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Dolores O'Riordan has died aged 46

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Cocolepew Mon 15-Jan-18 17:20:26

No details yet sad

dustarr73 Mon 15-Jan-18 17:22:24

I just heard very sad.One of Ireland's great singers.Rip

outputgap Mon 15-Jan-18 17:23:07

Dear God, that's awful. I think she had some terrible demons, and great talent. She was apparently a lovely person. How sad.

Figrollsnotfatrolls Mon 15-Jan-18 17:23:22

Oh heck I am 46....

EastMidsGPs Mon 15-Jan-18 17:24:02


MothertotheLordsofmisrule Mon 15-Jan-18 17:24:45


NorthernLurker Mon 15-Jan-18 17:25:25

This is terrible

Notreallyarsed Mon 15-Jan-18 17:25:32

I just saw this and hoped it was a hoax but it’s not. She was a real talent and a massive stage presence. I saw them live in 1995. So sad.

Bumpandkind Mon 15-Jan-18 17:27:04

No sad she was a true talent.

CiderwithBuda Mon 15-Jan-18 17:27:32

So sad. She was far too young. Great voice.

Somelikeitchilly Mon 15-Jan-18 17:27:37

Oh no! Loved The Cranberries.

Flomper Mon 15-Jan-18 17:27:40

bloody hell, that's no age! how sad.

FurryDogMother Mon 15-Jan-18 17:28:13

Really sad to hear this, she had a lovely voice - listening now sad

HildaZelda Mon 15-Jan-18 17:28:18

I met her through work a few times years ago. I knew she's had her demons in the past few years but I found her to be a very nice lady. 46 is too young. Very sad for her family too. RIP Dolores.

Unnoticed Mon 15-Jan-18 17:28:33

That's awful, they were only touring last year. I loved her back in the 90s and still have a few tracks on my iPad now.

millionsofpeaches Mon 15-Jan-18 17:28:33

Oh no! I was just singing some old cranberries stuff last night sad

weebarra Mon 15-Jan-18 17:29:34

Oh no, how awful. The Cranberries feature heavily on the soundtrack to my teenage years. RIP Dolores.

LoniceraJaponica Mon 15-Jan-18 17:29:43

Just read that a I opened my browser. So sad. I used to love The Cranberries. She had a fantastic voice.

Bratsandtwats Mon 15-Jan-18 17:31:38

Zombie is one of my 'go to' car songs for singing really loudly.

lolaflores Mon 15-Jan-18 17:32:18

A haunting voice. Sends shivers up my spine when I hear her. Too too young.

lonelyatchristmas Mon 15-Jan-18 17:33:01

So sad....

Toddlerteaplease Mon 15-Jan-18 17:33:58

So sad. I loved the cranberries.

GreenSeededGrape Mon 15-Jan-18 17:34:23

Linger is my all time favourite song.

So very sad.

DrRisotto Mon 15-Jan-18 17:34:34

So sad to hear this. I have been listening to a few Cranberries songs and they're actually timeless. They haven't aged at all, sadly including Zombie. She has/had a beautiful voice.

JennyOnAPlate Mon 15-Jan-18 17:35:52

Very very sad. Her voice was just wonderful.

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