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If you had £40 to spend...

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TallulaFulla Wed 27-Dec-17 22:22:38

I have a small amount of money to use on myself. I'm aware it's not exactly going to buy me the most extravagant of items, but I would like to get myself something that feels like a treat.

What would you use the forty pounds for?

MyBrilliantDisguise Wed 27-Dec-17 22:24:03

Nice situation to be in!

What sort of things do you like?

TitsNnails Wed 27-Dec-17 22:25:07

I'd look on Groupon for a spa session, something like that.

InDubiousBattle Wed 27-Dec-17 22:25:14

Meal out with best friend?

Changednamejustincase Wed 27-Dec-17 22:25:38

I would get a new dress or two. I love dresses.

TallulaFulla Wed 27-Dec-17 22:27:30

Some good ideas, thank you. I do think I would rather an item of sorts, oppose to an experience.

I'm thinking along the lines of a scarf, notebook, diary...

Wolfcub Wed 27-Dec-17 22:28:37

Lovely new haircut if that’s something you don’t normally get to have. Nice perfume because it will last for at least six months or a treat day out just for you - lovely lunch etc

TallulaFulla Wed 27-Dec-17 22:28:57

Gone are the days of disposable income where I would mindlessly spend hundreds of pounds on myself a month! Now with a family, this is a rare occasion. Is it sad that I'm actually excited and looking forward to nosing about town tomorrow?

sausagerollsrock Wed 27-Dec-17 22:28:59

I would buy a ring because I love them.

Florene Wed 27-Dec-17 22:29:16

MaxPepsi Wed 27-Dec-17 22:29:28

I'd get myself to TK Maxx/Homesense, have a good rummage and get myself all sorts of treats!

MyBrilliantDisguise Wed 27-Dec-17 22:29:42

I'd buy this Whistles scarf in the sale.

Tinselistacky Wed 27-Dec-17 22:32:58

I am off in search of a cosy dressing gown on Friday!! And some slipper socks!! Can't wait tbh!!

TallulaFulla Wed 27-Dec-17 22:33:24

The whistles scarf is lovely. A scarf is a good call. Or maybe a new purse.

I'm not really familiar with the google mini etc... going to have a look though. Thank you .

Veronicat Wed 27-Dec-17 22:33:28

I would buy this.

TallulaFulla Wed 27-Dec-17 22:35:14

A cosy dressing gown. Yes, I am in need of a new one.

Dancinggoat Wed 27-Dec-17 22:35:27

Foundation or other makeup from a nice brand.
A massage
Faux leather biker jacket.
Ruby shoo shoes.

PaxUniversalis Wed 27-Dec-17 22:35:50

Go to the hairdresser.
Get a manicure, pedicure, a back scrub or a massage.
Visit a museum or an art gallery.
Go out for lunch.
Take a friend out for Afternoon Tea.

UnicornMadeOfPinkGlitter Wed 27-Dec-17 22:40:39

If you wear make up, I'd buy nice make up. I'm always buying cheap brands in boots or superdrrug but asked dh and adult ds for nice make up for Christmas.

I got the urban decay naked basics ultimate palette, givenchy lipstick, charlotte tilbury powder and a chanel mascara.

user9217 Wed 27-Dec-17 22:51:55

Haircut/nails/facial/massage if you're into it? Treat yourself! I'm going to get my hair done properly for the first time in 15 months (blush) with my xmas money grin

HarrietSchulenberg Wed 27-Dec-17 22:53:59

I love charity shops so I'd probably come home with quite a lot of lovely things, or I might splurge on some paints or inks or something. I treated myself to a leather journal for about £20 last year and I still haven't dared use it in case I ruin it!

TallulaFulla Wed 27-Dec-17 22:55:51

Harriet, you seem like my cup of tea. What you have described is likely what I will do.

Ecclesiastes Wed 27-Dec-17 22:56:13

A lovely cushion. Tk maxx near me has some great ones.

Ecclesiastes Wed 27-Dec-17 22:57:07

No actually, scrub that: enough Rowan yarn to knit a jumper.

Ecclesiastes Wed 27-Dec-17 22:58:14

Or a Diptyque candle.

Dammit OP, I'm trying to do no-spend January!

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