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Need something British to watch on netflix

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carriewintermeadow Sat 17-Feb-18 18:33:36

Need something new to watch. I love stuff like Cold Feet, Last tango in Halifax, the Detectorists... not into historical stuff like Downton. I like subtle humour, not over the top.

Can anyone recommend Some good series?


The Crown - quintessentially British.

peachypetite Sat 17-Feb-18 18:37:52

Peep show is hilarious

Awrite Sat 17-Feb-18 18:39:30

Happy Valley - not comedy but very good.

The IT Crowd, Gavin and Stacey?

onlyonaTuesday Sat 17-Feb-18 18:40:16

The crown

carriewintermeadow Sat 17-Feb-18 18:40:34

Isn't the Crown sort of historical? Maybe not my scene.

Yes seen all of peep Show and loved it.

Loved Outnumbered. Man down.

Cel982 Sat 17-Feb-18 18:40:39

Lovesick. We just finished watching it, it’s excellent. Funny and sweet.

AccioWine Sat 17-Feb-18 18:41:16

Lovesick (also known as Scrotal Recall). It's is utterly fabulous and has not had the recognition it deserves grin

Cel982 Sat 17-Feb-18 18:41:16

Also Catastrophe, although I don’t think that’s on Netflix...

Awrite Sat 17-Feb-18 18:41:17

Oh, and on the off chance you are Scottish - Still Game and Chewing The Fat.

iklboo Sat 17-Feb-18 18:41:28

Jonathan Creek?

AccioWine Sat 17-Feb-18 18:42:19

cel brilliant cross post! Another fan - I don't think I've ever found one!!

carriewintermeadow Sat 17-Feb-18 18:43:15

Seen Jonathan creek and loved it. Ill check out Lovesick.

ChilliCheeseMama Sat 17-Feb-18 18:46:09

Definitely recommend Death in Paradise, murder mystery series, but lighthearted and with beautiful setting smile

ChilliCheeseMama Sat 17-Feb-18 18:47:22

Oh and 'Getting On' with Jo Brand - she always manages to tickle me 😂

JoeMaplin Sat 17-Feb-18 18:47:53

Him and her

implantsandaDyson Sat 17-Feb-18 18:48:00

Was going to come on and recommend Lovesick grin

carriewintermeadow Sat 17-Feb-18 18:49:58

Loved Him and Her. Also The job lot and The wrong mans, car share, Phoenix nights

carriewintermeadow Sat 17-Feb-18 18:50:50

Thanks ill look at the others. Damned with Jo Brand was good too.

The Crown is historical, but it is also really good drama about the relationships between Queen Elizabeth II and Philip, and between her and Churchill. The history is there, but it is the backdrop to the stories not the most important aspect of the programme.

And it really is so perfectly British - give it a go, and see -worst case you only watch a bit of one episode and don’t like it, and have lost a bit of time.

I’d recommend dinnerladies, too - I’m not sure if it is on Netflix, though. I love the gentle humour, and the way Victoria Wood can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

antimatter Sat 17-Feb-18 18:56:26

Inside number 9. I love it!

carriewintermeadow Sat 17-Feb-18 18:56:33

I've seen Dinnerladies, its great.

WinnerWinnerChickenDinner0 Sat 17-Feb-18 18:56:42

Love Nina is great

Just added loads to my list from this, thanks

carriewintermeadow Sat 17-Feb-18 18:57:03

Inside No 9 was great, Black Mirror too.

carriewintermeadow Sat 17-Feb-18 18:57:34

Ooh Love Nina.. i read the book! Ill look for it. ..

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