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I introduced dh to The Walking Dead yesterday and now he’s hooked!

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HateSummer Tue 20-Feb-18 23:05:58

And now I finally have someone to talk about the zombie apocalypse with at home!! I’m so happy!

ToastyFingers Wed 21-Feb-18 07:30:49

Good for you! The new ones start this week too I think.

I used to really like it but it's gone downhill lately. The last 2 or 3 seasons haven't been quite as exciting as they used to be.

PatCliftonspostbag Wed 21-Feb-18 11:34:00

Yes think my favourite season was the one where they were in the prison. They need to finish this Negan storyline soon!

EraArils Wed 21-Feb-18 12:19:36

I think I gave up when Michonne lost her mojo. She used to be so kickarse and now she's so invisible she might as well be an extra. I know the second part of this season starts soon but I can't seem to be interested in when. I just know its going to be much of the same as the last 2 seasons.
It must have gotten bad when I really don't care if Rick, Carl, Carol or Michonne die. I think I might care a little more if anything happens to Daryl.

Birdsgottafly Wed 21-Feb-18 12:28:10

I didn't start watching it until last year and was hooked within a day, probably helped along by Daryl, Merle.

Luckily my DD got hooked to. We have both been really disappointed in Michonne since she got with Rick, who was never fit to be leader.

I was gutted that everyone vetoed my new puppy being called Lucille.

Albuquerque Wed 21-Feb-18 12:31:45

I love TWD.
The prison was TWD at its best definitely!

Other than Rick (he's my favourite) I absolutely love Abe!

Daryl used to be okay eye candy but now I just want to hold him down for a good wash and a hair cut!

I miss kickass Michonne too, she just doesn't get enough air time anymore.

Im both looking forward to and dreading the new episode on Monday in equal measures.

Oh I also realise that if the zombie apocalypse ever does come, I want out ASAP. No way would I want to live in that world!

Enjoy, I'm jealous you get to watch it for the first time!

Todamhottoday Wed 21-Feb-18 12:35:46


But the last 2 series have really been a tad ridiculous, but looking forward to the second half of the series this weekend.

Ive invested to much time in watching to give up all together

EraArils Wed 21-Feb-18 13:17:39

I have a theory that Carl has been bitten by an ordinary human and not a walker. Could that be wishful thinking? If Carl does live then the whole of TWD might be on the turn around to being good again.

This show started going down hill when they started killing off longstanding characters just to boost rating. Who didn't love Abraham and Glenn? Of course this could be rubbish because Hershel and Beth died when TWD was great. Loved Hershel.

DenPerry Wed 21-Feb-18 14:02:20

Nice one! Mine isn't interested but I kinda like watching them alone. The first 5 series are so bingeable.. but the last few have been dull as hell. There have been some really great moments still though. I would love it if they can get this war over with and start looking at how the virus came to be, there is so much that could be done with that.. They could come across a huge lab facility where they test on the undead.

CasparMum Wed 21-Feb-18 14:36:35

DH loves TWD. I tried watching the first 2 episodes, but couldn’t get past wonderingwho was mowing the grass in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Immaculate lawns though 😉

Todamhottoday Thu 22-Feb-18 03:12:52

Read yesterday that 'Maggie' may be leaving to go to another series. (not related to TWD or FTWD)

By that time, as she has had the longest pregnancy in the world she may just have the baby.

Brahumbug Thu 22-Feb-18 19:37:09

I have been hoping for ages that the incredibly annoying Carl would be killed off and they got him at last. Let's hope this is the start of a renaissance for TWD.

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