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How old are you? And how old is your dh?

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lottieandmia22 Fri 23-Feb-18 13:52:24

I’m just being nosy ;) I’m not currently married but when I was my husband was one year older. Then I dated men all much younger than me. I always wanted to be with someone older but it never happened until now - my current bf is 11 years older which I much prefer.

BangPippleGo Fri 23-Feb-18 13:53:54

I'm 27, DH is 33. Perfect gap for us as it doesn't feel like a gap at all. It did when I was 21 and he was 27 though...

stressedoutfred Fri 23-Feb-18 14:00:27

I'm 37, DH is 42

PipGirl404 Fri 23-Feb-18 14:01:28

Not married. I'm 25, DP 29.

tafftum Fri 23-Feb-18 14:02:00

I have a DP not a DH,
But I am 26 and he is 29 smile

Bumbumtaloo Fri 23-Feb-18 14:02:57

I’m 38 and DH is 40 he is exactly two years and one week older than me.

amusedbush Fri 23-Feb-18 14:03:27

Both 27, birthdays two weeks apart.

We were due to be born on the same day but he was two days early and I was twelve days late! Funnily enough I'm now totally anal about punctuality and he's like a headless chicken two minutes before he's meant to leave the house...

LeChatSauvage Fri 23-Feb-18 14:04:29

OP why is it important that your partner is older than you?

WTFIsThisVirus Fri 23-Feb-18 14:05:09

I am 33, DP is 29. Hes always calling me old sadhmm

ReinettePompadour Fri 23-Feb-18 14:05:15

Im old and dh is 3 years older. I consider myself to be 45 but I'm older than that by a few a lot years.

BoredOnMatLeave Fri 23-Feb-18 14:05:50

Im 25 DP is 36

RealityHasALiberalBias Fri 23-Feb-18 14:06:46

I'm 36, he's 31.

I don't care about whether my partners are older or younger. Dated a couple of men significantly older than me when I was younger.

Genuine q: I've never really understood why it's A Thing for some women to want a man a little bit older - why?

Sals27 Fri 23-Feb-18 14:07:22

I'm 26 he's 33.

lottieandmia22 Fri 23-Feb-18 14:07:28

It's not important- it's just working out well in this particular case. I think generally age is just a number.

dustarr73 Fri 23-Feb-18 14:07:52

IM 45 AND DP IS 47

NoqontroI Fri 23-Feb-18 14:08:41

I'm 3 weeks older.

Scoleah Fri 23-Feb-18 14:09:11

28 DH 28

TheFallenMadonna Fri 23-Feb-18 14:10:54

I am exactly 4 months older than DH.

Redtractorwontsleep Fri 23-Feb-18 14:11:04

I'm 30 DH is 31

cjt110 Fri 23-Feb-18 14:13:27

Im 31, DH is 45. Been together for over 10 years and married for 5

dustyparadeground Fri 23-Feb-18 14:14:00

I am 59 my wife is also 59 but her birthday is 7 weeks before mine. Boy do I enjoy those 7 weeks when I am a year younger. Pathetic I realise.

DownstairsMixUp Fri 23-Feb-18 14:15:57

Me 30 dh 32

LittleFeileFooFoo Fri 23-Feb-18 14:18:48

I'm 2 years older. Doen't seem to make a difference.

storynanny Fri 23-Feb-18 14:23:58

Im 61 and he is 63
We " live in sin" according to my recently departed 89 yr old mother. She didnt really approve ( made a disgusted face) when we visited for few days every so often and...... shared a bedroom

catlover1987 Fri 23-Feb-18 14:24:46

I'm 30 and my husband is 39. Doesn't really feel like there's a gap at all as he looks quite young for his age and we are on the same wavelength in terms of maturity / what we want from life. I couldn't imagine being with someone younger now!

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