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Would you stay with your daughter who was in hospital or go to your other daughter's graduation?

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ChangedUsernameJanuary2018 Thu 18-Jan-18 22:53:18

Just that. Which would you do? If they were both adults.

Kpo58 Thu 18-Jan-18 22:54:55

Can you not do both?

rightknockered Thu 18-Jan-18 22:55:12

I'd stay with my daughter in hospital, nip out for a bit of the graduation and then go back to the hospital. Depending on how serious the situation is with the dc in hospital

ChangedUsernameJanuary2018 Thu 18-Jan-18 22:56:08

What if the graduation was 2 hours away from the hospital?

Youllneverlivelikecommonpeople Thu 18-Jan-18 22:56:13

It would depend on what was wrong with the one in hospital and also, to an extent, if someone else could visit with her while you were away at the graduation.

SometimesItRains Thu 18-Jan-18 22:56:27

Depends, how ill is daughter and how long would you have to leave her for? Sorry you're in this situation flowers

PanannyPanoo Thu 18-Jan-18 22:56:46

Totally depends on why she is in hospital, if she has just been a admitted due to horrible injuries or illness, or is the day of a difficult op I would stay with my ill daughter, if she was recovering from something, or half way through a treatment then I would probably go to the graduation.

CotswoldStrife Thu 18-Jan-18 22:56:54

What is the daughter in hospital with? Difficult to say without the details but I think I'd go to the graduation (easy for me to say, I only have one child!).

CraftyGin Thu 18-Jan-18 22:57:04

Go to the graduation.

The DD in hospital is being cared for, and will have your attention before and after the graduation.

wheresmycake Thu 18-Jan-18 22:57:12

Assuming both are adults / older teenagers and hospitals have visiting hours I would go to hospital for a quick visit if possible, then graduation.

Greensleeves Thu 18-Jan-18 22:59:10

It does depend on how critical the illness/injury is. If the hospitalised dd was stable and comfortable and ok to be left for a few hours I'd go to the graduation but I wouldn't stay longer than necessary. If the dd in hospital was dangerously ill, I wouldn't leave her and I'd expect my other dd to understand, but maybe get another relative/friend to film or photograph the graduation for me so I could make a fuss of dd later.

It all sounds very stressful, I hope you are OK OP flowers

formerbabe Thu 18-Jan-18 23:01:36

Definitely depends on why the dd is in hospital and for how long etc

Jackyjill6 Thu 18-Jan-18 23:03:31

I don't know what I'd do OP, I'd be struggling with the decision just like you ..
It would be easier if there was someone else able to be at hospital

ChangedUsernameJanuary2018 Thu 18-Jan-18 23:04:46

Sepsis, but is on antibiotics and doing fine.

ShortandAnnoying Thu 18-Jan-18 23:06:09

Very difficult but I agree it depends how sick the one in hospital is and whether you could get to the graduation ceremony and back fairly quickly.

Ponshuspirate Thu 18-Jan-18 23:06:52

If she’s doing fine, I would go to the graduation.

MyCatWontShutUp Thu 18-Jan-18 23:06:56

What does her nurse say. Is she an adult or a child. What ward is she in.

If not critical and recovering. Then I'd keep phone on. Go to other daughters graduation and then come back.

If critical. Graduating daughter will understand

Emily7708 Thu 18-Jan-18 23:07:21

I would go to the graduation unless the DD in hospital was critically ill.

MoKnickers Thu 18-Jan-18 23:07:39

Go to the graduation in that case.

LizzieSiddal Thu 18-Jan-18 23:09:19

If she is doing well, I would go to the graduation.

Can other people be with her that day so you’re not worrying.

PineappleTits Thu 18-Jan-18 23:14:18

Graduation. Although sepsis is serious, you say she is doing fine, which is excellent! If she's an adult (or of an age where she understands) then I would most definitely go to the grad: if she is young then the circumstances are different: very happy all is going 'well' though, op smile

greeeen Thu 18-Jan-18 23:16:02

I would go to the graduation in that case.

HeddaGarbled Thu 18-Jan-18 23:17:41

If she's an adult and not critical, I would definitely go to the graduation. She'll benefit from a few hours to doze, read, watch TV etc in peace.

BackforGood Thu 18-Jan-18 23:37:03

If she is 'doing fine' as you say, then I would go to the Graduation. I would try to let other people who are local (don't know anything about your family set up, or your dd's age - but relations, school / college / work friends, family friends, friends from hobbies, etc) know you were away for the day and that it would help if someone were able to visit her on that day.

sycamore54321 Thu 18-Jan-18 23:51:53

It also depends on what you mean by graduation. If the graduating daughters a on her fourth masters degree and likely to enrol for a fifth next year, then that is much easier to miss than graduating with a first Bachelors degree or a doctorate.

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