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The MUSIC WAG (Part 25!)

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CazzieCatsRock Sun 21-Jan-18 17:49:10

Ok, we're off again....

Fire On The Water - Chris de Burgh

feelslikearockandahardplace Sun 21-Jan-18 18:38:36

Waterfalls - TLC

TheNaze73 Sun 21-Jan-18 18:53:42

King Of The Road - Proclaimers

JPduck Sun 21-Jan-18 18:55:42

On the road to manda*lay -* frank sinnatra

Thequeenisdeadboys Sun 21-Jan-18 18:57:38

What's the idea here ?

everywhichway Sun 21-Jan-18 18:57:42

The Chicken Song - Spittin' Image

feelslikearockandahardplace Sun 21-Jan-18 18:59:14

How can it be - The Birds

feelslikearockandahardplace Sun 21-Jan-18 19:02:12

You need to think of a song/artist that links to the previous poster's bold word thequeenisdeadboys then choose a new bold word of your own

ScreamingValenta Sun 21-Jan-18 19:07:36

This is how it feels - Inspiral Carpets

TheNaze73 Sun 21-Jan-18 19:25:21

I Feel For You - Chaka Khan

Thequeenisdeadboys Sun 21-Jan-18 19:29:03

A message to you Rudy. Thanks feelslikearock

Thequeenisdeadboys Sun 21-Jan-18 19:30:01

ooops..forgot to say that's The Specials.

feelslikearockandahardplace Sun 21-Jan-18 19:50:30

Message to my girl - Neil Finn

TheNaze73 Sun 21-Jan-18 20:15:46

A Good Heart - Feargal Sharkey

feelslikearockandahardplace Sun 21-Jan-18 20:22:05

This old heart of mine - The Isley Brothers

Thequeenisdeadboys Sun 21-Jan-18 20:24:45

Old devil called love - Alison Moyet

everywhichway Sun 21-Jan-18 21:15:50

Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf

TheNaze73 Sun 21-Jan-18 21:36:54

Shit To Do - Bowling For Soup

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Sun 21-Jan-18 21:40:31

I'm Free - Soup Dragons

feelslikearockandahardplace Sun 21-Jan-18 21:46:48

Free for all - Ted Nugent

TheSassyAssassin Sun 21-Jan-18 21:49:09

All I Want - Kodaline

secretmeetingsundertrees Sun 21-Jan-18 21:55:07

I want the one I can't have - the smiths

everywhichway Sun 21-Jan-18 21:59:13

Help it along - Cliff Richard

TheSassyAssassin Sun 21-Jan-18 21:59:16

Can't Stop the Feeling! - Justin Timberlake

TheSassyAssassin Sun 21-Jan-18 22:00:17


She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes...

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