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Dyscalculia ADD label or not?

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Sagacity Sun 21-Jan-18 17:53:54

Have suspected for some time now that DD has ADD and dyscalculia.

Don't know what benefit having an official diagnosis will bring?

Tempted to help her as much as we can and avoid giving her a label at school. Or would I be denying her support that could help her?

What have others found?


LIZS Sun 21-Jan-18 17:58:14

How old? It is not a "label" but could open up avenues of support. You might find an assessment for add more accessible than for dyscalculia.

Balfe Sun 21-Jan-18 17:58:29

Please do push for an official diagnosis. It's not a label, no more so than diabetes or shortsightedness.

You don't mention how old she is, but a crucial time for many children is the transition to high school and then exam times. A diagnosis will help her access the help that she needs (or wants).

Sagacity Sun 21-Jan-18 18:00:08

She's 8.

LIZS Sun 21-Jan-18 18:02:16

Tackle the add first it could make a big difference in her behaviour and focus generally. Things have changed in last 10 years.

MiaowTheCat Sun 21-Jan-18 18:04:56

I'm going for diagnosis with dd2 (likely dyspraxia and concentration issues) for school transitions. Harder to fob her problems off when they've been formally diagnosed and sets us up better if things like handwriting become a problem with exams.

Thought about it and thought about the label thing then realised a diagnostic name won't change her - it's just a neater description of her difficulties

Sagacity Sun 21-Jan-18 20:59:59

Thanks for your replies. Will give it some more thought.

TTCI Sun 21-Jan-18 21:06:55

I have dyscalculia and struggled right through school with feeling stupid it goes hand with coordination and memory so was very clumsy and forgetful and was labelled the stupid one so will definitely need extra support with that. As for ADD you need a diagnosis for this to understand why you feel certain ways and why you may struggle with with connecting with people sometimes etc. Not that it should define her but I think the earlier she gets support, the better so her confidence isn't affected. smile

DamsonGin Sun 21-Jan-18 21:10:12

Our eldest has similar diagnoses and the understanding and support has made a world of difference.

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