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Anyone know anything about Wireless festival in Finsbury Park?

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extinctspecies Mon 22-Jan-18 18:04:46

Is it suitable for teenagers?

16 yo DS wants to go. He's never been to a festival before.


extinctspecies Mon 22-Jan-18 18:16:54

Anyone, please?

ihatethecold Mon 22-Jan-18 18:18:32

Yes. My ds went last year when he was 16.
He stayed in a travel lodge in town overnight.
The only issue he had was not wearing enough sun cream

extinctspecies Mon 22-Jan-18 18:20:10


DS also has nowhere to stay, although we have friends in London none are in that area. Not sure he can afford to pay for accommodation too though.

ihatethecold Mon 22-Jan-18 18:26:36

The hotel room wasn’t too much because they split the cost.
My ds went on both days.
Maybe your ds could go for 1 day

billyfivebellies Mon 22-Jan-18 18:27:44

Just been asked the same question! My son will be 16 and my gut feeling is he is too young to get the train to London and how would he get back , stay over? But of course all his friends are going and I am such a bad parent!

extinctspecies Mon 22-Jan-18 18:49:14

Apparently the lineup was announced today!

DS is used to taking the train because he goes to quite a lot of football matches. And it's quite an easy journey from us. Splitting the cost of a hotel room is a good idea. He's talking about sharing an Air BnB with his friends...

Daftapath Mon 22-Jan-18 18:57:40

My 16yr old has come home from school talking about this today too!

He is also wanting to go to Reading later in the summer! 😱

extinctspecies Mon 22-Jan-18 19:03:23

Yeah mine wants to got one in Cornwall too. He needs to earn some dosh!

Daftapath Mon 22-Jan-18 19:15:00

That is exactly what I said to my ds!

BlossomRussoAndSixLemeure Mon 22-Jan-18 21:31:03

My daughter wants to go to. I was just about to start a thread about it!
Does anyone know the rules about going with an adult? My daughter will be 15 the week it’s on but not 16 until the week after. Will she be allowed in?

BlossomRussoAndSixLemeure Mon 22-Jan-18 21:31:29

With her friends that are 16+

OohOohMrPeevly Mon 22-Jan-18 21:33:03

My daughter just asked me about it too. At 15 and a half I feel she's much too young. What age do other people let their teenagers start attending festivals?

TheSecondOfHerName Mon 22-Jan-18 21:44:06

Where we live, it's a bit of a tradition for 16 year olds to go to Reading festival after getting their GCSE results. We weren't comfortable with DS1 going at the end of Y11 as he was recovering from a long-term illness, but he did go at the end of Y12 and will probably go again at the end of Y13.

He feels that Wireless is too pricy for what it is, as he only likes a small number of the artists.

He went to Community last year and will be going again this year (we bought the ticket as his Christmas present).

Some 16 year olds are sensible, streetwise and capable of being responsible for their health and personal safety while camping for a long weekend at a major festival. Others aren't ready until they are 17 or 18.

Davros Mon 22-Jan-18 21:45:35

Under 16s have to be with someone over 18. But DD's 14 year old friends went last year and just bunked in with older strangers. We all live fairly nearby though. DD didn't go, couldn't be arsed. Lots of the local 16 year olds went to Reading, lots of drugs

Daftapath Mon 22-Jan-18 21:55:12

It's the drugs that I am very concerned about. Ds thinks that he is streetwise but is not at all!

Is the rule re 16yr olds being accompanied by an over 18 just for Wireless or for Reading too?

billyfivebellies Mon 22-Jan-18 22:34:46

Problem solved, wife came home he mentioned it to her, ABSOLUTELY F**KING NOT! End of discussion.

ihatethecold Tue 23-Jan-18 07:42:14

My son was 17 when he went to wireless with his mates. None of them were 18.

I’d prefer wireless to reading because of the camping at reading.
You don’t see your kids for 3 days whereas wireless is day tickets.

Sharonthetotallyinsane Tue 23-Jan-18 07:47:02

I live near the wireless festival, it’s all young people who look about 15-21. There’s a lot of police around and it looks well controlled. (I went to wireless myself back in the day when it was at Hyde Park). Perhaps your son could get a room somewhere further up the Victoria line from Finsbury Park, like Walthamstow. It might be cheaper and will only take 15 mins north on the tube. There’s a big travel lodge.

ThatsMyCow Tue 23-Jan-18 08:37:47

I used to live next to the park so saw the festival goers a lot, and still live relatively close by. It's fine for teens I think. Most people who go are young, and they're usually just with friends not parents.
There usually isn't any/much trouble. The biggest issue is probably a small number of older ones getting too drunk, and that in itself isn't an issue unless they're very rowdy drunks.
I agree Walthamstow would be good to get a room. Takes about 10 mins or so, something very short anyway, from Walthamstow to Finsbury Park by train and the park is probably about 3mins walk from the station. Will probably be cheaper too I'm guessing.
If I had a teen and they wanted to go to a festival, I think wireless is the one I'd worry least about from what I have seen because I really haven't seen much trouble there.

extinctspecies Tue 23-Jan-18 08:47:14

Thanks - great suggestions re Walthamstow.

KikiMadeMeDoIt Tue 23-Jan-18 08:51:28

I've spoken to my local mayor and councillor about it as it's a complete nightmare for residents. It's run by Haringey council, but even though the park has boundaries in three boroughs there's no wider consultation.

It depends what your views on drugs are - last year the police decided on a softly-softly approach, so there were drugs being sold literally next to a police van.

Festival goers are only allowed to exit into Hackney and Islington, not the Haringey residential streets as that could impact upon voting.

And it's a festival - in the middle of a very busy, very densely populated city. It means the park is out of action for three weeks before and two weeks after and the organisers have completely ignored the amount of park that is allowed to be taken out of use. The local charity that runs cycling for people with disabilities is thrown out for weeks.

It just seems to cause massive disruption for weeks and weeks all for three nights when it's impossible to think through the noise <not a massive fan>

iskegness Tue 23-Jan-18 08:56:09

I used to live around there and I liked it happening. Much more used to happen in Finsbury park but most other things have outgrown it so nice to have some yearly events happening.

extinctspecies Tue 23-Jan-18 18:57:24

Well DS won't be there to spoil your neighbourhood Kiki because the tickets have all sold out now apparently.

KikiMadeMeDoIt Tue 23-Jan-18 19:23:57

Aw, that’s a shame for him. There are a lot of one-off concerts so he might be able to find something else.

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