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Birthday Invite Wording Pay for your own meal

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tvhearts Tue 23-Jan-18 21:05:05

Hi just struggling a bit with the wording of my birthday invitations.

I'm having a party for my big birthday this year and I'm doing it on a bit of a budget so I've decided to hire a catering van. This will be a relatively small cost since guests will be expected to purchase their own food from the catering van. We hiring the venue, providing soft play for the kids and a disco so I don't think we are being too mean but I don't know how to word it without making it sound like we are!! Not really that bothered about people bringing presents I'll just be happy to have all my friends and family with me so maybe I could link that into it somehow?

Cue loads of replies about me being a cheapskate !! Please be kind !!!

Lalalaleah Tue 23-Jan-18 21:06:47

"Fish and chips available to purchase from the Artisan Fish and Chips Van that will be attendance - cash only
No presents please"

NapQueen Tue 23-Jan-18 21:08:11

"Subsidised fish and chips available, no gifts thanks"

tvhearts Tue 23-Jan-18 21:08:48

Ooh that's good, brilliant, thanks xx

tvhearts Tue 23-Jan-18 21:09:22

And we are having fish & chips smilesmile

SusieQ5604 Mon 01-Apr-19 03:49:55

Not good to give a party & expect guests to pay for their own food!

FinallyHere Sat 20-Apr-19 09:17:12

I think it's fine to invite people to a party and applaud you for making sure they know in advance that food will be available and they will need cash

It's an invitation, they don't need to accept.

Abcd3 Mon 27-May-19 21:13:52

I also think it’s absolutely fine. Hope you have a lovely time!

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