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I'm too excited to sleep <childish>

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Greensleeves Sat 13-Jan-18 02:16:17

I have two 8 week old kittens arriving tomorrow and I am so over the moon with excitement I can't sleep a wink! I just want them here so I can spoil them rotten....they are so utterly adorable. I'm not usually a soppy git at all blush

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 13-Jan-18 02:22:00

Awwwwwwwwwwww. İccule wiccule kittens.
What are you going to call them.
Are they boys or girls.
Oh and incase you don't know the mumsnet rule pictures are mandatory.

Greensleeves Sat 13-Jan-18 02:26:30

They are two little black and white boys with little pink noses and cheeky expressions...utterly gorgeous and dainty

we are going to call them Pickle and Puck

I will definitely post pics when they are here!

I am just so overexcited it's ridiculous!

Maryz Sat 13-Jan-18 02:30:32

You should sleep tonight.

You may not tomorrow grin

Gladiola44 Sat 13-Jan-18 02:31:57

That’s so sweet, you must show pics. But why are they coming to you so young? They should not be leaving their mother at 8 weeks.

Greensleeves Sat 13-Jan-18 02:33:23

I know grin I am planning to camp out in the lounge with them tomorrow night..and my older cat is going to need lots of attention ad fuss (and roast chicken) as well

Squeeeeeee grin

Greensleeves Sat 13-Jan-18 02:34:22

Gladiola their siblings have already gone! It is very early. But we are very experienced cat owners and will take very, very good care of them

Maryz Sat 13-Jan-18 02:37:55

My last two I got when they were less than 6 weeks old. Their mum (way too young to have kittens, and probably feral) couldn't cope, and two of their siblings had already died sad

They were fine with food, but they needed a lot of cuddles, and they used to suck on our jumpers for ages, presumably getting the oral stimulation they should have had from suckling, poor little things.

Maryz Sat 13-Jan-18 02:38:28

Black and whites are the best, too.

FastWindow Sat 13-Jan-18 02:39:33

OMG kittens <3 I have an 11 year old, a 3 year old who lost her twin to a car flowers and a newish 1.5 year old replacement who turned out to be the nuttiest cat of the lot.

Greensleeves Sat 13-Jan-18 02:40:05

Aw Maryz, poor little mites! We're all equally excited and are planning to give maximum time, love and affection to our new boys, I hope they will settle in x

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 13-Jan-18 10:17:03

Have your handsome little men arrived yet,Green.

cathycake Sat 13-Jan-18 10:30:07

Awww twin fur babies. I'm so jealous!

Your going to have so much fun.

I bet your well prepared grin

If your like me it would be like waiting for a new baby to arrive home from hospital....or even better

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