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Do you wish Sunday trading laws were relaxed?

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iskegness Sun 21-Jan-18 11:23:29

I do, I often coming back home at 6-7pm on a Sunday and it would be the ideal time to do a shop.

Irronic that the snp blocked it even though they have relaxed them in Scotland.

dementedpixie Sun 21-Jan-18 11:25:24

Some of our stores are 24 hours even on a Sunday. Can't buy alcohol before 10am or after 10pm though

crazycatgal Sun 21-Jan-18 11:30:25

No, I've worked in retail and always worked weekends. The staff need time to rest - my DP is now normally in work until 9.30pm, if the Sunday trading was abolished he would end up in until that time on Sundays too.

iskegness Sun 21-Jan-18 11:30:44

Only small ones though, I'd like to do a full shop on a Sunday night. Not even lidl is small enough to be open.

scaryteacher Sun 21-Jan-18 11:30:48

No, I wish they were like they are in Belgium. The bakers, some cafes, and the corner shops are open, but the main ones are shut. It means most people get a day off.

iskegness Sun 21-Jan-18 11:31:58

Then if you dont like working Sundays don't get a job in a supermarket.

There was probably similar resistance to shops ever opening on a Sunday.

Ratinthehat Sun 21-Jan-18 11:32:27

No it's not like they are shut all day and even retail workers need a break some times.

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Sun 21-Jan-18 11:32:54

Nope; I wish they were tighter and that the majority of places were shut.

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Sun 21-Jan-18 11:33:40

Then if you dont like working Sundays don't get a job in a supermarket.

Wow. What a woefully ignorant statement.

DailyMaileatmyshit Sun 21-Jan-18 11:33:51

No. I wish they'd tighten them to be honest. Some who work in shops have no choice.

Buxbaum Sun 21-Jan-18 11:34:03

No. It's one day out of seven.

Bluepeony Sun 21-Jan-18 11:34:18

I hate the get a different job argument. It’s not that easy, is it? But besides I think opening for longer hours gives people more of a chance of getting the shifts they want. And I do wish our supermarkets were open sundays. YANBU.

MyVisionsComeFromSoup Sun 21-Jan-18 11:35:05

I worked in retail when the Sunday trading laws were being discussed. There was a petition, and we were supposed to get people to sign postcards supporting Sunday trading.You would not believe the number of people who would stand in our shop on a Sunday telling me how much they disagreed with Sunday trading. And I if I said "but you're here, on a Sunday" they'd tell me they only came because we were open. They didn't want to work on Sundays themselves, they just wanted to be able to shop on a Sunday.

Witchend Sun 21-Jan-18 11:35:09

No. I'd like to see them tightened back up again.

I think people who work in retail deserve some time off too.

megletthesecond Sun 21-Jan-18 11:35:17

No. I wish they were tightened up again. Nothing to do with religion. Everything to do with rampant consumerism and our miserable 24/7 culture.

iskegness Sun 21-Jan-18 11:35:41

It's get a different job not working for a supermarket if you work in retail, no other shops will be open Sunday evenings.

Bellamuerte Sun 21-Jan-18 11:35:54

I don't see the point of Sunday trading laws in a secular country, as surely they are a pointless relic of our Christian past?

sinceyouask Sun 21-Jan-18 11:35:55

No. Sunday opening makes my life easier but isn't essential and it has made weekend working with no pay enhancements the norm. I always feel sorry for retail staff on weekends and bank holidays.

iskegness Sun 21-Jan-18 11:36:21

And just because the shop is closed many people are still working behind the scenes.

Witchend Sun 21-Jan-18 11:36:23

Then if you dont like working Sundays don't get a job in a supermarket.

On that argument why don't you get a job so you can shop during normal shopping hours confused
Sauce for the goose etc.

sinceyouask Sun 21-Jan-18 11:36:44

Then if you dont like working Sundays don't get a job in a supermarket

Ilovewheelychairs Sun 21-Jan-18 11:36:54

Online shopping is open pretty much 24/7, so you could order a shop to arrive at that time if you preferred?

BeyondThePage Sun 21-Jan-18 11:37:37

I work in a small pharmacy - privately owned, not a chain.

When I started, we were open Mon-Fri 9-5 with an hour for lunch. Then we had to cover the hour, then open til 6, then open Sat am, now all day Sat...just to keep up with the local competition, because if we aren't open, then they will take any business they can.

So saying don't work there if you don't want to work those hours doesn't really work - the hours change as the business does. Can see Sunday coming eventually too.

Buxbaum Sun 21-Jan-18 11:37:44

The UK isn't a secular country. You might wish that it were but it isn't.

crazycatgal Sun 21-Jan-18 11:39:29

I don't understand your comment about supermarkets, it isn't just supermarkets that are open until 5pm on a Sunday.

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