21:45:11

Yes or samwidge! Never I hope sad

SuperBeagle Fri 23-Feb-18 21:46:30

My mum says samwich and it drives me farking mad. When she's speaking quickly, it sort of comes out as "sammiches", which is even worse.

She's a Kiwi, I'm Australian, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Ivymaud Fri 23-Feb-18 21:47:03

Wasn't there also a thread about hamwiches some time ago or have I made that up?

ShatnersBassoon Fri 23-Feb-18 21:48:24

Samij, but hammy sammy if you're having a ham samij.

Or butties, if we want to avoid confusion.

Gunpowder Fri 23-Feb-18 21:48:56

Yes Ivy! I think it was Rosepettel (?) v. funny at the time.


Argeles Fri 23-Feb-18 21:49:57

Surely we’ll all be using ‘hambags’ too?

Everyone around me pronounced handbags as ‘hambags’ when I was growing up (SE London), and so I began to pronounce it in this way too. I remember seeing a sign saying ‘handbags’ in a department store, and laughing at it, as I was convinced they’d made a spelling mistake!

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