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What is the most childish thing you have done as an adult?

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LeeCallaghan Fri 19-Jan-18 19:16:16

Just some light relief

I would say watching Chucklevision at 22

DubaiismyBlackpool Fri 19-Jan-18 19:18:17

Just yesterday, I made my 7 year old nephew watch Phineas and Ferb because I wanted to watch it. I even sang along with the theme tune.

I'm 51.

RebelRogue Fri 19-Jan-18 19:31:26

Had a full blown tantrum complete with stamping feet and shouting "stop touching my stuff!!"

tiptopteepe Fri 19-Jan-18 19:35:19

whilst moving house I got really stressed and threw a mug at the wall. (no one else witnessed this dont worry)
Instead of smashing the mug just bounced and was completely fine.... however the wall crumbled leading a giant crater.
I had to explain to my husband what had happened and the estate agents took over a hundred pounds off our deposit to repair the damage.

Tumilnaughts Fri 19-Jan-18 19:35:20

Went mental at the trampolining place when I went with my daughter. I bounced for hours!

frankie001 Fri 19-Jan-18 19:39:41

I commute on the Piccadilly line. I always laugh at ‘Cockfosters’

giveitfive Fri 19-Jan-18 19:43:10

Outrageous flatulence on... the Piccadilly line.... them SBDs...

NeopreneMermaid Fri 19-Jan-18 19:50:12

Eaten so many sweets that I actually threw up (age 23).

Sgtmajormummy Fri 19-Jan-18 20:02:51

DS (19) still talks about the time I said: "Look what I've got... Bleeeeagh" with a mouthful of purple plum.
And the time I crept into a room from the opposite side and he literally jumped a foot into the air.
I fully participated in their Toilet Humour phases.
And love singing silly songs.

I'm looking forward to having grandchildren and doing it all again!

TooGood2BeFalse Fri 19-Jan-18 20:20:59

Recently learned the dance to one of tje Wiggles' songs.

Pretty sure my kids aged 18months and 5 judged me.

halfwitpicker Fri 19-Jan-18 20:23:33

Someone said 'he's doing an oral' in a meeting yesterday (meaning an oral presentation) and I couldn't stop smirking. I also couldn't look the hot director in the eye whilst 'oral' was mentioned.

I'm such a kid.

Nervousrex Fri 19-Jan-18 20:26:41

I have trouble thinking of just one...

How about the time I picked the DC up from primary school at the end of term and the beginning of the Christmas holidays with two pairs of reindeer antler deelyboppers, one for each of them? DD came out first, I gave her one set, put the others on, and we locked antlers in the playground, to the consternation of the (less childish) other mums...

DS came round the corner, saw us, and said, "Ooh, did you bring some of those for me too, Mum?" To him it was perfectly normal that I would have a pair of my own grin

elQuintoConyo Fri 19-Jan-18 20:30:25

I regularly go up the stairs on all fours. Unnerves the dog!

Hang my boobs over the laptop when DH is working (he works from home) and ask "how do you like them melons?"

Peg up DH's pants on the washing line with 9 pegs on the outside line grin

Juvenile is my middle name.

RoxanneMonke Fri 19-Jan-18 20:34:08

I make mini penises out of the wax on the kids’ babybels.

ohtheholidays Fri 19-Jan-18 20:41:01

There's so many things,rolled down a high hill at the local park because I loved doing it as a child,oh my Lord that was a mistake,I still felt sick and dizzy half an hour later.

Danced in the rain and jumped in puddles,just because.

Turned a lovely Christmas song into a rude song,there really is no excuse for that apart from the fact that I'm sure I have no control of my own brain most of the time blush

PurpleStarInCashmereSky Fri 19-Jan-18 20:48:26

Christ bloody everything.

I am seen as the most put together, responsible, competant person in my peer friendships. I am at the same time, the most childish and ridiculous.

I dress like a toddler much of the time, have a very puerile sense of humour. DP and I have farting competitions for instance. We also bicker constantly about nothing like children. If I'm bored I'll assert something ridiculous and then try to defend it against all reason to his outraged rebuttals.

Papamadeofboxes Fri 19-Jan-18 20:49:38

I tried to go down the stairs in my front, hands first, a few weeks ago. It hurt like hell!

I always cartwheel and try (& fail) to walk on my hands in the garden in the summer.

(And I regularly ask DH to pull my finger blush, and stick wet fingers in his ears grin much to his annoyance)

JennyOnAPlate Fri 19-Jan-18 20:50:29

I had a little chuckle to myself earlier because my phone battery was on 69%.

ZanyMobster Fri 19-Jan-18 20:54:22

Shouted at everyone for being ungrateful tonight and sulked in my room tonight (I'm 38) grin

educatingarti Fri 19-Jan-18 20:54:27

Had tree climbing races with a 10 year old, built dens and 'space rockets' in the garden pretended to jump in 'muddy puddles' in the living room, stood in a darkened room with a flashing whirly light thing on my head because apparently I was a 'lighthouse' whilst simultaneously waving a torch around where the light beam was 'lava' that needed to be avoided by the 4 year old. I could go on!

Bubblysqueak Fri 19-Jan-18 21:00:50

Had a full on temper tantrum in Vegas resulting in me sitting down on the pavement in a huff because I was tired.

Standing on top of my parents bed at the bottom whilst shouting wakey wakey and jumping on my dad, who was sleeping before his night shift. (I was 25 at the time)

LittleHearts Fri 19-Jan-18 22:45:42

Bought soft toys for myself
Watched old Sooty Episodes
Colouring in

Jeffjefftyjeff Fri 19-Jan-18 22:50:25

I put my (threadbare, holey) sock on the fire tonight to see how well it burned. The answer is extremely well!!! We all sat round watching it with glee. Quality (childish) family entertainment.

StillSeekingResponsibleAdult Fri 19-Jan-18 22:52:17

Was watching the My Parents Are Aliens Christmas special with DS, told him how much I'd loved it as a child...Thought it was a bit strange that the kids hadn't aged as much as I thought they should have done (even allowing for Xmas special being a repeat). I checked and the original series started when I was in my twenties, I still can't remember, or figure out why, I was watching CITV when I was an adult with a job, mortgage, etc! I stand by the fact it is a funny programme though.

WeeBunnyFooFoo Fri 19-Jan-18 22:56:51

I give DC & DH frights all the time, just tonight I hid in a dark hall awaiting unsuspecting DH... then couldn’t breathe for laughing at his reaction, which set him off laughing at me, which made DS1 come downstairs to join in 🤔

I turn everything into an innuendo. No matter how inappropriate.

Given the choice I’d have sweets for dinner blush

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