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School run when your other child has noro - what do you do?

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BrokenBattleDroid Wed 14-Feb-18 03:23:01

They're only in reception so could legally stay off for the day just on my say so, but that seems like a bad precedent to set for a reason that isn't to do with their own health.

On the other hand, the little one is puking every 15-30 mins, feverish, and very distressed so it doesn't seem fair to drag them out of the house (nobody else to take them). And the car + vomit envy is not a good combo. Walking would be an option if they were well, but not like this as it's a round trip of about an hour, plus lots of snow on the ground.

School age child will probably be sick, as will I, in a couple of days time which will mean inevitable days off so then I revert back to thinking I MUST send them in.

Gah, what do other people do? I'm sure this precise scenario must have happened to pretty much everyone with more than one child!

eyeoresancerre Wed 14-Feb-18 03:32:18

I'm up with my one who is also projectile vomming so I sympathise hugely.
I would keep them both off. Keep them as separate as you can. You'll be exhausted tomorrow anyway and could do without the faff of getting ready for school.
Just explain to your Reception child that it's exceptional circumstances. Then CBeebies and pjs all day.
Hope your little one gets better soon.

eyeoresancerre Wed 14-Feb-18 03:32:57

Have you half term next week?

BrokenBattleDroid Wed 14-Feb-18 03:37:50

Oh no, you too? Big sympathies back at you flowers

Perhaps I will then... oh I just can't decide.

Good luck to you and your washing machine for the night grin

BrokenBattleDroid Wed 14-Feb-18 03:38:16

No half term, no.

confusedhelpme Wed 14-Feb-18 03:39:53

Hi! I'm up with a vomiter

Washed and Zoflora'd the shit out of everything but the duvet and pillow didn't survive 😟

Shopping tomorrow

Lisette40 Wed 14-Feb-18 03:50:22

I happen to be awake and not up with a sick child (although I was not too long ago). Hope your kids are feeling better soon. I'd keep both home OP.

Lisette40 Wed 14-Feb-18 03:51:54

Bicarb is good for neutralising odours. It's a miserable business.

Cavender Wed 14-Feb-18 04:32:25

Assuming the DC’a Dad isn’t available is there no one you can ask for a favour?

In your situation ask a friend to take the well child to school.

eyeoresancerre Wed 14-Feb-18 06:58:00

Brokenbattledroid - how is everything going this morning?
Mine is still puking every time he sips water. I'm not sure how to keep him hydrated. That was a good idea about getting a friend to take your Reception child to school - is that possible?

eyeoresancerre Wed 14-Feb-18 07:00:03

Comfusedhelpme- how's your sick child? Hope they're a bit better. Very stupid question but did you put Zoflora in the washing machine? I've used it for the carpets and wall so far but I'd quite like to disinfect the duvets too.

headoutofthesand Wed 14-Feb-18 07:28:16

As you say, OP, you're not the only one to have been in this position so any neighbours also going to your school will no doubt gladly take your eldest with know & then you can take theirs on another occasion when they need a favour. The only problem is, how to contact them if you don't already have their contact details. Do you have a class WhatsApp group or similar that you can put a message on?
I hope your youngest got some sleep last night

endthefarts Wed 14-Feb-18 07:33:37

Any friends or neighbours a pit who could take your eldest to school in the car?

And for anyone talking about Zoflora - it’s great for general disinfecting and covering bad smells but for norovirus vom And poo you need bleach because disinfectant doesn’t kill the virus, so all puked on surfaces and bedding will still be contaminated. Bleaching everywhere and boil washing clothes and bedding is the only thing that will work.

Backenette Wed 14-Feb-18 07:36:36

Keep them both off, the chances are everyone in the family has been exposed and is incubating it.

eyeoresancerre Wed 14-Feb-18 08:40:12

Endofthefarts - that's good timing I'm just putting on the first of the loads. I'll stick it all on 90 degrees. Thank you for info.

boopsy Wed 14-Feb-18 08:46:51

I would keep them off. They might come down with it themselves and if you manage to get them there and are called back to pick them up then you have the problem again x

MotherforkingShirtballs Wed 14-Feb-18 09:21:46

I'd keep them off too. My eldest had noro not too long ago and had to come on the school run with me for middle child, almost as soon as we got home I got a phone call to ask me to go and collect middle child as she'd been sick all over the teacher's desk blush blush blush

School knows that this time of year is rife for bugs so they'll understand.

CoffeeOrSleep Wed 14-Feb-18 09:32:30

Do people really keep healthy siblings off school when one child's sick? I didn't know that was common!

I'd just drive with sick child holding a bowl.

I do think the Mumsnet stance of being against making friends amongst the other mums at the school gate falls down with this. I've previously called in to collect a classmate of dc1's to walk to school when their parent was sick, pretty sure if one of my dcs were too sick to leave the house other parents would be happy to call in when walking by my house to collect my other one.

MotherforkingShirtballs Wed 14-Feb-18 09:33:34

It's different with noro though as

MotherforkingShirtballs Wed 14-Feb-18 09:36:59

It's different with noro though as it's so contagious that the older DC probably already has it and isn't puking yet. And the age of the younger DC isn't stated so they may not be old enough to sit in the car seat holding a sick bowl.

MotherforkingShirtballs Wed 14-Feb-18 09:41:54

I don't usually keep my other DC off school when one DC is sick but if I had a set of circumstances where I wasn't able to take the sick DC out of the house, had no one to babysit for half an hour, and had no friends available to do the school run for me then I would have to consider keeping my healthy child off on a case by case basis. Having said that, when DC2 last had noro (before this most recent books) I rang school to say that DC1 would be slightly late as I was having to clean up some sick before we could leave. School told me to please keep DC1 at home if DC2 had an active vomiting bug because DC1 most likely had it too and would be contagious.

BrokenBattleDroid Wed 14-Feb-18 12:54:01

Sorry for not making it back on, was one of those nights.

Toddler has finished vomiting at last and is hungry and feverish and hysterical all at the same time. A little too young to manage a bowl by themself in the car, but that's a non issue if they aren't puking anyway.

Whoever said about keeping a kid off for sibling illness being odd - I do agree, it's just tricky logistics. I'm new to the area so don't have many friends to call on. There is one, but they've already text saying their husband is puking too so that's a no-go!

However, decision was made for me when school child didn't want to eat breakfast and said their tummy felt sore. Not risking sending that into school and getting called back in an hour later, a la previous poster! And certainly don't want to spread it around the class.

Middle child (3) had the runs (no vomit and seemed happy otherwise) at the weekend so I'm really hoping that they've actually already had this but have a much stronger stomach and were less affected. Fingers crossed hard as 3 to clean up after is rather terrifying!

eyeoresancerre Wed 14-Feb-18 16:20:13

Brikenbattledroid that sounds like you've had a rough 48 hours of it. Are you exhausted? I've just finished my 4th load of washing and DS sleeping on the sofa.
Long day hey?!!

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