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Help! Ultra long train journey with 2 small children.

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BooBooBoots Tue 20-Feb-18 21:05:58

I have a 4 train journey tomorrow morning. I'm going with my 2 children aged 4 and 1. The 1 year old has yet to sit still for longer than 5 minuites. I'm fully expecting him to be desperate to crawl along the floor. Any ideas on how to keep them entertained? Just to add to the joy my pushchair is broken so I will be taking my 1 year old in a sling. Survival tips anyone??

ineedamoreadultieradult Tue 20-Feb-18 21:09:12

Do you have seats booked? Do you have a table? I was sat at a table on a train and helped the mum make a barrier so her crawler could sit on the floor under the table but not get into the aisle, probably not safe but it helped everyone's sanity.

BooBooBoots Tue 20-Feb-18 21:14:14

Yes have seats booked at a table. Is there anything I can do other than let him get to the floor? (There would be full on screaming when I needed him to sit back with me).

PrincessHairyMclary Tue 20-Feb-18 21:16:35

Electronics, food, colouring books

Upgrade to first class it'll probably be empty mid week and often isn't that expensive and you'll have more room alternatively if it is not being used the area set out for wheelchairs are often near the toilets and also has more space for the children to move as there aren't many seats or they are fold down. The floor is often muddy and dirty this time of year but you could put a picnic blanket down for them to sit on. Obviously you should move if anyone in a wheel chair or more in need of the space gets on.

PrincessHairyMclary Tue 20-Feb-18 21:20:59

X post

I used to take slippers and took DDs shoes off that way she could stand on the chairs or sit on the table with slippers on. It's more comfortable for them, protects their feet and the chairs don't get outdoor shoes on them.

NotSureThisIsWhatIWant Tue 20-Feb-18 21:21:21

No sweets, no juices, absolutely NOT ribenna. No sugar.

That’s the only way I have managed to survive regular long haul flights on my own with DS since he was a baby.

Toffeelatteplease Tue 20-Feb-18 21:25:33

Tablet loaded with colouring app, cartoons, and audio books especially if they also have books you can read (on quiet in your not happy having headphones). I used to have several audio books like this on a super cheap mp3 player
Aquadraw, the one with pictures that reveal themselves when wet
Quiet toy car or other wheeled object that can roll accros the table/window
Threading toy
Breadsticks lots. Nothing with sugar in
Top trumps or memory game for 4 year old

Take shoes off instantly. Matters less whether they have feet on seats or if they accidentally kick anyone.

Grobagsforever Tue 20-Feb-18 21:25:48

Tablet for four year old. Let the one year old crawl - it's better than screaming!

BooBooBoots Tue 20-Feb-18 21:28:23

I'm going to take them both a banana, small pack of raisins and a sandwhich. Will take books, crayons, paper, tablet for older one, finger puppets etc. I just know all of that will take 10 minuites to get through. I suppose there's nothing I can do other than tough it out.

Kittykatmacbill Tue 20-Feb-18 21:28:38

When my now four year old was one, she used to take 45mins to eat an apple. I ‘never’ fed her 3 apples on a 3 hour train journey, honest guv. Also really liked flash card type things way more than a book, reordering, piling up (although having flash cards for a one year does look a bit of ejit).

For four year old, a trip to Poundland colouring books, stickers and a new toy?

Peskyelephant Tue 20-Feb-18 21:30:53

Time consuming snacks, cut cheese into tiny cubes or take Cheerios.

BooBooBoots Tue 20-Feb-18 21:33:05

The one year old eats food like it's going out of fashion, nothing takes him long to eat. Unfortunately.

user1471459936 Tue 20-Feb-18 21:34:13

Oh yes - the time consuming snacks. I used to do blueberries in a quite tall plastic pot so my toddler had to carefully take one out at a time. The concentration was impressive.

Toffeelatteplease Tue 20-Feb-18 21:58:14

Bananas are a bad plan. Athletes eat them to give a quick energy burst which is the opposite of what you are aiming for. Plus they smell really obnoxious to anyone around you, especially if other travelers dont like bananas.

BooBooBoots Tue 20-Feb-18 22:01:45

Ah good point toffee. I hadn't thought of the smell. Ok well raisins, oatcakes, sandwhich. Sound ok?

jessei Tue 20-Feb-18 22:04:21

Something a bit messy! I know not ideal but it keeps my 1 year olds happy for ages. Maybe let them make their own sandwiches so have buttered bread and let them add ham and cucumber etc. Or some cheese dipper type things. It's inevitable they will want to get down at some point so hopefully the train won't be too busy and he will have a bit of space.

NotUmbongoUnchained Tue 20-Feb-18 22:04:23

iPad! I have 2 the same age as yours and watching videos on the iPad will keep the still for days.

SoftSheen Tue 20-Feb-18 22:08:24

Plenty of snacks- apples better than bananas as they are less messy and take longer to eat. Pot of cheerios or blueberries are good suggestions. Also a good idea to keep back some form of 'high value' snack such as biscuits or chocolate buttons, to use as bribery if things get desperate!

Buy them each (or at least the 4 year old) a magazine before getting on train, will entertain for quite a while especially if there are toys on the front.

If they are not used to trains they may be distracted for a while just looking out of the window, and talking about tunnels, signals, animals in fields etc.

Make sure you take the 4 year old to the loo and change 1 year old's nappy just before getting on the train. We have had a few bad experiences with train loos- at best they are dirty/cramped, at worst all out of order!

HeadBasher2018 Tue 20-Feb-18 22:09:30

Careful with the tablet.

My then 2yo got motion sick from watching it, and vomited all over himself and his dad.

This was in first class, it was packed, the vomit was really rank-smelling, and the food trolley had just started to move through the carriage.

I then realised we had no wipes or cloths in my bag, so I had to leave DH and DS sitting in the vomit whilst I trekked to dig some wipes out of a suitcase which was under a load of other cases, on the other side of the food trolley.

This was 10 minutes into a 2 hour trip.

Solasum Tue 20-Feb-18 22:12:29

Hope the disabled space is empty and bring along a picnic rug and toys

SeratoninIsMyFriend Tue 20-Feb-18 22:12:37

Play dough kept a three year old busy for a while on a train, don’t need much of it or much space on the table. Magazine for older one. Hope you have nice people around you!

Wakeuptortoise Tue 20-Feb-18 22:15:54

Watching with interest as about to embark on a long train journey with nearly 2 and nearly 4yo.
Takes notes.
My nearly 4yo got a mosiac sticker book for Christmas. He sat and diligently filled it in one long sitting, so I've ordered one of those.
Unfortunately nearly 2yo would prefer to run up and down the train roaring like a dinosaur. 😥

blinkineckmum Tue 20-Feb-18 23:27:49

I've done this. Have high expectations of the kids and plan! Lego, playdough, stories, lots of snacks. Trains are fun because you can move around and see out the window.

SleepingInNewYork Tue 20-Feb-18 23:31:47

My one and two year olds love sticker books and can be easily entertained by one for ages.

Good luck with the journey.

OlennasWimple Tue 20-Feb-18 23:33:35

I would take double the snacks you think you will need, if only to allow for the box of raisins being spilt rather than consumed

Be prepared to engage in some performance parenting: "Look at the cows in that field! What do cows say? What about a horse? Let's see if we can spot a horse!"

It's better than a complaining child smile

Any chance they might sleep? Take a blanket and encourage them to snuggle up?

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