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Dr Xand is so hot

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Locotion Mon 22-Jan-18 21:13:43

Swoon! And his twin too. I never fancy any tv celebs but these two, ooh la la!

Anymajordude Mon 22-Jan-18 21:17:28

Yes, I prefer Candidate to his twin though.

Anymajordude Mon 22-Jan-18 21:18:05

Xand not candidate. Bloody autocorrect.

DuckOffAutocorrectYouShiv Mon 22-Jan-18 21:24:57

They seem nice, gentlemanly & intelligent but hot isn’t a word I’d use.

Glitteryfrog Mon 22-Jan-18 21:28:07

They're lovely!

Locotion Mon 22-Jan-18 21:29:05

Haha DuckOff.

I Think the other one is called Chris?!

I havent seen them present an adults programme before, only seen Operation Ouch!

halfwitpicker Mon 22-Jan-18 21:30:15

Who are these people?

DreamyMcDreamy Mon 22-Jan-18 21:50:48

DS2 loves Operation Ouch smile
Great educational programme, better being obsessed with that than bloody Horrid Henry lol!
Oh and yes, I agree they are rather easy on the eye... smile

PrueDent Mon 22-Jan-18 22:59:08

Xand's eyes are smilier and more twinkly than Chris's. But if I saw them out of their green/blue scrubs and without the other I'm not sure I'd know which it was.

AnneLovesGilbert Mon 22-Jan-18 23:00:35

He’s a dream boat. Looks very like DH, the kids refer to him as their triplet. *smug grin

AnneLovesGilbert Mon 22-Jan-18 23:01:14

One of them was on the bbc prog about not getting old.

HibernoCaledonian Tue 23-Jan-18 02:36:32

Dr. Xand hosts the Channel 4 show "How to Lose Weight Well."

Both van Tulleken brothers host documentaries. I saw a brilliant one called Sugar vs Fat.

I also may or may not have put "van Tulleken" into the search box on Sky to see if anything new by them was coming up. blush

namechangealerttt Tue 23-Jan-18 02:49:12

Kids are off today to see Operation Ouch live in Melbourne. Gutted I am working, I have had to get a relative to take them, would have loved to have gone my self. They are doing an adults only show too. One of them is single, not sure which one.

Unicornsandrainbows3 Tue 23-Jan-18 03:02:40

We went this morning. Brilliant show!

HibernoCaledonian Tue 23-Jan-18 08:23:23

@namechangealerttt Chris is married with a daughter.

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