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What would your teen spend £80pm on?

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PlanNumber Thu 22-Feb-18 17:20:50

I've decided to give DS1 a monthly allowance to encourage some financial "independence". I appreciate it's really nothing of the sort, as he won't be working for the money, but it's on the understanding he will work hard for his A levels and contribute fully at home, which he already does willingly with no expectation of payment.

FTB I prefer that he concentrates on his studies and gives his spare time to cadets, which I can see is very good for him in terms of personal development, but which also takes up 2 evenings per week and around one weekend per month, making regular paid work tricky.

Anyway I've been thinking about how much it should be and what he should be expected to pay for with it.

I will continue to buy clothes as it's already like pulling teeth getting him to choose any new clothes, if he has to buy them himself he just won't have any ever.

I will pay for cadet weekends which typically cost around £10 - I can't feed him at home for that.

I buy a monthly bus pass for school which he can use on all local buses at weekends.

So he will have to pay:

-Cadet subs, c. £25 per term
-Equipment for cadets, unless requested for birthday - there's nothing he needs as it can all be borrowed but they like to have their own personal kit.
-Haircuts (very frequent because he takes cadets very seriously)
-Toiletries beyond basic soap and deodorant
-All social activities
-Food purchased when out and about and at lunchtimes unless a school meal i.e. I'll continue to put money on parentpay for the school canteen but if he chooses to go to the high street with friends he pays.
-"Stuff" He's not a big shopper but anything bought for himself outside of birthdays and Christmas
-Music & game downloads
-Presents for close family & friends

Does £80pm sound reasonable? TBH I doubt he spends that much at the moment but I'm sure my parents gave me £60 pm when I was in 6th form in 1986, which seems astonishingly generous and which is not a trait they're famous for. I did have to buy clothes though.

frenchfancy Thu 22-Feb-18 17:22:46

I give a similar amount but it includes clothes. She never complains.

Babyroobs Thu 22-Feb-18 17:23:58

I give my 17 year old £100 a month but he does buy clothes out of that. he also earns £250 a month. He uses the money to go out to the cinema or meals with friends. he likes to eat lots of high protein foods/ shakes so if it's something I wouldn't routinely buy for the rest of the family , he spends on that. Taxi fares to parties. We pay for bus pass, lunches at college etc.

marialuisa Thu 22-Feb-18 17:32:25

DD gets £150 pcm and uses it to pay for everything except: basic mobile top up, school clothes, contact lenses and glasses, hobby related expenses, school trips, things she needs because of us-e.g. Long dress for family event
She doesn't appear to be struggling.

JumpingFrogs Thu 22-Feb-18 17:49:25

My 18 year old gets £65 per month. He also earns approximately £20 per month doing a small paper round, and occasionally earns money babysitting or feeding a neighbour's cat. I expect him to buy all his own clothes (except uniform, or recently some clothes required for a DofE expedition). He has spells where he doesn't buy clothes and then the odd spree when he does. I have told him this is fine as long as he's not dressed in rags and has something presentable to wear for the occasional family do. He also funds any social activities, anything he wants for himself (games, downloads etc), pays for his haircuts, and pays for any presents he buys for family and friends. I pay for his lunches when he's at school, but not if he goes out with friends during the holidays or at weekends. I also pay for his toiletries, and fund his phone and school trips. He seems happy with this. At times he seems skint, but at other times he seems to have enough money to buy himself stuff.

Lovejoyfull Sat 24-Feb-18 11:15:20

This is interesting reading. I think I may be giving my 15 year old too much now, although we live in London so maybe it’s a bit costlier here (?). £8o per month which goes on Power league football maybe twice a week, food when out and about, games. We pay the rest, haircuts are £15 so I think this is quite a chunk, plus I always give him a bit extra if going to the cinema, our local is just over £10 for a child confused Only Everyman snd Picturehouse where we live, but still I’m now thinking I’m too generous.

Duskybluebell Sat 24-Feb-18 12:11:20

15 yr old gets £70 pm, spends on
Bus/train to local towns
Eating out with mates
Music, clothes, make up, perfume etc, gifts for family and friends

We pay phone (capped contract), glasses, uniform, underwear and basic shoes, school trips, school food. She has access to family Spotify, family Netflix and household prime ( but pays on her own bankcard for anything she orders). I generally pay for major expenses (trip abroad with friends family this year instead of family holiday, prom outfit) since she doesn't have a chance of getting part time work where we live at her age.

Mostly I think she's saving up, there's a list of festivals and events on her wall that she wants to go to

elastamum Sat 24-Feb-18 12:13:24

My teen gets £150 pm but has to buy all his own clothes and everything else from that.

BrainlessDailyMail Sat 24-Feb-18 12:29:11

Assuming the lad also pays for own (cadet) shoes & socks, I work out 680/yr left for leisure (£57/month).

DS1 would have blown most of it on Steam.
DD would buy clothes & jewellery.
DS2 would blow it on Lego.

We pay for their rare day out (like a cinema trip). Otherwise, My kids only get about £16/month for leisure & frivelties.

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