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Anyone up? I'm scared and could do with a hand hold

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MorgaineLeFay Wed 21-Feb-18 02:35:54

I think this is the first time I've asked for one of these. I'm quite scared and I don't know what to do. My ex and I split up at Xmas and it's been tough. I'm on antidepressants and needed diazepam for anxiety for a while leading up to it.

I'm actually doing ok. Then I got this weird pain last week, Wed night which I did post about at the time. It was horrible, really sharp stabbing on the right hand side that took my breath away and actually made me scream 😳 Went to the gp and she said it sounded muscular. It's just down from my armpit, into the top of the side of my breast iykwim?

Basically since then it has got much worse, I've had all obs done mon night and breast exam, she couldn't feel any lumps or anything. Been for chest X-ray today, bloods and an ecg which showed sinus arrhythmia. Doc rang to get them to add cardio to the bloods and that they would ring me if they wanted me to go up to hospital.

They didn't ring back. The pain is now much more heavy and in my back and across my shoulder. All on the right hand side.

I know cardiac issues are on the left so I'm trying not to panic but it's really really uncomfortable and I've taken morphine ffs! What's going on??

I've ended up calling 999 very reluctantly but the doc told me to if it got worse. Waiting now. Shitting it MN.

TieDyedBumhole Wed 21-Feb-18 02:46:45

Are you waiting for an ambulance then? Hand hold from me. Pain is so frightening. Are you on your own?

OneShitNight Wed 21-Feb-18 02:46:59

Youve done the right thing calling 999. I'm sure it's not a cardiac issue and given all you're going through a panic attack sounds plausible and has similar symptoms. To be on the safe side keep 'bothering' the right people till you get this sorted. flowers brew

TieDyedBumhole Wed 21-Feb-18 02:48:04

I thought panic attack/anxiety too.

claraschu Wed 21-Feb-18 02:49:00

Oh I am so sorry. This sounds very difficult- painful and scary. At least the right people are on their way; did they say how long it would take?

I wish I could be there with you because you really need a friendly person to actually hold your hand right now. Is there anyone who could come and be with you? Sorry I don't know what to say, but want you to know I am thinking of young wishing I could help.

claraschu Wed 21-Feb-18 02:49:33

Sorry- thinking of you, I mean

Lofari Wed 21-Feb-18 02:50:14

Hand hold here x

cantmakeme Wed 21-Feb-18 02:55:12

Hope you're ok. I've had anxiety and found it amplifies any pains, esp after a breakup or distressing event.

J888 Wed 21-Feb-18 02:57:53

Another hand hold here - not much fun whether you’re on your own or not. I too would keep pushing until this is resolved. Could it be inflammation of the muscles between the ribs? I’ve had that and it was indeed painful!!

Also, I’d chase up and specifically ask about the results of scans, x-rays - ask to see them as sometimes those involved with our care do overlook things.

Hope you’re doing ok xx

rainbowfudgee Wed 21-Feb-18 03:04:54

What's happening now? Hope you are OK. flowers

MorgaineLeFay Wed 21-Feb-18 03:20:54

I'm still waiting for an ambulance, just over an hour now. Pain not getting better and is feeling heavier and more spread out into my whole right chest area iykwim.

I've had anxiety a few times in my life but this doesn't feel anything like that.

Thank you so much for being here, I'm sorry to just have disappeared, my DD bless her (teen) is sitting with me and waiting for it. I wasn't going to tell her but she was up late. Got two youngest in bed. Told ex I was feeling very poorly yesterday and was he busy after work but he obviously didn't want to, so I said it was fine.

Really don't want to waste resources, I've agonised over calling for the last couple of hours. I was so scared last night I even wondered if I was going to wake up. Didn't know what to do.

claraschu Wed 21-Feb-18 03:26:03

You poor thing. I am so sorry. It is lovely that your daughter is there for you, and will keep you company; I hope she isn't too scared. Have you tried a hot bath, or at least a hot water bottle while you wait? I would also watch or listen to something familiar and comforting while waiting. I also think you should call and see how long the ambulance is going to take, and certainly don't feel bad about calling for help!

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Wed 21-Feb-18 03:26:14

Hope it gets there soon OP and they get to the bottom of it for you flowers

sashh Wed 21-Feb-18 03:29:34

Are you still here?

Phone the ambulance again and tell them you have chest pain that is now radiating to your back. Tell the ambulance crew that too.

It is probably muscular but you do need to get it checked out in hospital.

huha Wed 21-Feb-18 03:33:08

Hand hold from me OP.

Does the pain get worse when you laugh, cough, or sneeze?

amidoingthisright2 Wed 21-Feb-18 03:50:56

Hand hold from me too.

I know it sounds easier said than done but try to stay calm. Ambulance is on its way. They've checked your heart and it sounds like your breathing is ok. Try some visualisation and breathing techniques while you wait. You'll be in good hands soon. In the meantime everyone is sending their love. You're not alone.

MorgaineLeFay Wed 21-Feb-18 03:59:52

Thanks ever so much lovely people, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. They have been, done an ecg which was fine. He said it did sound muscular, but did comment that the meds in on are pretty hefty. That's what has worried me, why are the painkillers not killing the pain? I've still been in agony even with them all!

He's gone now, so I know I'm not dying. He also said that the X-ray and bloods were clear? What on earth is this pain? 😭

StinkyVonWinky Wed 21-Feb-18 04:16:32

I had a lot of weird chest pain a few years ago which was sorted out by an excellent massage therapist. It was all referred pain from some tension in my back. I couldn't believe that was what was causing it! It only took a few sessions to fix it. Might be worth a try for you if all the medical tests are suggesting it's muscular?

TieDyedBumhole Wed 21-Feb-18 04:56:43

Not all painkillers work for some people or some types of pain. You need to ask gp for something different when the surgery opens. I need to do the same so we can compare drugs later grin

huha Wed 21-Feb-18 05:48:02

Muscle relaxers typically help for muscular pain. Have they given you any?

flumpybear Wed 21-Feb-18 06:14:47

Could it be anxiety? I felt dreadful with anxiety pain thinking I had heart problems etc

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