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Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park

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TheBlindspot Wed 21-Feb-18 16:07:15

Could anyone let me know if this is any good? We are thinking of taking DD for her second birthday. Will she be old enough to get much out of it? She loves Peppa, she's a confident child and very sturdy on her feet.

We're only an hour away, so thought it might be a nice idea.

LoveAGoodToddlerTantrum Wed 21-Feb-18 16:12:24

We really enjoyed it. The music drives you mad though! There was plenty for us to do we went with a 1 and 3 year old

Mynxie Wed 21-Feb-18 16:15:35

It's great, we've taken my grandson a couple of times and he really enjoyed it. All the little rides you usually see outside supermarkets are free too. Very clean and easy to get around

MouldyVoldy Wed 21-Feb-18 16:17:31

I took my son on his 2nd birthday and he was able to go on all the rides, plus many of the paultons rides too.

maddiemookins16mum Wed 21-Feb-18 16:21:00

Yes, it will be perfect for her.

bekkins Wed 21-Feb-18 16:21:47

Took DD when she was 2.5 and she loved it there, though she is more a thrillseeker (and tall) so spent more time on the 'bigger' rides in the park. The playground in Peppa pig world was brill and the splash parks were great, she had a whale of a time, so if the weather is nice take a swimming costume!
As pp said, it's lovely and clean and safe and theres a lovely grassy/forest area for picnics if you don't fancy paying theme park food prices.
We did find there were a few wasps around (We went in August) so maybe some repellant for next time we go.

Hope you have a fab time 😊

TheBlindspot Wed 21-Feb-18 16:28:50

Ah thanks! Might sounds a silly question, I'm pregnant will they let me go on the rides with her? Obviously the ones in the other bit will be a no go but the kiddies ones? If not DH can take her on but I don't want to miss all the fun!

ShoutyMcShoutFace Wed 21-Feb-18 16:38:02

I think from memory all the peppa rides are fine for pregnant ladies.
It's lovely at paultons, really well done.

mycelialnetwork Wed 21-Feb-18 16:47:31

We took dd1 for her 2nd birthday when I was 37weeks pg with dd2! (In hindsight probably not the best idea, totally knackered me out). I went on all the rides. They really aren't strenuous or fast at all. More like little ride on trains and things like that. Your dd will love it.

TheBlindspot Wed 21-Feb-18 17:41:29

Thats brilliant, thanks. Just need to plan for a day outside of the easter holidays then (bonus of my having school aged children yet!).

TheBlindspot Wed 21-Feb-18 17:44:38

Not having, even. Bloody fat fingers!

happytobemrsg Wed 21-Feb-18 17:47:56

I've been told it's brilliant! Will have to introduce DS to Pepper so I can take him. Now if there were a Fireman sam world he'd be all over that

Dogsmom Wed 21-Feb-18 17:49:46

It's the best kiddies theme park we've been to, it's immaculately clean and the kids loved it.

The rides are very tame.

juneau Wed 21-Feb-18 17:50:58

We took DS2 for his 3rd birthday and he loved it. It does get busy during the school holidays though and the rides are VERY tame, so DS1, who was 6, refused to go on a lot of them and wanted to go in the main theme park instead, which was fine. Paulton's is actually a good theme park IMO. The PPW bit is the most crowded though. We went on a day with a poor weather forecast, which wasn't too bad, and by some miracle we dodged the not infrequent downpours. I felt very sorry for the families on the Windy Castle ride though with the rain lashing down!

dantdmistedious Wed 21-Feb-18 17:59:42

Check she's tall enough for the rides! Dds loved it but they were nearer 3.

RyanStartedTheFire Wed 21-Feb-18 18:05:49

So good! Clean, reasonable prices. Loads of rides in Peppa Pig world have no height limits so suitable for everyone but not all of them. We go every year. blush

TheBlindspot Wed 21-Feb-18 20:32:35

She's quite tall for her age, BF I will measure her to make sure she's not too little for the rides.

@happytobemrsg Fireman Sam world would be amazing for us too! DD alternates between Peppa, Sam and Peter Rabbit!

TheBlindspot Wed 21-Feb-18 20:33:10

BF? What even is that? My phone is driving me mad today.

Scotinoz Wed 21-Feb-18 20:44:16

We took our kids a year ago for our eldest's 3rd birthday. It was really super, and we had a lovely day. Our youngest was about 20mths and not quite tall enough for George's dinosaur ride and a couple of others.

We're going again for the youngest' 3rd birthday in a few months 😊

Muddlingalongalone Wed 21-Feb-18 20:49:19

I love it - took both of ours at around 2.5.
Tbh - when we went last summer we preferred the paultons park bit to ppw because the queues really weren't worth the rides. It'll be better outside the school hols anyway.

rainbowfudgee Wed 21-Feb-18 20:54:45

Do it! We are local and have annual passes. It's our second home smile . When DCS were smaller they loved Peppa world but now I tend to take them one at a time so I can go on the big rides with them. My son is only 4 but a great ride partner- he has no fear! Best theme park we've been to.

BathshebaKnickerStickers Wed 21-Feb-18 20:57:20

We love it - we’ve been every year for the last 4 years.

Which doesn’t sound that amazing until you realise

1 - we live in ABERDEEN


2 - my youngest is 8

rainbowfudgee Wed 21-Feb-18 20:57:42

Tip: don't go to the Peppa bit first when you arrive. Turn left after the turnstiles and head towards the Lost World (dinosaurs) and go to Peppa after lunch. Most people do it the other way round so queues are shorter this way. If you go on a cloudy day the queues are shorter too. Bring swimming stuff for splash parks if you go in summer - there are lockers and body driers so bring change!

TeenTimesTwo Wed 21-Feb-18 21:03:38

Have a great time OP.
'Tis a lovely park.
We had season tickets for a number of years.
The rest of the park is great too.

widgetbeana Wed 21-Feb-18 21:14:32

We took my tiny dd for her 2nd birthday. It was great!

Just go during the term time otherwise it’s really busy and don’t ignore the rest of the work, there are rides she can go on in it too and they are usually really empty during term time!

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