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If you could move anywhere in the world , where would it be?

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Joey1471 Wed 21-Feb-18 23:26:02

For me

Either La or Dubai

NotCornflakes Wed 21-Feb-18 23:29:13

I would move to the west coast of Scotland. From, erm, the east coast of Scotland. What a globetrotter I am! grin

ToHullAndBack Wed 21-Feb-18 23:29:49

New York State smile

Shmithecat Wed 21-Feb-18 23:31:05

Vietnam. Old Quarter, Ha Noi.

MadMaryBoddington Wed 21-Feb-18 23:32:55

I am in the place I want to be. It took me years to get here, and now I’m here wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

But if I had to, I’d plump for Stockholm.

BelleandBeast Wed 21-Feb-18 23:33:22

London, but a bit more of a climate where it snows in winter for sure but there are snow ploughs to manage it, and the summer is guaranteed hot, with no hosepipe bans.

Maybe coast a little bit nearer.


LeMesmer Thu 22-Feb-18 00:28:45

After moving around for many years i wouldn't move from where I am now (south of France, smallish place on the coast). But, if I moved back to the UK, without a doubt Scotland, probably east coast near Edinburgh. Elsewhere in Europe, Madmary and I would be neighbours in Stockholm although only having spent four days there it could be a poor choice

Draylon Thu 22-Feb-18 01:26:11

Waikato, New Zealand. The region north of Auckland).

I'd want a nice house, sea view, pool. I'd want to be within an hour's drive of Auckland, with enough cash to fly to Sydney for a great weekend every 3 months, or to the UK twice a year.

In Waikato, I'd have beautiful scenery, the Pacific, local culture, some whacky neighbours (NZ has plenty of them!).

It's 'a plan' for us, without 'the house' as NZ real estate is vair vair expensive... sad

FreeNiki Thu 22-Feb-18 01:26:57

Id try out loads of places.

Draylon Thu 22-Feb-18 01:29:00

Failing my NZ ambitions, a pool'ed villa in Valencia province, Spain.

Deep (possibly inaccessible) culture, sea, mountains, weather; close to damp, grey, England as need be. Thanks, FlyBe.

Only1scoop Thu 22-Feb-18 01:30:38

West Coast of Ireland

Montyrage Thu 22-Feb-18 01:32:40

Jersey, love it but could never afford the cost.

CadyHeron Thu 22-Feb-18 01:33:36

I'd move back to North Yorkshire (York.)
Too expensive a dream as houses cost a fortune but would if we suddenly got rich grin

Draylon Thu 22-Feb-18 01:33:59

To be cynical, I do wonder how many people don't really get 'sun in a cloudless, azure sky', the soul-healing properties therein.

I am v. English. I travelled (along the way recognising the sharp, blue, sparkling winters of Bavaria at 17).. and ended up in Queensland. Which is not Nirvana. But being free of cold, grey, marching, windy skies, 11 degrees, day after day... gimme 22 degree, calm blue Australian skies any Queensland winter day.

ohfortuna Thu 22-Feb-18 01:34:08

1976, always sunny in 1976

LeslieKnopefan Thu 22-Feb-18 01:35:42

I would shrink the world and then move to Australia. Either Adelaide or Brisbane.

But the world would need to be small enough or plans fast enough that I could get Home in less than 4 hours!

Draylon Thu 22-Feb-18 01:36:09

GCE 'O'level revision in the parental garden in 27 degrees. No.

SuperBeagle Thu 22-Feb-18 01:36:09

I live in my favourite place: the Snowy Mountains in Australia.

Draylon Thu 22-Feb-18 01:37:49

Super, never been. What are your seasons like?

SuperBeagle Thu 22-Feb-18 01:40:35

Draylon Fantastic. Cold winters (consistent, predictable snow - we have to large ski resorts here and several smaller ones), beautiful springs and gorgeous autumns, and hot summers (30 degrees is standard), but without the humidity of many other parts of the country, and it cools right down at night.

I wake up in the morning to kangaroos just outside my door, and the most cracking sunrises and sunsets I've ever seen. Plus snow! Mountains! Snowgums!

Wouldn't trade it for any other place, honestly.

SuperBeagle Thu 22-Feb-18 01:41:13

*two ski resorts.

Oliversmumsarmy Thu 22-Feb-18 01:45:26

Newport Beach or the Hollywood Hills which might be on the horizon at the end of this year.
I cannot do another winter

DeliveredByKiki Thu 22-Feb-18 02:05:16

This is hard because I live in LA and therefore the distance means I just want to be in brighton.

But actually probably Verona. I bloody love that city

Slapdasherie Thu 22-Feb-18 02:08:56

The Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, within an easy drive of Hot Water Beach.

jacobsgirl Thu 22-Feb-18 04:40:20

Vancouver Island Canada

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