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Majorca in June

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tigercub50 Mon 22-Jan-18 16:15:34

Thoughts have moved from The Algarve to Majorca. The travel agent found a hotel we quite like but the reviews mention mosquitos. Will they be around in mid June? And has anyone stayed at BQ Alcudia Sun Village?

Fluffyears Mon 22-Jan-18 16:32:03

Alcudia has a lot of mosquitoes die to a small canal. It’s a place I really dislike and I love Mallorca. I prefer Puerto pollensa but each to their own

tigercub50 Mon 22-Jan-18 16:38:55

Is Puerto Pollensa good for families?

crunchtime Mon 22-Jan-18 16:40:33

Puerto pollensa is perfect for families and much nicer than alcudia

Fluffyears Mon 22-Jan-18 16:43:08

Its great for families. Lovely safe bay, nice places to eat. Also palma nova, near magalluf but far enough away to escape the madness also near the airport. Alcudia and Puerto pollensa take ages by transfer. Read tripadvisor before booking anything as there are some great areas but I wasn’t a fan of Alcudia.

HildaZelda Mon 22-Jan-18 17:25:36

Palma Nova is lovely (mostly families and older couples) and only about half an hour from the airport. Alcudia is the other side of the island and over an hour away. Also Palma Nova is only about thirty minutes into Palma on a public bus.
Just be careful booking as it is quite close to Magaluf some places almost overlap. There are a few hotels etc which are allegedly in Palma Nova but are DEFINITELY in Magaluf.

Fluffyears Mon 22-Jan-18 17:28:01

@hilda lol you do need to watch as you wouldn’t say magalluf was family oriented.

crunchtime Mon 22-Jan-18 17:31:09

palma nova is really not a patch on puero pollensa's nowhere near as nice

tigercub50 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:10:42

How about calla de Majorca?

PiecesOfHate Mon 22-Jan-18 21:29:45

I much prefer Alcudia to Pollensa, but both are nice, with big bays and near the mountains.
There is a fast main road to there from Palma, it's really not a problem, about 50 minutes.

Flippidyflap Mon 22-Jan-18 21:40:08

We stayed in that hotel last year and thought it was lovely. We went at Easter so there were no mosquitoes then. 5 minutes walk to the beach, nice pool with loads of beds. We went into Alcudia one day, the old town and harbour were nice but the bit in the middle was pretty grim.

Twogirlsandme Mon 22-Jan-18 22:01:37

Vote for Puerto Pollensa from here too. We've been there in June a few times and it's so lovely. I really didn't like Alcudia at all.

IamMummyhearmeROAR Mon 22-Jan-18 22:17:58

Not mad on Alcudia the resort although the old town is lovely. We stay in Pollensa and go to Cala San Vinceze for the beach. Love Puerto Pollensa too. one of my favourite restaurants is in Can Picafort but it's a bit tacky in places too

Proseccoagain Mon 22-Jan-18 23:07:03

Puerto Pollensa is lovely, beautiful beach, ideal for families, quieter than Alcudia.

tigercub50 Tue 23-Jan-18 11:53:36

Anyone stayed at a Zafiro hotel? They look really good

tigercub50 Tue 23-Jan-18 11:57:57

And is C’an Picafort part of Puerto Pollensa?

tigercub50 Tue 23-Jan-18 12:30:55


tigercub50 Tue 23-Jan-18 15:09:55


tigercub50 Tue 23-Jan-18 18:20:20


LooksLikeImStuckHere Tue 23-Jan-18 18:22:49

C’an Picafort is the next bay on from Puerto Pollensa.

We’ve been to Majorca in June with no mosquito issues smile

Mogginthemog Tue 23-Jan-18 18:25:55

Porta Pollensa. Alcudia has a good beach but the place itself isn’t great. Pollenca has a great beach and is far nicer. Plus the old town is beautiful . Not totally sure but think C’an Picafort is part of
pollensa. Went to PP with a friend in June and the weather was lovely. Not too hot. There were lots of young families and we said how perfect it seemed to be for family hols.

Mogginthemog Tue 23-Jan-18 18:27:53

Cala San Vicenze is beautiful.

timeisnotaline Tue 23-Jan-18 18:29:53

We are thinking of soller, but haven’t been to Majorca at all before.

Mogginthemog Tue 23-Jan-18 19:09:08

Soller is gorgeous too. We went on a day trip from pollensa. Such a scenic journey. My friend suggested Majorca and I’d never been. In my head I imagined it would all be like Magaluff but it was of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Just stunning. Would go back in a heartbeat.

FairyPenguin Tue 23-Jan-18 19:32:58

Soller and Puerto Soller both lovely.

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