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Do you love where you live? Where should we live?

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BorgQueenie Tue 13-Feb-18 13:14:16

We want to buy an investment property that we can rent out now and move to in 2 years time, when all our children have left home.

But where?

Ideally we want to be by the sea but not as far as Cornwall. Somewhere with restaurants and things to do, maybe art galleries, not too remote so not Scotland for eg

Our budget is about £600k but we could possibly go higher. We will be buying cash. Maybe something to give us an income but it's not essential.

Schools don't matter as all our children will have left home.

Hastings and St Leonard's look good but we know nothing about them. Are they nice places to live?

All advice most welcome thank you.

Onesmallstepforaman Tue 13-Feb-18 13:30:37

St Leonard's possibly better than Hastings, which is a bit run down. Brighton might be more your cup of tea, as might whitstable . If you're not set on the south east, perhaps north Yorkshire might work. 2 hours from York to kings x, and an hour from York to the coast. With your budget you could almost have your pick of anything there.

TheViceOfReason Tue 13-Feb-18 14:20:04

Edinburgh or York.

Edinburgh has a fantastic cultural scene and shopping, beautiful countryside and an international airport with good connections. Very very healthy rental market and property will always hold value there.

And saying "Scotland" is remote is ridiculous. Some parts are - much as parts of England, France, Italy and America.

BorgQueenie Tue 13-Feb-18 16:59:45

Thank you - I hadn't thought of Yorkshire coast
Scotland is remote for me as we are in the SE!

Boatsonthewater Tue 13-Feb-18 17:08:46

North Berwick, St Andrews? Another vote for Scotland . You can fly to London in an hour from Edinburgh. I don't think it's as remote as some places. Edinburgh is very very expensive, but I agree, property holds its value well. We are in the same situation as you actually, and thinking we may buy in Edinburgh and rent for a couple of years. However it is very hard to view properties, and they move incredibly quickly with a LOT of competition.

flissfloss65 Tue 13-Feb-18 17:14:01

Whitstable/Tankerton, seaside setting but close to Canterbury and Blean Woods. Lots going on.

Boredboredboredboredbored Tue 13-Feb-18 17:15:59

I'd live in Bath if I could live anywhere in this country it's just so beautiful

HellToupee Tue 13-Feb-18 17:17:07

Chichester- great beach nearby (West Wittering), Festival Theatre, galleries, at the foot of the South Downs and only an hour and 30 from London. Love living here!

Sidge Tue 13-Feb-18 17:17:12

Dorset is beautiful. So many lovely coastal towns and stunning scenery.

Pappawasarollingbone Tue 13-Feb-18 17:18:47

I second Chichester or West Wittering.

Drinaballerina Tue 13-Feb-18 17:19:23

Deal? Or Brighton. I know lots of people rave about folkstone but it doesn't do anything for me!

Kikashi Tue 13-Feb-18 17:20:51

Brighton . If your DC end up working In London you can still see them lots. You have sea side walks and access to lots of coastline within easy car driving reach (Shoreham beach, Worthing, Saltdean, Seven Sisters, Beachy Head etc), the Downs a few minutes away by car for fabulous country walks, vibrant cultural scene, festival, something going on at the seafront most Saturdays (London to Brighton Run, Burning of the Clocks, mini rally etc) lots of shopping, art galleries. It is an easy commute to London if you want the big art galleries or The National for special plays and exhibitions. Endless posh coffee shops, decent public transport and a compact centre.

Much "naicer" than Hastings. House prices do well. Look at Hove or around Fiveways if you want somewhere a bit quieter than the "raffish charm" of the seafront area which can be very noisy at the weekends all night long.

You could buy a tall georgian/victorian house with a basement and turn that into a self contained flat to give an income (Air BnB or tenant). As for renting if you rent to students as an HMO you can make money (but need a license which are getting harder to get) or take less return and rent to a family - anywhere near good schools should rent easily.

tkband3 Tue 13-Feb-18 17:22:23

North Norfolk coast. Loads of opportunity to rent out to holiday makers until you want to retire there. DH and I will be retiring there (eventually!).

Beautiful countryside, enormous beaches, cosy pubs and friendly people. I'd buy just a bit inland from the coast to get more for your money, but there are some lovely villages within half an hour's drive of the sea.

twinone Tue 13-Feb-18 17:24:00

Lytham St Anne's.

sallyandherarmy Tue 13-Feb-18 17:27:44

The Dales would be the place I'd live. Or the Peak District.

To be fair, I am lucky enough to live within a short drive of both of those areas, but I would love to just up sticks and move there.

Towns and cities are my idea of a nightmare.

MaryPoppinsPenguins Tue 13-Feb-18 17:36:00

Stoneleigh and I love it. Close enough to work in London, or go to the theatre, far enough away to get a lovely house for your money... not very far from country pubs and great dog walks.

LadyPenelopeCantDance Tue 13-Feb-18 17:40:13

Also going to suggest Brighton & Hove. Strong rental market, bustling towns with great shops and restaurants, quick train links to London, access to the beach and South Downs.

BorgQueenie Tue 13-Feb-18 18:57:39

Oh some great ideas here, thank you, I'm off to look at Rightmove now!!!

BorgQueenie Tue 13-Feb-18 19:02:26

Which Stoneleigh did you mean please marypoppinspenguns?

BorgQueenie Tue 13-Feb-18 19:10:06

This is nice, or could be

MsHarry Tue 13-Feb-18 19:11:26


Daria32 Tue 13-Feb-18 19:14:02

South Wales! We always holiday there- Gower/ Mumbles, or further west in carmarthenshire/ Pembroke/ Ceredigion. Lots of lovely places and fab beaches. Loads to do!

BelindasRedPlasticHandcuffs Tue 13-Feb-18 19:16:51

Northumberland! Beautiful countryside, lots of lovely beaches, not far to cities. I adore it. You could get a lot for £600k too smile

MaryPoppinsPenguins Tue 13-Feb-18 19:36:35

Stoneleigh, Surrey smile

BorgQueenie Tue 13-Feb-18 20:12:28

Thank you, I will look at Surrey

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