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Anyone taking Effexor XL venlafaxine for pnd and anxiety

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Estee19 Mon 22-Jan-18 04:53:53

Hi all,

I start d taking Effexor XL from Dec 7 but I still get heavy feeling in the chest. I am in 75 mgs. Anyone else who takes it?

highinthesky Mon 22-Jan-18 04:59:20

I don’t take it but don’t rule out the possibility of having to titrate the dose if necessary.

Tell us about this heaviness in your chest. Did it exist prior to starting venlafaxine? Has it worsened since? Was it ever investigated? Have you had an ECG? If not, is your pulse regular?

TroubledTribble28 Mon 22-Jan-18 05:15:23

I'm on 150mg a day Op I started at a smaller dose and it was increased slowly. I concur with the pp about the heaviness in your chest, speak to your gp so any concerns can be ruled out and you could discuss increasing the dose at the same time if necessary smile

prettymess Mon 22-Jan-18 05:47:05

I was on it for a long time. Withdrawal from it is horrible and I found it did me more harm than good. I moved onto Prozac and was a different person. Just my experience!

ItNeedsMoreGlitter Mon 22-Jan-18 05:58:23

I was on it for a few months and did have that tight feeling in my chest like someone was sitting on it. Lasted about 3-4 weeks and then vanished. Returned when I was titrating back down off them to change to a different med.

Estee19 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:04:18

I had it since my daughter is born last August. I was on lofepramine but had no luck so started venlafaxine 75 mgs on Dec 7, last week I tried going up to 150 but got very bad intrusive thoughts. And after 5 days I took 75 mgs

DMCWelshCakes Mon 22-Jan-18 21:15:55

I'm on it. I had to have the dose adjusted after about 6 months due to side effects.

I do feel better though.

I'd suggest going back to the GP or your practice medications nurse for a chat.

Estee19 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:53:18

How much mg are you taking? Did you experience heaviness on chest and difficult breathing?

Chesntoots Mon 22-Jan-18 21:59:30

I was on it for about 18 months in 2005/6.

The withdrawal was horrendous, I couldn't function properly whilst on it, and, to be honest, I don't think my thought processes have been as sharp since I came off it. To top it off I had several suicidal thoughts whilst on it.

Sorry if that's not what you needed to hear. I would never ever consider going on it again, but I suppose each person's experience is different. If we were all the same then there would not be such a variety of them on the market!

DobbyTheFreeElf Mon 22-Jan-18 22:06:08

Estee, please make an urgent appointment with the DR tomorrow.

Difficultly in breathing is a rare side effect with Venlafaxine. I had a similar reaction with a different type of anti depressant, the Drs tried to fob me off with 'its a chest infection' and 'panic attack'.
It wasn't I was one of the 'rare' people with a unusual side effect.

Estee19 Tue 23-Jan-18 21:36:55

Sure I will x

Estee19 Wed 24-Jan-18 17:55:43

Hi can you tell me in how many increments you went up. Going from 75 to 150 mg has been horrible for me. So I am back at 75 mgs. I am getting vivid dreams and funny fluctuations in my heart beat

lilyboleyn Wed 24-Jan-18 18:37:41

I am on 150mg. I suffered with crap side effects so they put me on prolonged release tablets and it’s been much better for me.

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