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Blood sugar levels

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Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 10:35:49

If blood sugar spikes to 23 after eating just a hot cross bun is this a problem. It was 6.4 after a couple of hours. I am not classed as diabetic.

Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 11:59:02


waitingforlifetostart Sun 21-Jan-18 12:18:59

That's incredibly high for someone who isn't diabetic. What is your reading when you first wake up before any food or drink?

waitingforlifetostart Sun 21-Jan-18 12:20:33

Were your hands completely clean? Sounds like you need to get to the docs tomorrow. Eat protein based foods until then rather than carbs: fish or chicken and veg. eggs etc.

Gingernaut Sun 21-Jan-18 12:21:30

If you're not classed as diabetic, what prompted you to test your blood sugar levels? confused

waitingforlifetostart Sun 21-Jan-18 12:24:28

Gingernaut - so do I. I'm overweight (trying to lose) so like to keep an eye on it as I'm at risk of prediabetes if I'm not careful. Could be the OP has diabetic friends or family so it makes her concerned about it.

Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 12:34:24

I checked them because before I eat I often feel dizzy, sick and like I’m going to pass out. I thought it was normal until I mentioned it to someone else who doesn’t think it’s normal at all. I used a family members blood sugar monitor after eating (obviously clean needles etc) expecting it to show a relatively normal reading and was shocked when it came out at 23. I haven’t been able to check it since those two times but it is playing on my mind that I may have more issues with my blood sugar than I have ever thought. I had washed my hands about half an hour before. For the second test I washed them right before.

waitingforlifetostart Sun 21-Jan-18 12:41:40

It could be that you had touched the raisins then and not washed your hands. Raisins are high in sugar.

To be honest, I'd go to get checked out.

JessieJams Sun 21-Jan-18 12:44:39

That’s really high, even if it does drop down. A morning blood sugar isn’t a good time to test. In early days of T1 the pancreas will often spurt insulin out overnight so one can wake with normal levels. The best time to check is two hours after a carb heavy meal. For T1 a dx is usually made on a blood glucose level over 11.0mmols.

Type 2 is a different kettle of fish as with type 2 the pancreas still produces insulin, just not very efficiently.

Do you have any other symptoms? Thirsty, wee’ing a lot, tired, losing weight?

Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 12:46:12

Ok I’ll do that then. I did think it must be very high but I wondered if maybe it’s normal after eating something sweeter.

Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 12:47:56

I am always thirsty. I go to the toilet a lot but that has been the case since I was very young so I think it’s normal for me. I haven’t lost weight but I am thin due To thyroid issues. I am often tired but not exhausted or anything.

JessieJams Sun 21-Jan-18 13:20:41

I’d try a coupke of tests post meal but worth going to GP. If you do feel unwell in the meantime, please go straight to GP/OOH/A&E. If you happenened to be in the early stages of T1 and highs were persistent and untreated, you could become ill very quickly. Hope it’s just a blip!

Crunchymum Sun 21-Jan-18 13:25:54

How long after eating did you check?

Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 13:30:29

Probably about 25 minutes and Then again when it had been 2 hours.

Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 13:31:02

Thank you JessieJams I hope it’s a blip too.

maximu Sun 21-Jan-18 13:57:00

I'd say you had sugar on your hands. I've seen this happen with DH, he's washed his hands and tested again and it's been back to normal.

Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 14:08:11

Oh that’s good to know maximu. I’ll try and test a few more times before heading to the doctors. It will take about 3 weeks to get an appointment anyway.

maximu Sun 21-Jan-18 14:22:46

I don't profess to be an expert but DH is type 1 so know a bit. A reading of 23 would reflect poorly controlled diabetes and it would be unlikely to drop back down to 6.4 without insulin.

Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 15:51:06

That’s definitely reassuring to know. Fingers crossed that’s all it is.

JessieJams Sun 21-Jan-18 18:20:33

Sorry, but have to disagree there ... in the very early days the pancreas is likely to continue producing insulin, just not enough to keep numbers where they ought to be. In newly diagnosed children it is common to have a really high number and then bg at normal level and hour or two later. It doesn’t mean they don’t have T1, just that their pancreas hasn’t packed it in completely. Maximus’ statement is certainly true of a T1 on insulin ... my child wouldn’t come down off a 23 without insulin, in honeymoon (early days), they might have.

CottonEyeJosephine Sun 21-Jan-18 19:02:21

Lloyds pharmacy do blood sugars tests, generally on the spot so if you have one nearby it might be worth popping in. If the results are concerning that should help you fast track at the GPs. A reading of 23 really shouldnt happen to a non diabetic (as a type 1 myself I’d feel really quite ill at that level. Illness etc could potentially spike it, but I’d be surprised if by that much. Could be you just had sugar on your hand somehow, but worth getting checked out/monitoring. Do seek urgent help if you feel like your getting worse or displaying other signs.

Mummyof2littlemonsters Sun 21-Jan-18 19:43:02

I do have a local Lloyd’s pharmacy. I’ll give that a try. I will definitely keep an eye on it as I don’t want to risk potentially getting very ill.

Mummyof2littlemonsters Mon 22-Jan-18 21:18:50

Well I have managed to check twice today and it has been 6.1 and 6.3 so I’m hopeful the high result was just a blip. Sugar on my hand or something. I’ll keep an eye on it though.

waitingforlifetostart Mon 22-Jan-18 21:24:42

Was the 6.1, 6.3 after food?

Mummyof2littlemonsters Mon 22-Jan-18 21:53:06

Yes about an hour and a half after. I had a reading of 9 about half an hour after food as well.

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