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Places you would never go back to.

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gobbin Sat 17-Feb-18 08:14:02

Gran Canaria. I’ve just mentioned it in another thread, which made me think.

Where are your ‘ok for a bit, but never again’ places?

WindyWednesday Sat 17-Feb-18 08:15:02

New York

MirandaWest Sat 17-Feb-18 08:15:20


grounddown Sat 17-Feb-18 08:15:50

Another one for new york

Gileswithachainsaw Sat 17-Feb-18 08:18:30


FountainOfGerkins Sat 17-Feb-18 08:19:09

The welsh valleys.

Ifailed Sat 17-Feb-18 08:20:23

There's lots, but mainly on the basis that I've been there and done it and there are plenty of other places to visit I've yet to go to. It's rather like books, I've read 100s & enjoyed quite a lot of them, but there are very few I'd want to re-read, & those are all non-fiction, but there 100s I've yet to read.

123MothergotafleA Sat 17-Feb-18 08:20:31


buddhasbelly Sat 17-Feb-18 08:20:37

The new york ones - I've always wanted to go. Is it a "was great but once is enough" kind of thing or a "eurgh get me home!" Kind of thing?

Twoweekcruise Sat 17-Feb-18 08:21:13


fishfingerSarnies Sat 17-Feb-18 08:21:13


Mybabystolemysanity Sat 17-Feb-18 08:22:58

Milan. Really dirty and depressing.

DaphneFanshaw Sat 17-Feb-18 08:23:18

Sunny Beach Bulgaria. We went when my dts were babies. Family resort they said, boozed up Brits abroad we got.

Greenteandchives Sat 17-Feb-18 08:24:09

North West Sicily. Away from all tourist areas. We felt very uneasy.

DaphneFanshaw Sat 17-Feb-18 08:24:47

Crikey, I have woken up as Yoda.

GoofyIsACow Sat 17-Feb-18 08:26:25

San gimignano in tuscany, plastic fake ‘italian’
The rest of italy I absolutely adore but what the hell happened there!?

Taffeta Sat 17-Feb-18 08:26:27

I’m not fussed about NY Budd. I didn’t like the closed in ness of it - the skyscrapers everywhere so you can only see the sky if you look directly up. I’ve travelled widely to every continent, many cities and even lived in USA for a while, but found NY meh.

I’d not bother with Madrid again, much preferred Barcelona & Valencia.

Ifailed Sat 17-Feb-18 08:26:29

Yoda it is I have woken up as?

twilightcafe Sat 17-Feb-18 08:27:01

San Francisco. Too many aggressive and scary homeless and drug addicts on the street, who are that way because there is no safety net in the USA and nowhere else to live and beg a few pennies than on the street.

ShuttyTown Sat 17-Feb-18 08:27:11

Egypt particularly Sharm

RaindropsAndSparkles Sat 17-Feb-18 08:27:48


Minestheoneinthegreen Sat 17-Feb-18 08:28:43

God yes to gran canaria. And Lanzarote and Tenerife. Clearly don't learn a lesson quickly. Bloody awful.

n0ne Sat 17-Feb-18 08:29:08

Milan - nothing to see or do (except the Duomo)

Taffeta Sat 17-Feb-18 08:30:26

I’ve not been to the beach resorts in Egypt but have been many times to Cairo, Luxor & Aswan.

Cairo is one of my favourite places on earth!

chemenger Sat 17-Feb-18 08:30:33

Las Vegas.

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