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What is this novellist's surname?

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saffroon Thu 22-Feb-18 17:20:52

Without googling, could you please say what you think this romance novellist's surname to be?

Danielle S

DryIce Thu 22-Feb-18 17:21:59


ReinettePompadour Thu 22-Feb-18 17:22:01


SueGeneris Thu 22-Feb-18 17:22:10


yawning801 Thu 22-Feb-18 17:22:15


PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Thu 22-Feb-18 17:22:28


LanaorAna2 Thu 22-Feb-18 17:22:49


yawning801 Thu 22-Feb-18 17:23:19

Oops... I broke the pattern! Maybe it's because I used to go to school with a Daniel Sawdon? grin

PanPanPanPing Thu 22-Feb-18 17:24:56


saffroon Thu 22-Feb-18 17:27:25

Thank you...

Those who are saying Steele, how confident are you that it is spelled that way?

Lovestonap Thu 22-Feb-18 17:29:13


saffroon Thu 22-Feb-18 17:29:18

Because I was pretty confident it was spelled Steele

But now it's not, it's Steel. If you google images of her book covers they look wrong

I've heard of Mandela effects before but this one has freaked me out a little.

ReinettePompadour Thu 22-Feb-18 17:30:38

I'm not that confident but thats how my family line is spelt so its a habit.

Scribblegirl Thu 22-Feb-18 17:31:06

Oh, interesting! I could have sworn there was an 'e' at the end...

myusernameisnotmyusername Thu 22-Feb-18 17:31:34

Gosh I always thought it was Steele and I've seen loads of her books in the library. What a head fuck.

mrsroboto Thu 22-Feb-18 17:33:18

Huh! Must be because of the -le ending of her first name.

mrsroboto Thu 22-Feb-18 17:35:04

The Berenstain Bears one similarly freaked me out

saffroon Thu 22-Feb-18 17:36:23

I've read about the berenstain Bears but had never heard of them!

Danielle Steele becoming Steel makes me feel weird.

Ellapaella Thu 22-Feb-18 17:43:10

I always thought it was Steele as well. Maybe it's just because every person in real life I know with that surname spells it with an e on the end.

PanPanPanPing Thu 22-Feb-18 17:47:20

Well, there you go. I also thought it had an 'e' on the end blush

MongerTruffle Thu 22-Feb-18 17:49:32

Until I Googled, I thought that clocks using Roman numerals used IV for four o'clock. It turns out they use IIII. I also though that I (quite clearly) remembered Curious George having a tail and Uncle Pennybags (Monopoly man) wearing a monocle.

saffroon Thu 22-Feb-18 19:39:41

What's strange is how so many people remember it as Steele (seen this discussed elsewhere) can we all be misremembering?

Chamomile Thu 22-Feb-18 19:52:10

Steele here, as well. So how do you spell Barbara Streisland? Do it without googling first!

saffroon Thu 22-Feb-18 20:00:46

I would spell it as you had, Barbara Streisland...

saffroon Thu 22-Feb-18 20:01:47

Ok have googled and that is also weird

But not as weird as Steele

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