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What is your Smart Metre up to today?

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Dustysparrow Thu 22-Feb-18 09:43:13

Because mine is already up to £1.76 and it's only 9.40am.

We have a very average (not big) three bed semi, and we are averaging about £4 a day in energy. That seems quite high??? My parents house is twice the size of ours and their daily energy use is costing less, even though they are doing roughly the same things as us. It is the gas which is the really expensive part, so it must be our boiler, as that's the only thing in the whole house using gas until dinnertime?

I am puzzled confused

heron98 Thu 22-Feb-18 10:50:33

We just got ours yesterday. I got up, went for a run and when I came home it was already at £1.40. How?

Snowysky20009 Thu 22-Feb-18 10:59:35

Woke up at 6:40am and have had the heating on since- it's at 62pence so far.

Snowysky20009 Thu 22-Feb-18 11:00:37

Best turn it off it's like a sauna here now!!!

CastielIsMyAngel Thu 22-Feb-18 11:02:17

I've had my smart meter since beginning of November and I'm obsessed with checking it

CastielIsMyAngel Thu 22-Feb-18 11:03:50

I also have separate sides for gas consumption and electric. I thought they all did...

purpleunicorns Thu 22-Feb-18 11:05:05

No idea as my stupid smart meter keeps losing connection and hasn't worked for days angry

MissMary0fSweden Thu 22-Feb-18 11:06:06

Someone is installing a smart meter in my basement RIGHT NOW.

Will I live to regret this I wonder?

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Thu 22-Feb-18 12:21:58

This is really weird - we’ve noticed similar.

I top up £50 each on gas and electric a month, I get that it’s winter but we apparently used about £1.50 of gas on a Saturday when we were all out and the central heating was off confused

I need to take a closer look and maybe change providers I think...

queencrunch Thu 22-Feb-18 12:42:35

The standing charge goes on in the morning

maddiemookins16mum Thu 22-Feb-18 12:50:52

Currently £1.25 here (washing machine about to do a 2nd load too).
Top tip...never boil a full kettle, you'll be shocked at the usage.

maddiemookins16mum Thu 22-Feb-18 12:52:49

Our daily usage (average day with cooking, a wash done, 3 showers, washing up etc and say 2 hours of heating) is roughly £2.70.

Dustysparrow Thu 22-Feb-18 13:15:42

Can I ask what energy providers you are all with? We are with OVO. Either they are really expensive or our boiler is really inefficient, I'm not sure which.

If we come down at say 6.30am the smart metre will already be up to about £1.10 - the only things that are left on overnight are the heating (though we only have 2 radiators on, bathroom and livingroom) and the fridge, microwave, and the fridge in the garage, so it must be the boiler sucking up all the gas while we sleep??? confused

So we are now up to £2.05 .....and it's only 13.15pm. wtf.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Thu 22-Feb-18 13:24:12

We had one from Ovo, fitted about two and a half years ago. It has never worked since ha day it was fitted. They came and put in a booster signal, but it made no difference.

The wretched thing just sits in the understairs cupboard mocking me every time I open it, but doing nothing. We’ve changed utility companies three times since and DH just sends a monthly reading.

Complete and utter waste of time. Doesn’t sound like yours is very accurate. Could you switch everything off for a bit, just to see what happens hen?

CastielIsMyAngel Thu 22-Feb-18 14:33:44


I keep saying to DP I want to know how much electric the smart meter uses to run!

niceberg Thu 22-Feb-18 14:35:57

This might help:

Goingalonenow Thu 22-Feb-18 14:36:07

I'm up to 3.42 and it's bloody beeping at me because I had the audacity to use the microwave.

Goingalonenow Thu 22-Feb-18 14:37:00

My boiler is fucked and needs replacing though.

Chesntoots Thu 22-Feb-18 14:42:42

I've had mine fitted today and I'm bloody obsessed with it already!

I'm supposed to be studying but all I've done is run round switching things on to see how much they cost and then switching them off again... I need a life...

GlowWine Thu 22-Feb-18 14:58:57

Mine (OVO) doesn't seem to display by default what I want to see: daily consumption. Not cost/ph now or even "total to date" which is where it switches back to by default. Anyhow - a bit of switching between screens shows me that we have spent ~94p each in electricity and gas today. Have to add the thermostat is at 18C from 6 to 8am and then back to 16C until we get home - I just happend to work from home today but have now switched the heating on.
On a weekend day (heating all day and 3 loads of washing, oven on for baking) we have reached £3 gas and £2 electric, but it tends to be nearer £2 and £1.25 respectively on average this Feb. I prefer to use the app to see our consumption, and ignore the smartmeter really.

MrEzraGoldberg Thu 22-Feb-18 15:15:09

Are you all on tariffs with standing charges?

MrEzraGoldberg Thu 22-Feb-18 15:17:45

I just know that if I had a smart meter, I'd be obsessed with it too....

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