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Make Up A Lie About Yourself: Vol 2

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TheSassyAssassin Thu 21-Dec-17 17:37:02

Almost finished the first thread and it was to start us off...

I am going to be spending New Year's Eve at Kensington Palace!

MissConductUS Thu 21-Dec-17 17:39:56

I've no more presents to wrap and am totally ready for Christmas.

TheSassyAssassin Thu 21-Dec-17 17:43:41

I have wrapped every present I haven't started yet and am still waiting for one in the post

Lily2007 Thu 21-Dec-17 17:55:20

I wouldn't love to be on your panel Sassy.

TheSassyAssassin Thu 21-Dec-17 17:59:20

I am not tempted to run potential OLD men past you in 2018 fgrin

Comedyshortsgamer Thu 21-Dec-17 18:18:55

I love big macs

EvilDoctorBallerinaRoastDuck Thu 21-Dec-17 18:37:57

I haven't wrapped all my presents and am not feeling virtuous. fgrin

Neither DC is in bed now. 😴

EvilDoctorBallerinaRoastDuck Thu 21-Dec-17 18:39:23

I really don't want to be on your panel Sassy.

TheSassyAssassin Thu 21-Dec-17 18:41:56

You are not most welcome to join EDBRD fsmile

gingergenius Thu 21-Dec-17 19:29:11

I really enjoyed Christmas shopping in Brighton today, and not ONCE did I feel like punching other shoppers in the face for bathing me out of the way in Primark

TheSassyAssassin Thu 21-Dec-17 19:33:55

But at least you were all clean by the end of the bathing ginger fwink

gingergenius Thu 21-Dec-17 19:36:40

It would have been sooooo much more soothing if they'd been bathing me. Think bath bombs, candles, music.... but no. Just bastarding elbows and bags in my face (I'm short!)

TheSassyAssassin Thu 21-Dec-17 19:42:38

I'm not sorry to hear that ginger and I don't hope you're all done now!

C4rollinandventing Thu 21-Dec-17 19:51:04

I can walk, run, dance and breathe all by myself

GoingToInfinity Thu 21-Dec-17 19:58:27

I definitely did not eat Yule log and a few Pringles for breakfast this morning.

Lily2007 Thu 21-Dec-17 20:10:44

It isn't fine to run all OLD men past me in 2018 Sassy - you can't PM them. I'm not sure MN would let us vote on men on this thread though it wouldn't be fun if they would especially if someone recognised their DH. fgrin If it isn't my DH could do part-time but I don't need him for the bins on Friday. He doesn't tell me that one woman is already more than enough for him.

Haven't just ordered a takeaway pizza.

MissConductUS Thu 21-Dec-17 20:11:22

Ginger, we are not short, we are vertically challenged.

Lily2007 Thu 21-Dec-17 20:14:11

Ginger I wouldn't avoid shopping in a seaside town if you don't want to be bathed. I didn't go to Brighton in October and didn't have my Nutella pancake knocked out of my hand by a group of seagulls.

gingergenius Thu 21-Dec-17 20:15:58

@TheSassyAssassin I'm glad you don't understand how fantastic my afternoon was. I'm also really chuffed that I haven't done much of my uni assignments because of course fucking Christmas trumps everything and so it should.

gingergenius Thu 21-Dec-17 20:16:31

@Lily2007 I bloody love seagulls

gingergenius Thu 21-Dec-17 20:17:08

@MissConductUS 😁

Lily2007 Thu 21-Dec-17 20:20:52

Ginger When we didn't stay in Brighton in October my son wasn't asking me how do you shut seagulls up and we didn't look online. Their noise wasn't annoying at all. His old headteacher didn't suggest Alka Seltzer.

TheSassyAssassin Thu 21-Dec-17 20:27:48

Hmmm think we could def get away with pulling OLD profiles to bits Lily...and you didn't make me giggle by offering up your DH on a timeshare basis fgrin

I wasn't itching to ask how the uni work was going ginger but thought you might be all bathed out today and therefore totally in the mood to say how it's all going!

gingergenius Thu 21-Dec-17 20:47:00

@Lily2007 I have never encouraged my dog to chase seagulls, because that would be bad. And your post has not remotely given me the idea of pelting them with alka seltzer

gingergenius Thu 21-Dec-17 20:49:13

@TheSassyAssassin I'm not remotely bathed out and can honestly say I'm completely serene about my looming project deadlines and am 100% confident I've nailed the brief. Notclising sleep at all. Nope not me!

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