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Anyone else awake?

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MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 02:51:42

Ds1 in hospital. I’m at home with ds2. I’m fretting now. Anyone else here? I need inane chatter

Justanotherzombie Wed 24-Jan-18 02:52:47

What did he go in with? I'm doing a night fed with new baby.

LeslieKnopefan Wed 24-Jan-18 02:57:09

I’m awake. Not working at the moment so sleep pattern all over place and I’ve fallen into a very deep YouTube hole!

LondonLassInTheCountry Wed 24-Jan-18 02:58:20

There will always be people awake here!

MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 03:02:59

That is nice to know. He developed a rash st lunchtime in school. Gave Piriton. Seemed fine so finished school. Look like it was going down then when had bath before bed it was back and worse. Then he started complains of a cold tummy with cramps. He is staying overnight for obs. Had bloods awaiting results

Trailedanderror Wed 24-Jan-18 03:04:11

Poor lad and poor you! Can you try and get some sleep?

Slartybartfast Wed 24-Jan-18 03:04:17

oh poor thing. when are you visitng?

MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 03:05:25

I honestly thought it was hives - he was in shorts and it was down his legs and so I presumed he brushed something in the playing field

MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 03:06:37

Ds 2 has now got in my bed. I’m fretting.

FruitCocktailAndCream Wed 24-Jan-18 03:07:56

I'm still awake, just come off nights, never can sleep the first night off. I'm looking at Christmas trees in Argos sale to replace the last tree, can't decide whether to get fibre optic tree or pre lit tree with warm lights. What do you lot suggest?
Hope your ds will be OK op brew

MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 03:08:34

I won’t be able to go until I drop ds2 off at school. I just want to give my big boy a cuddle

Slartybartfast Wed 24-Jan-18 03:08:55

dd has a friend staying who forgot their inhaler and needed mine,

MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 03:10:06

I prefer warm lights FruitCocktailandCream

Btw that user name makes me hungry and reminds me of childhood

Littlechocola Wed 24-Jan-18 03:10:14

Poor chap. Scary for you. How old is he?
I’m on my break at work, starving hungry and stuffing my face.

MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 03:11:45

SlartybartFast that is scary - are they ok?

Need2morehands Wed 24-Jan-18 03:11:56

Ds2 is a poorly baby tonight so is only sleeping on me so I'm up. Iv given up trying to put him down. Would love a brew

MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 03:14:12

He is eight littlechocola what is the job? I fancy a brew and a wee but ds2 has cuddled up tucked under me

LeslieKnopefan Wed 24-Jan-18 03:16:19

A cuddle sounds nice. I have a very cute cat asleep next to me but if I touch him he will wake up and be all grumpy.

I’m cold so just got a hot water bottle. I might only be 36 but I love them!

MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 03:20:31

need2morehands what’s wrong with your little one. I always need my hot water every month leslieknopefsn

Prusik Wed 24-Jan-18 03:25:13

I'm up with six day old ds2. We've seen every hour but he's so scrummy that I don't care.

Littlechocola Wed 24-Jan-18 03:26:05

Nurse, MrsPear. Enjoy your cuddles with your little one. I hope you get some sleep.

Need2morehands Wed 24-Jan-18 03:30:48

He's got a cold he's only 6 months old so just struggling with it. Usually lying on my chest soothes him but not tonight he wants to be held in my arms and rocked. I just had to put him down while I nipped to the toilet so now he's wide awake again and upset.

MrsPear Wed 24-Jan-18 03:37:47

prusik have a big sniff of the head and enjoy.

need2morehands colds and abuse are tough.
Ds2 is arguing with someone in his sleep - no wonder he came in

newmum7369 Wed 24-Jan-18 03:38:01

Poor chap, hope he's on the mend and you can give him a good cuddle tomorrow thanks

I'm sleep training DS, first night. He went down at 7, woke at 10 for a feed. I'm trying to knock out the wakings at 1, 3 and 5 when he just wants a cuddle and a few slurps of his bottle. Could cuddle that baby all day long but we got hit hard by the sleep regression and after 3 months of no sleep at night and crap daytime naps I've had enough.

It's going surprisingly well, he woke at 12:30 and I did controlled crying for 3, 5, 7 and 10 minutes going in for 2 minutes to settle him each time and he hasn't woken yet. On the other hand I've been wide awake glued to the monitor confused

Italiangreyhound Wed 24-Jan-18 03:41:02

Hope all will be well. thanks

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