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Have you seen my rolling pin

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blamethecat Mon 22-Jan-18 15:44:06

Made dough for pitta bread, went to the drawer I keep the Rolling pin in and it wasn't there. Checked every drawer, cupboard, utensil pot, drying rack and dishwasher nowhere to be seen. So where is it ? Do I have a baking made ghost who stole it ?

Comealongpond89 Mon 22-Jan-18 15:49:10

My guess is you have borrowers because that's what I've got I'm sure. I bought a new nail varnish last week, painted my nails with it then when I went to re-do them last night it's disappeared. I keep all my nail varnishes in the same place and I can't find it anywhere the little buggers have had it!

MarklahMarklah Mon 22-Jan-18 15:56:35

It's probably with my yoga sock. Friend bought me a pair months ago. DD (6) took them off to look at, brought back one. We put it away in 'a safe place'.
Two days ago, I was sorting bits & bobs out and found a bag of junk stuff, in it was one yoga sock. So...where's the other one now?
Probably with your rolling pin, blame.

Linnet Mon 22-Jan-18 16:02:08

If you find it could you check if my necklace is there too? I got a necklace for Christmas, wore it once, took it off to have my shower and when I went to put it back on a few days later it had vanished. I’ve hunted high and low and I can’t find it. I am also blaming the borrowers.

youngestisapsycho Mon 22-Jan-18 16:03:55

Mine was usually found in DDs play doh box!

AlpacaLypse Mon 22-Jan-18 16:06:53

It's probably hanging out with all the tweezers, nail scissors, hair bands and single socks. When it turns up, ask it if it's seen my favourite hair brush. Although I have suspicions that THAT is probably somewhere in DD1's bedroom.

x2boys Mon 22-Jan-18 16:15:18

It will be with my forkshmmalthough ds2 is severlyautistic and has an obsession with cutlery so it may have something to do with him.

Yellowjello Mon 22-Jan-18 16:17:13

Pretend you don't care and use a glass to roll the dough out. It will soon come crawling back when it finds out it's not indespensible

blamethecat Mon 22-Jan-18 16:23:56

I used a tin of coconut milk. I even phoned dp at work to ask if he had tidied it away hmm it is probably off with all the nail clippers somewhere as they regularly vanish. Oh and most of ds school socks, he had 10 pairs in September and now has 5 socks.

ozymandiusking Mon 22-Jan-18 16:36:41

This happened to me. Couldn't find it anywhere, and I really liked this particular one. So, I bought one in a charity shop. A week later I found my original one, in the drawer beneath the oven!

DragonBone Mon 22-Jan-18 16:40:17

My rolling pin turned up in the bread bin/box !

Rosielily Mon 22-Jan-18 16:48:26

It'll be with all the single socks!

CigarsofthePharoahs Mon 22-Jan-18 16:55:00

It'll be with ds1's school tie. Luckily I bought two for him. It'll also be with about four pairs of my dh's sunglasses.

iklboo Mon 22-Jan-18 16:59:25

The Goddess Anoia has it. She's using it to jam someone else's drawer.

yawning801 Mon 22-Jan-18 17:08:37

It'll be with my gelatine sheets. I made a cheesecake on Tuesday, put them in the cupboard, tried to make another yesterday and the bloody box had vanished!

I like to think that there is an abyss somewhere where every single lost item there has ever been will be...

blamethecat Mon 22-Jan-18 18:41:21

I found it ! Underneath the wheely butchers block thing. I have no idea how it got there but I'm blaming dp.

LabradorMama Mon 22-Jan-18 18:43:05

Was it with my medium sieve? Haven’t seen it for months

ThatsMyCow Mon 22-Jan-18 18:48:40

I think it's in my kitchen, because there is one there and I don't know why because I never use it.

x2boys Mon 22-Jan-18 18:49:38

Tbh I think five pairs out of ten pairs of socks since September is quite good in Have bought several more packets since then.

blamethecat Mon 22-Jan-18 19:05:05

Not 5 pairs, 5 socks. I'd be happy with 5 pairs.

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