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Walking shoes/trainers

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Fuckit2017 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:43:15

What are the best shoes/ trainers for walking. It's just path walking. No big hills or anything. But walking for quite a while.

Do you have wide or narrow feet? Do you prefer soft or robust leather?

There's a Great Outdoors topic or something I think.

I wouldn't get trainers as they have holes down the side.

What's your budget?

Fuckit2017 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:48:47

Budget about 80.00. I just want them to be comfortable and no blisters on bottom of my feet. I take standard width not wide or slim

AvoidingDM Mon 19-Feb-18 14:52:37

I have Salomon walking trainer shoe things that I love.

ineedwine99 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:54:52

I've bought some skechers heavy duty trainers as they have a thick sole but are lightweight, memory foam insole and have a mesh in them for air to pass through cooling the feet, only downside of course is not waterproof

Scabbersley Mon 19-Feb-18 14:54:52


wowfudge Mon 19-Feb-18 14:58:54

Merrell are good and I have some New Balance ones - TK Maxx is worth a look for end of season styles at reduced prices. Also sports I do think it's worth getting a pair that are higher round the ankles for support - especially if you might be walking on rough ground. A lot of paths can be fairly rough.

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 19-Feb-18 14:59:20

I can't remember what make I have just now, but, looking through my Amazon orders I've had a couple of pairs of Merrell trainers in the past, and Northwest Territories. They've all been fine. I tend to look for Gore-tex (but will go for "waterproof" if the Gortex are too expensive) and lightweight.

I've walked for miles in all the above, up to 50 miles a week!

FrogFairy Mon 19-Feb-18 15:44:39

I love my New Balance walking trainers. Mine cost £90 but Are more expensive because I need wide fit.

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