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Wrong number...are you Isabelle?

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2b1c51 Mon 22-Jan-18 15:49:34

I keep getting calls and text to my mobile asking for Isabelle Reynolds. Not wanting to be outing but...I am not Isabelle Reynolds!

I presume dearest Isabelle puts a random number down on forms to save her from unsolicited calls. Unfortunately it's mine! I get up to 10 calls and 2 texts a day and it is getting rather annoying.

Any idea how I can stop this?

(PS- If you are Isabelle Reynolds, fucking stop it!!!)

MrsHathaway Mon 22-Jan-18 15:51:02

Ugh. We used to. All bloody store cards and loans, too. The cow. The companies were very good at updating their records, but there were loads of them.

We changed our number in the end.

MrsHathaway Mon 22-Jan-18 15:52:07

Not Isabelle Reynolds ha ha. Michelle something. What I wouldn't have said to that woman if I'd caught up with her!!

thenewaveragebear1983 Mon 22-Jan-18 15:57:42

You’ll probably find your number is one digit (last digit?) different to the elusive Isabelle.... it would be a very easy way of avoiding all the spam calls to just change the last digit when filling in forms etc. If it was me I’d ring the other 9 possibles and ask for her!

AuntFidgetWonkhamStrongNajork Mon 22-Jan-18 16:00:00

I used to think this was simply annoying until the woman who thinks her number is mine started using it for her Dc's school - no I can't come and pick poor Joe up, I'm very sorry but I'm not his mum - and then she got ill. Now I get messages of support from her friends, and confidential info from her HCP. If I knew what her real number was, I'd send a card.

munchkinmaster Mon 22-Jan-18 16:01:23

I imagine they have re-allocated someone’s old number to you. I used to get a lot of calls for someone whose name made her sound quite elderly. Mostly long answerphone messages. I found out so much about her life over the years.

2b1c51 Mon 22-Jan-18 16:23:31

Ringing the other there's a thought! Not sure what I'd say to her if I found her- shout at her for annoying me or sympathise with her financial woes from all the loans she appears to have!

pinkcardi Mon 22-Jan-18 16:33:04

From LinkedIn I can see two potential Issabelles. You could contact them to ask them to cease and desist smile Although the wrong Isabelle will think you are bonkers

Fluffyears Mon 22-Jan-18 16:36:38

We had someone’s number re-assigned to us. I constantly told them it was incorrect and they said I would need to give our address to confirm it didn’t match her details. Aye right i’m not giving some company I don’t know my details as they sounded like debt recovery. We sold up and I still think they are looking for her!

Quartz2208 Mon 22-Jan-18 16:41:10

I have that with someone who played football in scarborough. I assumed that he left his contract with what was then Orange and when I joined they gave me his number

DadDadDad Mon 22-Jan-18 17:00:10

I'm not convinced about the strategy of ringing other possible numbers - she could have switched two adjacent digits, given one digit wrong etc - there would be dozens of possibilities to try and then you wouldn't know if they were right or not, unless Isabelle decided to reply.

yawning801 Mon 22-Jan-18 17:04:50

Is it from the same number every time? It might be prank callers. I've had several, the funniest one being "Hi, is that Alan somebody-or-other?" to which I replied "Do I sound like Alan somebody-or-other?"

I have had a couple asking for the same person recently though... if there is a Nicola Adams (I think) reading this, please stop!

weegiemum Mon 22-Jan-18 17:08:35

I used to get texts from "Luke in London" who wanted to speak to Maggie. I am not Maggie. The texts got more ... ahem ... specific in what he wanted to talk to her about, so I texted him back and hopefully let him down gently - the texts stopped. At least he never sent and pictures!

AuntFidgetWonkhamStrongNajork Mon 22-Jan-18 17:10:49

I've told every single one of my wrong calls that they have the wrong number and need to let her know - the calls still come. It's not a reallocated number, I've had it since the late nineties and this has only been an issue for the last two years.

SocksRock Mon 22-Jan-18 17:18:53

Someone thinks my email address is hers and gives it out all over the place.

So mine is
She thinks is her address, but because gmail ignores punctuation, that’s also my email address...

I haven’t had any for a while since I cancelled her very large Next order and reset the password...

2b1c51 Mon 22-Jan-18 19:34:26

Auntfidget- same! I've had my number for 15 years and it's only in the last year or so it's been a problem.

Pinkcardi- you are a genius smile

MrsHathaway Mon 22-Jan-18 19:38:06

AuntFidget - OT but we live that book!!

Socks - I have had one of those but emails have massively reduced after some correspondence with someone who appeared to be asking her to commit insurance fraud.

SocksRock Mon 22-Jan-18 20:21:08

Min very irritatingly can run faster and further than me, according to her results in the Yorkshire 10 Miler...

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