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8 year old serial killer

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crunchymint Tue 30-Jan-18 12:07:49

I was reading about this 8 year old who apparently killed 3 babies. I can't imagine what the parents of both the 8 year old and the babies are going through.

MyBrilliantDisguise Tue 30-Jan-18 12:10:29

Wow, there is something very seriously wrong there. Those poor families. I wonder whether anyone had noticed anything different about him beforehand? He'd killed two babies without anyone suspecting him at all, from the sound of it.

MyBrilliantDisguise Tue 30-Jan-18 12:11:37

Apparently it was in 2007 - I thought you were talking about a current case.

crunchymint Tue 30-Jan-18 12:11:41

One was his own sister. Yes something very wrong there.

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Tue 30-Jan-18 12:12:03

No - the family knew about it but dealt with it as a 'family matter' shock

The whole thing is so awful. Poor everyone involved.

crunchymint Tue 30-Jan-18 12:13:14

I know it happened a while ago, but I shared it as I was so shocked when reading about it.

Elementtree Tue 30-Jan-18 12:13:42

That doesn't sound quite right to me. Apparently the first murder he is accused of is his cousin, a year ago, when he was seven. I'm not under the impression that children are not capable of violence but it's a very consistent method of killing.

No, I'm calling bullshit. It'll be the uncle.

crunchymint Tue 30-Jan-18 12:14:59

He freely admitted it and led them to the grave of one of the babies. The baby had been killed in the way he described he had killed him.

Elementtree Tue 30-Jan-18 12:16:43

Yes, that means little. You could train a child to say that, he may have witnessed the killing, he may have been led to the scene of the crime. You can get children to do literally anything.

MyBrilliantDisguise Tue 30-Jan-18 12:16:45

People knew about the first two, apparently. It was only with the third baby which was outside the family group that he was reported to the police. He's in a children's home until he's 18. Hard to believe he'll be "better" when he gets out.

Anythingforacatslife Tue 30-Jan-18 12:19:49

It is terrible. I’ve met a 10yr old I believe would be capable of this, as do the professionals around them. It’s a very difficult situation to manage.

noeffingidea Tue 30-Jan-18 12:24:45

Obviously a psychopath. It's not that shocking or unique though, considering two 10 year olds murdered Jamie Bulger.

crunchymint Tue 30-Jan-18 12:26:32

Anything That is scary. I know these cases are very rare.
This 8 year old boy has been diagnosed with conduct disorder. I know that diagnosis is given for other reasons. But it is also the official diagnosis given to children that are suspected to be psychopaths.

OldPony Tue 30-Jan-18 12:26:44

Horrible, but it would be far more likely that the uncle did it.

Elementtree Tue 30-Jan-18 12:31:17

It's not that shocking or unique though, considering two 10 year olds murdered Jamie Bulger.

Tbf, that was fairly unique which is why you have to go back decades to refer to child killers. Even then, it was shocking at the time because you had to go back as far as Mary Bell to see it again.

The difference between seven and ten is huge, physically and developmentally. A child, so distressed that they are killing babies, is hardly going to have the calm reserve to kill in the same way three times within one year.

Even accounting for psychopathy, it seems unlikely. 'Family matter', my arse. Far more likely it was an adult hiding behind a child.

yourtinyhandisfrozen Tue 30-Jan-18 12:31:27

ElementTree Yeah, the child was likely coached. I remember reading about the McMartin Preschool case in the US and the Cleveland and Orkney SRA cases in the UK- the children were coached to say things that were not true. When the children were older, they retracted their statements. it is easy to get a young child to believe and say all sorts of things

PhilODox Tue 30-Jan-18 12:35:31

How convenient that a child "confesses" to the murders of three girl babies in India.
I mean there's no history of female sex-selective abortions in India, nor female infanticide, nor are there 63million "missing" women demographically... oh wait...

morningconstitutional2017 Tue 30-Jan-18 12:36:38

How absolutely ghastly. One wonders what will happen in the future for this child. Will he grow up to be an even worse adult? Will he be in an institution for the rest of his life? I can't imagine how his parents can cope with this.

crunchymint Tue 30-Jan-18 12:41:04

He is now over 18 and will be free. There are internet rumours that he has changed his name - unsurprising that he would do that.
If it had been the uncle, surely he would have said now he is an adult?

MESSING2 Tue 30-Jan-18 12:41:57

All of them girls. Could be a coincidence.

MyBrilliantDisguise Tue 30-Jan-18 12:43:44

I don't think there's any doubt it was him. I'm not sure why people think a village would lie to protect the uncle but not to protect a child.

NeedsAsockamnesty Tue 30-Jan-18 12:44:15

So in a country where females are less valued to the extent they often go missing, 3 little females get murdered and it’s a child that does it with the full knowledge of the family.

Interesting that

Elementtree Tue 30-Jan-18 12:44:54

I think that's a very niave assumption Crunchy. Fear and threats may have kept his silence or he may have felt safer away from the family.

PinkHeart5914 Tue 30-Jan-18 12:47:14

You do have to wonder what fucked up an 8 year old that badly to make them do such a dreadful thing, I don’t believe anyone is born that messed up tbh something triggers it.

Those poor babies sad

crunchymint Tue 30-Jan-18 12:47:47

He will have grown up with the same attitudes that females are worse less than males. So not necessarily coincidence at all.
And there is no evidence to suggest he didn't do it. I think people here are understandably finding it hard to get their head around the idea that a child would do this.

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