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Not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but not as broke as we used to be what do you do that your broke self would freak at...

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TroubleinDaFamily Mon 29-Jan-18 23:12:09

I now run the dishwasher if it is respectably full as opposed to loaded to gunnels.

It makes life easier to always have a void to store the dirty dishes.

HorseDentist Mon 29-Jan-18 23:13:41

I bought a pair of shoes that I liked because I liked them. Not because they can withstand walking 10 miles a day.

TroubleinDaFamily Mon 29-Jan-18 23:16:31

Ooh Horse you little rebel.....grin

Babababababybel14 Mon 29-Jan-18 23:22:09

I put the washer on more than once a day. And I sometimes fall asleep with the heating on and not have the panic in the morning of wondering how I am going to pay for it

beardymcbeardy Mon 29-Jan-18 23:25:18

Sometimes i buy things new! After years of buying everything second hand its a hard habit to break. Especially with big token items like the washing machine or cooker. I would have trawled through gumtree etc looking for a bargain. That said my first washing machine was 12 years old when i got it, and i had it for several years before giving it away as dp moved in and insisted on buying a new one. Which promptly broke a day after the two year guarantee ran out. We have since been through about 4 washing machines in the last 15 years and im betting my initial good old faithful one is still out there running perfectly fine.

Springiscoming123 Mon 29-Jan-18 23:30:14

entering the doors of Waitrose,using the dryer ALOT,always buy Heinz beans/sauce,get taxis,pay £40 for a 10yrs old t-shirt and not wince

Biffsboys Mon 29-Jan-18 23:32:43

Sometimes buy food from m&s shock

TroubleinDaFamily Mon 29-Jan-18 23:34:28

£40 and not wince............. respect..grin

Tearsofthemushroom Mon 29-Jan-18 23:35:03

Bought some 'nice' knickers from m&s rather than a multi pack of sensible ones!

TroubleinDaFamily Mon 29-Jan-18 23:39:19

Tears not there yet.... grin

JacintaJones Mon 29-Jan-18 23:43:11

Have the heating on constantly from October to April.

JacintaJones Mon 29-Jan-18 23:44:07

Buy £10 bottles of wine instead of £3.99 Aldi Chardonnay —which was really very nice—

Judashascomeintosomemoney Mon 29-Jan-18 23:45:30

Honestly? It was a long time ago but I now eat every day as opposed to every other day.

windchimesabotage Mon 29-Jan-18 23:50:12

Haha buy food!! I used to only eat at work where I got a free meal. On my days off id just drink tea and often without milk.

Now days I have three meals a day and plenty of snacks including branded chocolate.

TellsEveryoneRealFacts Mon 29-Jan-18 23:50:55

I shop without calculating the total cost as i go around...that when i am not getting it delivered by ocado.

windchimesabotage Mon 29-Jan-18 23:52:13

tellseveryonerealfacts thats actually one of my life goals. To go round a supermarket and just put whatever I fancy in the trolley and not think about the cost.

I blame watching supermarket sweep as a child.

BackforGood Mon 29-Jan-18 23:53:08

I hav been known to go to a new coffee shop opened in the High Street, once a month or 6 weeks, even though there is no 'occasion' and I'm not meeting anyone.
Feels so decadent. grin

BrandNewHouse Mon 29-Jan-18 23:57:52

I buy Art

teaiseverything Tue 30-Jan-18 00:03:59

Eating every day
Getting taxis if it's more convenient at the time
Ordering a takeaway if I'm knackered
Bulk buying sanitary towels and tampons when they're on offer (previously I could spend that bit extra on food)
Going to the movies if I feel like it
Buying a round of drinks without having to worry
Buying "good" loo roll instead of stuff that resembled thin newspaper
Netflix subscription

I could go on and on. I've been homeless and reliant on food banks many times and I count my lucky stars every day.

yorkshireyummymummy Tue 30-Jan-18 00:10:00

Always have a good supply of champagne and naice wine and a fully stocked drinks cabinet with branded spirits!
Beautiful bed linen.

I used to have panic attacks about cutting corners to pay my mortgage twenty years ago when single....

HarrietSchulenberg Tue 30-Jan-18 00:23:52

Occasionally filling the car completely up rather than putting a fiver or tenner in to get to work.

Ariela Tue 30-Jan-18 00:28:59

I am contemplating getting a firm in to replace the fencing that's broken. It was last repaired a good few years ago by us using mis-matched panels we acquired when my father cleared out his spare panels in 2004 when he moved (house demolished and loads of houselets built in it and the neighoring houses place). DP is moaning it'll be hard work so I'm thinking will he think it's a treat, or complain it's not been done as well as we'd do it (Mr Perfectionist).
So for now just contemplating, something I'd not have dared do in 2004.

TroubleinDaFamily Tue 30-Jan-18 07:25:40

Oh that is a good one Ariela.

Happies Tue 30-Jan-18 07:51:42

I'm going the other way in life..... used to be able to go to the supermarket and not think about what I was spending.... how I miss Sainsbury's!
Now we have a weekly budget, and money in general is kept tight to budget. But that's because we have a habit of spending on things we really shouldn't and really can't afford! blushconfused

ssd Tue 30-Jan-18 08:00:12

getting a takeaway

I can remember someone telling me I would have more money if I stopped many things, one of which was getting takeaways.......when I couldn't afford one for years and never bought any, I think she thought I lived like she did, in those days I lived on £10 a week for all food

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