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My Patronus is....

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Greensleeves Thu 22-Feb-18 00:59:24

...Roger from American Dad. He quells Dementors with a single ultra-bitchy quip.

We decided as a family that DH's patronus is a fish. It just lies there, flopping about.

What's yours?

PerkingFaintly Thu 22-Feb-18 01:05:55

Good question!

I'd like to think mine's a cheetah. But I suspect it's something altogether scratchier and more awkward. Possibly with an inconvenient number of legs.

LeslieKnopefan Thu 22-Feb-18 01:08:42

Mine is a donkey. Slightly sad demeanour but gets the job done!

Lurkingshadow Thu 22-Feb-18 01:11:45

Ooh officially I'm a Pine Marten according to the Potter More site! But I guess I'd be a Sloth in real life grin

BoyFromTheBigBadCity Thu 22-Feb-18 01:27:13

Josh Lyman. No doubt. (From the West Wing.)

I still haven’t taken the Pottermore test.

Greensleeves Thu 22-Feb-18 01:47:17

These are brilliant grin I would love to see the donkey come trotting out!

VladmirsPoutine Thu 22-Feb-18 01:49:00

What is a patronus?

LeslieKnopefan Thu 22-Feb-18 01:50:15

From Harry Potter.

It takes the form of an animal and I suppose looks ghost like. The form of it is to do with your personality.

DarthArts Thu 22-Feb-18 02:02:52

A beautiful but slightly scary dragon.

DarthArts Thu 22-Feb-18 02:03:45

I'm a Ravenclaw apparently....Pottermore

Greensleeves Thu 22-Feb-18 02:09:35

I haven't been Sorted yet. I'm too scared.

DarthArts Thu 22-Feb-18 02:24:51

My family has one in each house grin

We get along perfectly well.

I just wish I had a clock like Mrs Weasley wink

Desperatelyseekingsun Thu 22-Feb-18 02:53:08

Thanks to this thread I have now been sorted into slytherin and have a Newfoundland dog as my patronus!! I would like to think I would have a Siamese cat but more realistically a fancy rat.

SecretsRsecrets Thu 22-Feb-18 03:04:50

My patronus is a Wookiesmile.

LeslieKnopefan Thu 22-Feb-18 03:34:06

I’m a Slytherin. Every quiz I’ve ever done I’ve been in Slytherin even when I thought I was cheating to get put into another house.

I have accepted my fate now and hope I can be a force for good in the house!

surreygoldfish Thu 22-Feb-18 03:48:57

Oh dear... I'm an aardvark and predictably into hufflepuff

LittleFeileFooFoo Thu 22-Feb-18 04:03:27

Ravenclaw, Siberian Cat? Huh. I would not have guessed that!

Arapaima Thu 22-Feb-18 04:21:01

Just did the quiz on pottermore. Apparently I’m a Ravenclaw (happy with that) and my patronus is a shrew (wtf? Couldn’t it have been a bit more... er... impressive?).

I’m going to ignore that and choose a penguin, everyone loves penguins so it would melt the Dementors’ stony hearts.

LeslieKnopefan Thu 22-Feb-18 04:25:51

The only thing that makes me 🤨 about patronus is I remember JK Rowling saying before they were introduced that wizards had a better way of communicating than the internet.

Sure they are nice, but not quite as handy as WhatsApp 😂😂 and not very discreet. Oooh just send a message to my friend and hope her husband doesn’t see it as my bloomin donkey runs in their living room!!

Toadinthehole Thu 22-Feb-18 04:46:19

Mine's a sloth.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Thu 22-Feb-18 04:47:42

A toucan

Notagainmun Thu 22-Feb-18 08:15:23

A Tonkinese cat, whatever that is. I am in Hufflepuff

HoneyDragon Thu 22-Feb-18 08:18:29

A three legged squirrel with a Mohawk

Mhw02 Thu 22-Feb-18 08:19:41

Slytherin and a Black Mamba here. It's all the snakes for me, clearly!

starryeyed19 Thu 22-Feb-18 08:21:08

Officially, I am a Slytherin and my Patronus is a Basset Hound. I think I am OK with this.

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