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What's the most fun thing you've ever done in your life?

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gingerclementine Mon 15-Jan-18 13:47:27

I need to inject more fun into life and am looking for ideas, silly, inventive, everyday, extraordinary, big and small, whatever.

What have you loved doing?

gingerclementine Mon 15-Jan-18 13:48:24

In case this sound slike a fishing post, I'm not a journalist, just a fat, middle aged mum with January gloom and no job right now. I want to snap out of a rut and am looking for inspiration.

CakeLoving Mon 15-Jan-18 14:07:58

Fun for me-
Learning a new language in a class, one you feel excited about
Doing Zumba...annoying to begin with as you feel like a klutz, but then SO fun when you get it smile
Volunteering on the front line for an organisation doing something you feel is important. For me volunteering for the Samaritans wasn't exactly fun but filled me with energy and appreciation for everything else I did
Visiting all the museums or sites you never get a chance to when you have a job- there are some interesting places to visit wherever you live & whatever floats your boat

megletthesecond Mon 15-Jan-18 14:10:50

Go Ape is fun. Terrifying at first but you find you enjoy it after a while.

Tequillaitmakesmestupid Mon 15-Jan-18 14:18:45

Watching with interest...

RaptorsCantPlayPoker Mon 15-Jan-18 14:21:35

Roller derby (be prepared to get injured but laugh a lot).

Big, noisy, fun Church (even the DC count down til Sunday’s).

Tough Mudder etc. Such a sense of achievement and overcoming terror! Also something to train for as otherwise I struggle to get any motivation to exercise.

megletthesecond Mon 15-Jan-18 14:22:37

Where are you based (roughly) ginger ?

Paleshelter Mon 15-Jan-18 14:29:15

You could try a Parkrun that is close to you. You dont have to to run it although some people get very competitive and it's free. I get real sense of achievement when I've finished! Can also take the kids.

gingerclementine Mon 15-Jan-18 14:34:11

There's some good ideas here.
I love the idea of a roller derby. Will add that to the list.

We're South East. There are a few Go Apes near us. I've done one before but not for ages.

Tough mudder - yes but I'd have to get in training. I'm actually fat now, not just overweight, and not sure I could manage it.

Used to like Zumba but local classes closed down.
Noisy church is not my thing but a lovely candlelit evensong would be.

One thing I do get round to is galleries and museums. But will look at what's on. Not been for a couple of months.

soupforbrains Mon 15-Jan-18 14:37:03

bouncercise. It's sort of an old school aerobics class but everyone is on a small trampoline and it's really fun. knackering but fun. I'm only really capable of motivating myself to exercise if it's something I find really fun.

um... DS and I sometimes have very silly impromptu socks wars (balling the socks you're wearing into balls and trying to throw them at each other) it's incredibly daft but it passes a fun a laughter filled half hour on a rainy day.

it can be hard to find fun things to do when you're feeling a bit down so I entirely understand your gloom. A lot of the 'most fun things I've ever done' things fall into the more expensive/only possible abroad categories though like parasailing, windsurfing, sailing, feeding giraffes, feeding sharks etc.

other suggestions already made here (like Go Ape) are good too though. and there is a big zip line thingy in a quarry on the edge of wales too which is amazing.

Namechangeagain101 Mon 15-Jan-18 14:42:25

Zorbing - it was the funniest day ever. I wee’d myself I laughed so much . Definitely a Tena lady day 😂😂

loveablether Mon 15-Jan-18 14:43:11

Hillwalking and stargazing by moonlight - not for everyone but I love it 😍

madeyemoodysmum Mon 15-Jan-18 14:47:41

Holiday in Florida
Ghost tour Halloween week

Circuit class
Kite flying
Seeing seals at blakeney
A maze In thick mud
Snow days
Cycling with kids stopping g for cake and shakes

megletthesecond Mon 15-Jan-18 14:50:16

Fossil hunting if you can get down to Lyme Regis / Charmouth.
Creative workshops at museums.

SandAndSea Mon 15-Jan-18 14:50:33

Went with a group of grown-up friends to a lazer-quest type thing in the woods. It was very good fun.

Also, dancing is always good fun to me.

I think it might depend on the company and your attitude though. It's not fun if people are miserable, obviously.

Subtleconstraints Mon 15-Jan-18 14:53:54

galloping across Scottish, Cumbrian and Northumbrian beaches on a Clydesdale X as a teen!

driving along Route 101 in California with DH before we were married

eating cold Christmas pudding on top of a Scottish mountain one boxing day a while back (although tbh that one was more fun in retrospect!).

WhatHaveIFound Mon 15-Jan-18 14:54:21

One of the most fun things i've done is driven a sports car very fast around a track. And one of the most terrifying was being driven round the same track by a professional driver!

DullAndOld Mon 15-Jan-18 15:00:56

galloping on a horse

HorseItIntoMe Mon 15-Jan-18 15:01:36

Pole dancing classes, I did it for years! Need to get back into it

Roller / ice skating. We’ve started taking the dc it is brill fun

Or / And join the national trust, £9.50 a month (for a family of 5) and you can visit any of their properties free.

FluffyWuffy100 Mon 15-Jan-18 15:04:56

I think the most out and out fun thing I have ever done was a ceilidh dance in about 2006. I danced and danced and danced and was thrown round and round by Scottish men who knew what they were doing. The band carried on playing on and off all night until about 5am and I was with an amazing group of people.

Other fun things:
Back country ski touring - can't beat the feeling of big floaty powder turns.

MTB - its a rush similar to off piste skiing when on singletrack (maybe more scary).

Skydiving and tunnel flying - fun but expensive and time consuming but some of the best summers of my life. The danger has caught up with me now so i'm not keen on jumping any more, and its inconvenient to go to the tunnel.

Taking MDMA and raving - limited to two weekends in Ibiza now each year but back in the day that was a mainstay of fun.

PP says Laser quest - I had a super fun birthday party at laser quest a few years ago. I think anything where you are with a group of mates, running around and getting hot and sweaty, and there is some kind of element of competition and silliness are winners.

DullAndOld Mon 15-Jan-18 15:07:21

oh yes taking an E and dancing all night - been a while so I had forgotten.

SandAndSea Mon 15-Jan-18 15:08:33

I'd love a roller disco. Haven't seen one advertised for quite a while.

SunnyL Mon 15-Jan-18 15:09:09

Scuba diving - from diving with Guillemots off st Abbs head to wreck diving in the red sea to shark diving in Fiji. Get such an adrenaline buzz when I'm out diving. I haven't been in 5 years now since I had my first DD but I'm hoping to get back out there this year even if it is just a gravel pit in Fife

NoStraightEdges Mon 15-Jan-18 15:13:17

Less adrenaline fuelled but I'm in the middle of sorting all of my digital photos out. Printing the good ones and organising. It's very nostalgic and lots of fun remembering the last15 years.

gingerclementine Mon 15-Jan-18 17:06:41

There was a really pretty (but small) pop up roller disco down by the South Bank at Christmas. I wonder if it's still there.

I love hiking and stargazing. I already do as much of those as I can.

Yes to ceilidhs. Love them. Never done one with Scottish men who know what they're doing, just genteel English types with a good attitude but still great fun.

Not sure I can be tempted by e and all night dancing while DC are still around but happy to become a mad silver-haired granny clubber once they've left home wink

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