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What's your processed food guilty pleasure....

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Thisnamechanger Thu 22-Feb-18 22:20:25

I'm making myself some lovely courgette, spinach, aubergines and sweet corn in garlic.

With a bowl of chicken supernoodles with cheese on the side grin

What's yours?

PassiveAggressivePamela Thu 22-Feb-18 22:23:50

Chocolate angel delight star

BumpowderSneezeonAndSnot Thu 22-Feb-18 22:23:56

I love a cheap sausage roll that's more pastry than sausage

motheroreily Thu 22-Feb-18 22:24:21

Turkey drummers

teaiseverything Thu 22-Feb-18 22:25:20

Curry Pot Noodle.

cloudchasing Thu 22-Feb-18 22:25:54

Spam. Can't beat a spam fritter. Or a spam sandwich with pickle...

Lolipoplady Thu 22-Feb-18 22:26:54

Bacon crispies/frazzles... I'm a veggie blushgrin

Aeroflotgirl Thu 22-Feb-18 22:30:06

Greggs steak bake😋😋😋

LBOCS2 Thu 22-Feb-18 22:30:25

So many.

Potato waffles with bisto on them. Or Mr Brains faggots.
Fish finger butties.
Instant noodles - not super noodles though, they need to be the 19p ones to be the best.
Microwave pizza.

You wouldn't believe from this list that I'm actually a very competent cook - mostly we have actual homemade food, cooked from scratch. Until I remember I have waffles in the freezer...

Oh yes, and I'm quite partial to a Pukka pie and a pop-tart.

BumpowderSneezeonAndSnot Thu 22-Feb-18 22:31:22

Oh potato waffles with a poached egg and ketchup on it all smashed together is the food of the gods.

Branleuse Thu 22-Feb-18 22:34:27

salt n vinegar squares crisps. Roysters T bone steak crisps. I dont think either of them are actual potato.

3 minute noodles

NapQueen Thu 22-Feb-18 22:35:36

A cheese toastie, those triangular machine ones, made with cheese slices. Its like liquid cheese inside. Heaven.

Itsbecauseimaleo Thu 22-Feb-18 22:35:39

Potato wedges with baked beans that have been smothered with cheese and bacon is the food of champions. Can't beat it

Mum2OneTeen Thu 22-Feb-18 22:36:00

Ooh! My not-so-secret guilty pleasure is Mie Goreng Instant Noodles.

Love them, have them almost every lunchtime, and yes, I do realise they have no nutritional benefit whatsoever. Don't know what it is about them that I like, maybe it's the flavour sachet full of MSG! Or maybe it's the throwback to art school student life?

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Thu 22-Feb-18 22:38:34

Fish finger and mushy pea sandwich , crispy jacket potato with heinz tinned macaroni cheese and covered in ketchup , veggie fingers on their own , battered sausage from the chippy , fried eggs on fried bread , plastic burger cheese and salad cream sandwiches , unfortunately im on a healthy eating mission and cant eat any of it

mrsBeverleyGoldberg Thu 22-Feb-18 22:40:26

Chicken and mushroom pot noodle
Super noodles
Tater tots
Cold pastry on things like sausage rolls
Cocktail sausages
I'm disgusting.blush

NC4Now Thu 22-Feb-18 22:41:32

Do they still make Findus Crispy Pancakes?

dontbesillyhenry Thu 22-Feb-18 22:45:32

Fray Bentos pie in a tin 🥧🥧🥧🥧

Bumdishcloths Thu 22-Feb-18 22:47:50

@NC4Now yes they do, they're rubbery and shit now though.

Microwave macaroni cheese with walls microwave sausages and extra cheese.

TroubledTribble28 Thu 22-Feb-18 22:50:12

Crisps and a cheesestring together. Like a poverty stricken canape.

SylvesterMcM0nkeyMcBean Thu 22-Feb-18 22:51:21

A hot sausage roll, smooshed up with loads of salt and vinegar on it, in a white bread sandwich 😋

JaneEyre70 Thu 22-Feb-18 22:53:51

McCain Home Fries cooked in the air fryer and smothered in mayo and sweet chilli sauce. I feel deeply ashamed of buying them, and have to hide them in the bottom of the freezer blush.

UrsulaPandress Thu 22-Feb-18 22:57:01

Sandwich Spread on white warbies

allthegoodnameshadgone Thu 22-Feb-18 22:58:25

Cheese strings

disneydatknee Thu 22-Feb-18 22:58:40

Turkey dinosaurs! The other day I had forgot to prep the next day's dinner after work. I was just too tired. So we had to have our standby freezer option of turkey dinosaurs, chips and beans. If I could eat that every night instead of cooking I would!

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